Birthstone Necklace Pendant


Birthstone pendants are perfect for a personal style. They are a real treat for fashion lovers and a sophisticated choice to follow a faith.

Birthstone Pendant Necklace
Garnet Pendant
Garnet, January Birthstone

Surprise your favorite January-born birthday girl by giving her this exceptional pendant. The bright, blood red garnet is a potent symbol of love and passion. Like rubies, garnets are intensely colored and symbolize passion. The wearer of garnet is always looked upon as bold, strong, and intense, just like this precious stone.

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Amethyst, February Birthstone

Amethyst pendant can be a perfect gift for the February birthday girl. They give a regal feeling and can be worn anytime for their purple hue is an epitome of sophistication loved by royals and glitterati alike.

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Amethyst Pendant
Aquamarine Pendant
Aquamarine, March Birthstone

Exquisite aquamarine pendant will get heart racing of the March-born birthday girl! The highlight of the pendant is the eye-catching, ice-blue aquamarine that sparkles brightly. You simply can't go wrong when aquamarine pendant as it complements any and every outfit.

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Diamond, April Birthstone

Diamond pendants are usually designed to embody the love which is believed to live on for eternity. As it is believed that a Diamond is Forever just like love. The diamond pendants make a perfect gift for april born and they brilliant fire and sparkle can illuminate every heart.

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Diamond Pendant
Emerald Pendant
Emerald, May Birthstone

Emerald is May's captivating birthstone. So if your beloved has a birthday in this month dazzle and delight her with this eye-catching pendant! Even if its not the birthstone the emeralds are loved for their eye-soothing beauty.

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Pearl, June Birthstone

Pearls have been treasured for their lustrous, creamy texture and subtle iridescent reflections and for the june born the gift of pearl necklace and pendant is the ideal gift. From the Queens to the First Ladies; everyone loves to flaunt a pearl necklace. The perfect jewelry for that sophisticated and polished look.

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Pearl Pendant
Ruby Pendant
Ruby, July Birthstone

July birthstone, ruby symbolizes passion and power, helps against evil forces and makes a mesmerizing jewelry to complete any look. The 15th and 40th anniversary stone, this fiery red beauty is perfect to finish any look. A gift for a mom or a daughter, birthstone ruby pendants are elegant and valuable for a timeless glamor.

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Peridot, August Birthstone

Add a splash of refreshing lime green to your look with a peridot pendant! The sparkling birthstone of August, peridot is one of the oldest gemstones known to humanity. It traditionally represents the sun and holds strong healing powers. A gift for 16th anniversary, peridot jewelry was an essential adornment for Romans and Egyptians.

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Peridot Pendant
Sapphire Pendant
Sapphire, September Birthstone

Mark the season’s shift from summer to autumn with an iconic sapphire pendant. The birthstone of September, sapphire is most cherished for its vibrant blue hues and its association with royalty. A symbol of love, beauty and commitment, this 45th anniversary stone, with an array of colors is all you need to punctuate any style.

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Opal, October Birthstone

The birthstone of October, opal is best celebrated for its mystic beauty and unique play of color. The gemstone ensures confidence and fidelity for its owner, in addition to symbolizing hope, innocence and purity. Therefore, an opal birthstone pendant, from a solitaire style to a vintage design, makes a commendable choice for a refined glamor.

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Opal Pendant
Citrine Pendant
Citrine, November Birthstone

Enjoy the beauty of November birthstone, citrine with an expertly crafted pendant. This member of quartz family is loved for its resplendent sun-kissed hues of yellow. A perfect gift for 13th anniversary, citrine birthstone pendants make a fashion forward choice for a heart stealing look.

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Tanzanite, December Birthstone

Tanzanite, the newest member of gemstone family is the birthstone of December. Loved for its unique violet blue hues and brilliance, tanzanite birthstone pendant is a perfect choice for an elegant and trendy fashion. It also stands as a fine bling to enjoy the timeless styles.

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Tanzanite Pendant
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