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Emerald Earrings are rated 4.81 out of 5 by 541 reviewers. Expertly crafted Emerald Earrings32 start at $2,799 - $2,309.
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Round Emerald Studs

Classic Four Prong Set Emerald Basket Stud Earrings

Was: $689 - $9,649
Now: $409 - $5,789
Round Emerald and Diamond Margarita Studs

Round Emerald and Diamond Margarita Stud Earrings

Was: $1,249 - $11,089
Now: $749 - $6,649
Square Emerald Studs

Classic Four Prong Set Square Emerald Basket Stud Earrings

Was: $519 - $2,589
Now: $309 - $1,549
Oval Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Vintage Inspired Oval Emerald and Diamond Basket Stud Ea...

Was: $369 - $8,689
Now: $219 - $5,209
Oval Emerald and Diamond Vintage Earrings

Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Vintage Earrings

Was: $1,249 - $14,849
Now: $749 - $8,909
Round Emerald Martini Earrings

Three Prong Emerald Martini Stud Earrings

Was: $619 - $9,399
Now: $369 - $5,639
Solitaire Emerald Intertwining Infinity Knot Earrings

Solitaire Emerald Intertwining Infinity Knot Earrings

Was: $839 - $8,889
Now: $499 - $5,329
Round Emerald and Diamond Lever Back Earrings

Round Emerald and Diamond Leverback Dangling Earrings

Was: $1,089 - $10,749
Now: $649 - $6,449
Emerald Cut, Pear Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

Emerald Cut, Pear Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

Was: $1,889 - $8,799
Now: $1,129 - $5,279
Round Emerald and Diamond Butterfly Earrings

Round Emerald and Diamond Butterfly Earrings

Was: $489 - $1,319
Now: $289 - $789
Heart Emerald Solitaire Studs

Three Prong Heart Emerald Basket Stud Earrings

Was: $689 - $2,689
Now: $409 - $1,609
Pear Emerald and Diamond Border Earrings

Pear Emerald and Diamond Halo Earrings

Was: $1,049 - $14,939
Now: $629 - $8,959
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Emerald Earrings
Perfect in all ways
I ordered these to complete my jewelry set of emerald jewelry. I was worried at first that the color won’t match but these were bang on. Never thought I could own such a beautiful pair of stunning green emerald earrings for such a good deal. Angara makes owning genuine gemstone jewelry a reality.
A Thinker
Lovely pair of earrings!
Very comfortable. These earrings are very pretty, received a lot of compliments with my hair pulled up.
Outstanding service
The jewelry was as described and well packaged. It was delivered on before the date I anticipated it. Great service.
Alan W.
Beyond beautiful!
Beautiful is not enough to describe these earrings. I received these and all I can say is they are awesome earrings. They are everything I was hoping and more; great quality and classy design. Get these earrings now you will not be disappointed!
Jay Wee
Awesome product
An absolutely awesome set of earrings. Gave them to my wife for her 61st birthday. She loves them and wears them all of the time. Thank you Angara!

Stunning Emerald Earrings for a Celebrity Appeal

Earrings are one of the most commonly worn accessories. However, choosing a perfect pair can make your outfit stand out and ensure you look your best every day. You can match color of your earrings to your outfit or pick a versatile pair for a lasting impression. While diamonds are a popular choice for a timeless look, emeralds are a remarkable colored option to embrace elegance, glamour and sparkle.

Emerald is the official birthstone of May; however, you do not have to be born in the month of spring to enjoy wearing this beautiful gemstone. Since Angelina Jolie showed her love for emerald by wearing her large emerald teardrop earrings during the 2009 Oscars, emerald earrings became one of the most favored red carpet jewelry. A major statement for viewers, they are a celebrity must have that never go out of style.

If you fancy recreating a celebrity style or looking for an astounding gift for a loved one, a pair of May birthstone earrings is just what you need. While you shop for genuine emerald earrings, look for different sizes and shapes, consider your face shape and match them with other accessory options you might wear with them. You can also check out our most stunning designs for a gorgeous selection.

Glorious Emerald Jewelry

First found in Egypt, emeralds were loved by Queen Cleopatra. British Crown Jewels and personal vaults of British Monarchy made notable emerald suits and tiaras. Other notables are the famous Cambridge emeralds that were studded in beautiful earrings, Delhi Durbar Necklace with a matching bracelet. You may be surprised to hear the most expensive tiara in the world has one set of 11 teardrop emeralds totaling 500 carats. The tiara was sold in 2012 by Sotheby’s for £7.8 million.

While royals have the vintage emerald jewels, celebrities are known to flaunt captivating emerald fashion earrings. Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Victoria Beckham, Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce Knowles and Blake Lively are just a few A-list stars who are known to flaunt stunning emerald jewelry. The popularity comes from royal heritage, natural affinity and timeless beauty. You can pair them with any outfit and receive instant glamour. Whether it’s an everyday look or a special occasion, May birthstone earrings are perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

Tips to Choose Perfect Emerald Earrings

Emerald is a versatile gem. Choose any style and design set with this richly hued gem and rest assured for a glamorous look. They suit every face type and personality. Choose any of our natural emerald earrings to coordinate them with gemstone pendants and rings from your collection. If you have a sparkling diamond engagement ring, all you need is a pair of emerald stud earrings to add stunning color and brilliance. You can even choose emerald heart or five-stone earrings for a more modern look.

Face Shape

Consider choosing earrings that suit your face shape to ensure you look perfect in your earrings. If you have a round face, earrings that add length and angles are suitable for you. Stay away from petite studs and drops. If wearing studs, pick bold pieces with angular shapes or halo design.

Emerald dangle earrings best suit heart shaped faces. You can choose our teardrop emerald and diamond earrings or more elaborative chandeliers. Curved style would work better than angular pieces.

Different types of earrings suit square shaped faces. However, avoid long straight earrings, as they will elongate the jaw line. You can choose our emerald solitaire earrings or those with curved features for square face shape.

Oval shaped face is ideal to wear most styles. You can choose any of our real emerald earrings for a fabulous look. However, try to stay away from long pieces that are wide at bottom. They may steal attention from the face and overpower any necklace that you are wearing. Our leverback emerald earrings have considerable length and a modern appeal that you need to attract attention.

Shape and Size of Earrings

It is another important factor to consider when buying emerald earrings. Long dangles and extravagantly decorated chandeliers that reach your shoulders may make your neck appear shorter. Similarly, too small studs make the face look heavy. Always select earrings with average length and width. All our emerald pieces are designed considering the standards of balanced shape and size. You can choose any of our emerald and diamond earrings to add a pop of color and brilliance to your style.

Coordinating You Earrings with Dressing

Most of the time a statement piece is enough to complete a look. If you are wearing a pair of designer emerald diamond earrings, then avoid large necklaces or pendants. They may take away the focus from your statement pieces.

Your hairstyle is another important thing to consider if you want to show off your emerald beauties. When you choose Kate Middleton's signature half up hairstyle or opt for a chic updo, you should wear emerald diamond stud earrings or drops. The subtle shine from sides will ensure desired brilliance and glamour. You can even let your earrings create a mystery by keeping your locks loose. Just make sure you wear earrings that are more prominent.

You may also choose different shapes for instant attention. For example, emerald heart earrings with diamond border give a unique and romantic look. Vintage inspired pieces that have filigree, cutwork and latticework also create an exceptional view. They are lovely to accentuate any outfit and instantly draw attention.

Shop Emerald Earrings at Angara

We understand the classic appeal and fashion power of emerald earrings. Therefore, our emerald earrings collection includes an array of timeless and trendy pieces. From simple solitaires in yellow gold to dramatic emerald and diamond drops and more, we have earrings to suit every taste, style, personality and lifestyle. Moreover, we offer quick customization by providing emerald size and metal options.

When you shop at Angara, you have a chance to personalize emerald stone quality (Good, Better, Best or Heirloom), total carat weight and metal types (Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold or Platinum) based on your preference.

Additional reasons why customers shop at Angara include, but are not limited to, is there 0% Interest Financing with easy pay installments, free shipping worldwide on orders above $500, 110% Return Policy and 30-day returns from your shipping date.