Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald Engagement Rings are rated 4.92 out of 5 by 538 reviewers. Expertly crafted Emerald Engagement Rings62 start at $1,749 - $35,829.
The Embrace Ring

Solitaire Oval Emerald and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Was: $369 - $8,639
Now: $219 - $5,179
Emerald Cut Emerald and Round Diamond Bypass Ring

Solitaire Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Bypass Ring

Was: $2,869 - $16,989
Now: $1,719 - $10,189
Pear Emerald Bypass Ring

Solitaire Pear Emerald Bypass Ring

Was: $1,569 - $12,599
Now: $939 - $7,559
The Riya Ring

Oval Emerald and Pear Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $2,569 - $24,169
Now: $1,539 - $14,499
Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Vintage Ring

Vintage Inspired Emerald and Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring

Was: $2,289 - $8,739
Now: $1,369 - $5,239
Twin Shank Diamond Halo Claw Emerald Cathedral Ring

Twin Shank Diamond Halo Claw Emerald Cathedral Ring

Was: $59,719 - $62,539
Now: $35,829 - $37,519
The Classic Three-Stone Ring

Classic Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $489 - $11,299
Now: $289 - $6,779
The Trapeze Ring

Emerald Cut Emerald and Trapezoid Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $2,949 - $18,089
Now: $1,769 - $10,849
The Classic Allure Ring

Oval Emerald and Round Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $1,069 - $6,299
Now: $639 - $3,779
Angel of Love Ring

Square Emerald Solitaire Ring With Diamond Accents

Was: $1,289 - $3,849
Now: $769 - $2,309
The Diana Ring

Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring

Was: $1,239 - $9,439
Now: $739 - $5,659
The Classic Oval Solitaire Ring

Classic Solitaire Emerald Tapered Shank Ring

Was: $769 - $18,469
Now: $459 - $11,079
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Emerald Engagement Rings
Made wise choice with buying from Angara - Grea...
The ring is gorgeous! Workmanship-design-stone ..all beautiful. Happy with purchase & selection.
Beautiful ring
I have received many compliments on my ring! Some say it reminds them of Christmas! I just love the apparent quality of the stones and the perfect fit. Love this ring!
The way to go
I recently purchased the Round Emerald Three Stone ring. Rather than tiny side diamonds that ultimately take away from the Emerald, I think this is the way to go. Three larger stones set in Silver keeps the cost down and the visual impression up.
Perfect transaction
My girlfriend made it clear that she's an emerald girl, and Angara had a terrific selection of emerald rings. I wasn't sure whether to go with the halo or a 3-stone, but after I saw this one in person, I knew it was the right choice -- impeccably made and gorgeous, much more so than in the pictures here. My now-fiancee loved it. My only misstep was in getting the wrong size -- who could've guessed she wears a size 3.5? -- so I sent it back for resizing. Throughout the process, Angara was extremely responsive, including when my fiancee peppered them with questions about other style rings and what the options were, before ultimately deciding to stick with this one. If you're worried about purchasing jewelry online, don't be -- this is a great company.
It took me weeks of careful searching even to find a shop which had emerald rings with square princess cut (happens to be my SO's favorite and impossible to get in my country) that also allows me to pick the metal (again, happens that my SO prefers yellow gold). Given the very unlikely combination to find both, I was in Heaven when I finally came across Angara.com, which allowed me to customize the ring exactly as I needed! It took 2 days to be shipped to my country (:D love the delivery options) but then waited 2 weeks and spent a hefty sum for Customs Clearance until I could finally have it. What can I say... perfection does cost but we are really happy with how it looks and definitely recommend buying from here if you are ever taking a trip to the City of Angels. By the way, they offer a very smooth inscription with nice letters, a free amethyst pendant gift, and the ring comes in a delicate leather casing; for the stuff of angels, it's definitely best choice anyone could make!

Admirable Elegance of Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald rings have long been cherished and collected by Royals and Hollywood celebrities. Known as the gemstone of aristocracy, emerald has cast its spell on public and emerald e-rings have become one of the prominent choices for special e-rings. The glamour and charisma of emeralds have made them most sought after gemstones; and some people do not limit them only to their engagement rings, but prefer to showcase their flamboyant jewelry preference as emerald wedding rings.

Origin and Sources

A green variety of Beryl, emerald is the most popular and valuable green gemstone. Since time immemorial to us, this has been one of the four precious gemstones. Its fascinating green color combined with rarity and durability makes it one of the most expensive and most celebrated gemstones. It is interesting to know that the name emerald comes from an old French word ‘Esmeralde’ which was derived from a Greek word ‘Smaragdos’. Emeralds are notorious for having flaws and inclusions in them. A flawless, clear emerald is very rare and can exceed the price of a same sized diamond. You will be surprised to know that there are some people who find beauty in these flaws and inclusions and they take them to be nature’s imprints in the gemstone. Also, an emerald with inclusions seems more authentic to some people and they prefer it over a flawless one. Mining of emeralds is done from the host rocks, where the gemstone grows into small veins or on the walls of cavities. Approximately, more than 50% of world’s emeralds come from Columbia. This makes it an international center of emerald mining. The Mizo mine and the Chivor mine in Columbia promise successful mining results. The fine quality emeralds from Columbia are a prominent choice for emerald diamond engagement rings, as the gemstone is perfectly bedecked by diamonds. Other sources for natural emerald gemstones are Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Australia, Tanzania, Zambia, India, etc.

Powers, Properties and Legends:

An ancient yet most popular legend associated with emerald says that in olden times, Greeks considered it to be the sacred gemstone of Venus- the goddess of love and beauty! They believed that wearing emerald can protect the lovers from unfaithfulness. Also, they thought that if the heart was loyal, the gemstone would glow in a gorgeous green color, but it will turn to a dull and lifeless color, if the heart went astray. Since then, the trend of wearing an emerald engagement ring in gold came into limelight. Talking about emerald’s healing powers, it is said that the gemstone can cure the ailments of the eyes by gazing into its deep green color. During the era of Hippocrates, emeralds were crushed into fine powder to make eye lotion. In olden times, emeralds were considered as an antidote in the cases of poisoning. In China, the powder of poorer quality emeralds is used in many folk medicines, even today. Popular as the gemstone of love, luck and prosperity, emerald is believed to detoxify negativity and transform it into positive emotional energy. It helps restore faith and hope.

Emerald Ring Styles:

Did you know that your favorite green gemstoneemerald’ can be used in various engagement ring styles? It is popularly encrusted in these ring styles:

Solitaire Emerald Engagement Ring:

One of the most sought after ring styles, solitaire emerald ring is the one which has a single emerald to demonstrate its radiant elegance. The gemstone can be in any shape; the only important factor remains the usage of a single emerald.

Emerald and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring:

Halo is a circle of bright light on the crown of Gods and Saints. This is well used in arts like painting and it has inspired the innovative jewelry designers to use it in rings. Halo rings are the ones which have gemstone in the center, framed by a border of diamonds.

Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring

Here, three gemstones are used to furnish the dazzling looks. Most popular trend is to put a gemstone as the center stone flanked by a diamond on each side, like what our beloved celebrity Halle Berry did with her e-ring.

Emerald Eternity Ring:

These rings are in form of bands, which are fully or partially encrusted with gems. You can choose them to be studded with emeralds alone or can choose to combine them with diamonds or other gems of your choice. These rings are not only used as wedding rings and engagement rings, but people also love emerald promise rings.

Antique Emerald Engagement Ring:

Vintage emerald engagement rings or any style of rings inspired from the bygone era are quite popular these days. Milgrain detailing is done on the edges of the ring to give it a perfect antique appearance.

All the above ring styles and many more are available at Angara, which will be the best selection for your dream emerald e-ring!