Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings are rated 4.85 out of 5 by 591 reviewers. Expertly crafted Ruby Engagement Rings68 start at $1,429 - $5,449.
Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Diamond Halo Ruby Split Shank Ring

Was: $1,489 - $15,789
Now: $889 - $9,469
Emerald Cut Ruby and Round Diamond Split Shank Ring

Vintage Inspired Ruby and Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring

Was: $2,119 - $10,489
Now: $1,269 - $6,289
The Sartorial Splendor Ring

Double Prong Emerald Cut Ruby Halo Ring

Was: $1,499 - $17,219
Now: $899 - $10,329
The Diana Ring

Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Was: $1,239 - $14,949
Now: $739 - $8,969
The Classic Three-Stone Ring

Classic Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $539 - $24,769
Now: $319 - $14,859
The Embrace Ring

Solitaire Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Was: $369 - $14,169
Now: $219 - $8,499
The Wings of Love Ring

Classic Three Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring

Was: $1,169 - $8,899
Now: $699 - $5,339
Mademoiselle Ring

Solitaire Cushion Ruby Vintage Ring With Victorian Carving

Was: $969 - $8,349
Now: $579 - $5,009
The Circle of Love Ring

Round Ruby Halo Ring

Was: $1,389 - $9,419
Now: $829 - $5,649
The Toni Ring

Oval Ruby Cocktail Ring With Trio Diamond Accents

Was: $1,449 - $80,749
Now: $869 - $48,449
Diamond Halo Ruby Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Ruby Ring

Was: $1,199 - $13,089
Now: $719 - $7,849
The Classic Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Ruby Tapered Shank Ring

Was: $739 - $6,169
Now: $439 - $3,699
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Ruby Engagement Rings
Stunning, the stones are brilliant.
I got this ring in the Heritage ruby for my 60th birthday of course I was born in July. I love the setting and the ruby is gorgeous and the diamonds sparkle. My only wish they offered more options of carat size.
Expectations Surpassed!
Ordered a custom version of this ring, with many different appointments, the entire Angara team got involved and created a masterpiece. The coordination and support from the staff, especially their manager, will be remembered for a lifetime. I was worried about online orders but when it arrived the caliber of craftsmanship and quality of materials was far superior to any gem shop you would visit at your locality. Even the underside of the ring was immaculately clean and pristine. If you want to invest in something you are proud to give work with this team and make something happen!
I am very happy with this ring. Its Magnificent! My wife will be pleased... :)
Best gift for our wedding
I viewed a lot of different styles, different colors and tones of rings with diamonds. Finally, I chose this Ring with Ruby because Red color is my GF's favor, it looks really fitting for my GF's finger, Thanks
Great ring for my wife for first anniversary
My wife loves this ring and quality of gem stone is great

Ruby Engagement Rings Recommendations

Ruby rings have consistently been the top three gemstone engagement rings. The fiery red gemstone was greatly valued by royals and nobles for it’s glorious symbolism and considered the “King of Gemstones, and the Gemstones of Kings”. A valuable gemstone of most crown jewels, ruby also became the primary choice for engagement rings. Princess Margaret and Princess Sarah Ferguson both received ruby engagement rings as the token of passionate love. The exquisite ruby engagement rings at Angara offer the similar timeless glow at a price and value that can only be found at a direct source. With our array of classic to designer options, you can easily find your royal inspiration and fulfill your royal needs.

Ruby Ring Styles

Our one-of-a-kind ruby ring collection includes everything from vintage classic to modern. You can also find a fashion forward piece to start a new trend. The best way to find a ring of your choice is to explore our collection based on your favorite style and metal type selection (White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum). You can also narrow your search by choosing from the four different grades of ruby available in our collection (Good, Better, Best and Heirloom).

Forever Classics

Look for solitaire ruby rings and three-stone rings if you are looking for the classic. From traditional bezel and prong settings to designer options, it is amazing to find extraordinary ruby birthstone rings in one place. Our bestsellers like the Embrace Ring and the Signature Ring will definitely win your heart with their elegance. Moreover, you will be equally impressed by our meticulously handcrafted solitaires pieces at Angara. A symbol of past, present and future, our July birthstone ring will leave you speechless while expressing eternal love and happiness.

Vintage Exotics

Our fashion ruby rings provide a gorgeous selection for anyone who desires an exceptional engagement ring. In addition, the ruby vintage rings and designer halo rings will leave you in awe. Their properties alone are associated with desire, love, passion and royalty. The vibrant red of ruby matched with forever brilliant diamonds make a perfect gift of lasting love and impression. The antique detailing further intensifies the aesthetics. A gift of Angara's ruby engagement ring will express your deepest sentiments and love made for that special someone in your life.

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We value your sentiments as it reflects in our jewelry. Each of our ruby birthstone engagement rings expresses a work of art and tradition. From manual assortment of gemstone jewelry designs to visualizing a design for her as it surpasses a strict quality control, everything is done to ensure that you receive nothing but the best quality and value. Whether you decide on a classic solitaire ring or choose any of the designer ruby bridal sets, you can shop with confidence with a trusted and reputable source.

About Ruby Gemstones

Ruby, the fiery birthstone of July, is considered as one of the four precious gemstones adorned and valued by royals and clergy. The red member of corundum family and is second to diamond in hardness composition. Due to its strength and captivating beauty, ruby has always been the preferred choice for our customers and for our fine gemstone jewelry industry. Famously called the 'King of Gemstones', finest rubies were rare to find and often appraised for more than diamonds. However, the two together create an impeccable look of beauty. Ruby and diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are still very popular and consistently praised amongst the top three of all gemstones.

Ruby jewelry is a preferred choice for all your special moments as they are bound to create memories that last a lifetime. Many people prefer ruby rings to diamonds for engagement rings and wedding bands. With its effortless glamor, fiery charm and unmatched beauty, ruby provides an elite and unique flair of classic jewelry that many of us cannot help, but desire. Whether you wish for a perfect engagement ring or anniversary band, or are looking for a special gift to make a milestone or searching for a gemstone that best compliments your personality and skin tone, rubies are a must have. They are truly the gift above time and fashion.