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Sapphire Engagement Rings

Classic blue sapphire engagement ring like Kate Middleton or an antique one like Penelope Cruz? Worn by royals and celebrities, sapphire engagement rings are elegant and exemplify the brilliant beauty. Classic solitaire sapphire ring or three-stone sapphire ring? Vintage pink sapphire engagement ring with accent diamonds? Exclusive sapphire rings in yellow gold or popular white gold? Design the perfect sapphire and diamond engagement ring at

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Latest Reviews for Sapphire Engagement Rings
DIYDCGRL Tue, April 15, 2014
Just perfect!

This ring is beautiful. I bought it as a 40th Birthday present for myself. I have long slender fingers so I need to make sure not to buy anything chunky. This ring is not dainty and the band is thick and looks great on my hand. It is also very sparkly and exactly what I was looking for. I used the chat feature on the site and all my questions were answered. I am very happy with my purchase and Angara was great.

Pizelda Older than a month
Incredible sapphire!

Loved the ring and especially the sapphire. However, I didn't realize how much of the stone was "covered up" by the setting, so I had it reset in more of a solitaire setting. Everyone admires the beauty of the stone, and now the setting too! A little nervous about ordering on line, but Angara is very professional and prompt.

Jace Older than a month
Thanks for all the help!!!

I've never shopped for jewelry before, let alone online, so naturally I was a bit hesitant. I was looking for something as breathtakingly beautiful as she is.
The customer service team at Angara made every thing so simple. I would highly recommend any one looking for a unique gift to come here.
Now, the only thing that sparkles more than that ring, is her smile.

The Chef Older than a month
My Fiance loved it!!!

Wanted something unique to propose to my now Fiancé and she absolutely loved the ring. Spoke with customer service and they made sure I had the right size. Such a beautiful ring!!! Would buy from Angara again!!!!!

Chris Older than a month
Blue Eyes

Beautiful sapphire matches my fiancee's eyes and has just the right amount of BLING!!


Sapphire Engagement Rings have taken the world by storm ever since Princess Diana picked herself an 18-carat oval sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. The trend of sapphire jewelry continues to grow at a rapid pace since Kate Middleton accepted Princess Diana's sapphire ring from her son Prince William.

There is a lot of aura, history and myth which surrounds a sapphire. It was believed that the sapphire symbolized truth, sincerity and fidelity making it particularly appropriate for an engagement ring. It is said that lovers gave sapphires in the belief that the stone would not shine if the wearer had been unfaithful. Since the ancient times, sapphire has been one of the most coveted gemstones.

At Angara, we have an infinite variety of natural sapphire engagement rings to choose from - solitaire rings, vintage rings, three-stone pink sapphire rings, blue sapphire and diamond border rings, blue sapphire and pave diamond rings, sapphire rings set in intricate diamond accents, the choice is endless. The designs are classic and contemporary.

There is just something about Sapphire's rich color and incredible shine that will surely make her weak in the knees!

  1. Range: $229 - $13,099
Stone Shape
  1. Round(43)
  2. Oval(32)
  3. Emerald Cut(13)
  4. Pear(7)
  5. Cushion(6)
  6. Square(4)
Gemstone Type
  1. Diamond(73)
  2. Blue Sapphire(70)
  3. Pink Sapphire(31)
  1. Engagement(90)
  2. Fashion(53)
  3. Halo(30)
  4. Three Stone(23)
  5. Vintage(18)
  6. Split Shank(13)
  7. Solitaire(11)
  8. Cathedral(9)
  9. Bridal Sets(6)
  10. Designer(4)
  11. Floral(4)
  12. Art Deco(3)
  13. Antique(2)
  14. Wedding Bands(1)
  15. Five Stone(1)
  16. Cocktail(1)
  17. Eternity(1)
  18. Stackables(1)
Metal Type
  1. White Gold(105)
  2. Platinum(103)
  3. Yellow Gold(103)
  4. Silver(11)
  1. A - Good(66)
  2. AA - Better(97)
  3. AAA - Best(70)
  4. AAAA - Heirloom(68)
  5. G-H VS(2)
  6. H SI2(2)
  7. I I1(4)
  8. J I2(2)
Total Carat Weight
  1. 0.01 - 0.50(2)
  2. 0.51 - 1.00(32)
  3. 1.01 - 1.50(44)
  4. 1.51 - 3.00(62)
  5. Over 3.01(5)
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