Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings are rated 4.78 out of 5 by 700 reviewers. Expertly crafted Sapphire Engagement Rings181 start at $819 - $8,649.
The Classic Three-Stone Ring

Classic Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $889 - $19,069
Now: $529 - $11,439
The Diana Ring

Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Floral Halo Ring

Was: $1,519 - $9,869
Now: $909 - $5,919
The Queen Ring

Cushion Blue Sapphire Halo Ring

Was: $1,449 - $10,089
Now: $869 - $6,049
The Halo Ring

Oval Blue Sapphire Halo Ring With Diamond Accents

Was: $1,199 - $8,599
Now: $719 - $5,159
Radiant Love Ring

Split Shank Emerald Cut Sapphire Halo Ring With Diamond ...

Was: $2,449 - $9,999
Now: $1,469 - $5,999
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Diamond Halo Blue Sapphire Split Shank Ring

Was: $1,619 - $26,219
Now: $969 - $15,729
The Embrace Ring

Solitaire Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Was: $469 - $9,039
Now: $279 - $5,419
Lucent Ring

Pear Sapphire and Pave Diamond Halo Ring

Was: $1,539 - $5,019
Now: $919 - $3,009
The Wings of Love Ring

Classic Three Stone Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Was: $1,389 - $11,799
Now: $829 - $7,079
The Bypass Ring

Twist Shank Semi-bezel Sapphire Ring

Was: $389 - $8,999
Now: $229 - $5,399
The Gleam Ring

Sapphire Halo Ring With Diamond Studded Shoulders

Was: $919 - $8,549
Now: $549 - $5,129
The Sartorial Splendor Ring

Double Prong Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Halo Ring

Was: $1,539 - $9,689
Now: $919 - $5,809
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Sapphire Engagement Rings
There were my wonderful experiences.
Over the past one year, I have purchased 5 sapphire rings and one ruby ring. These are high quality products. My family and friends are all happy about them. The guy from Angara took care of me and my purchases very well.
Fantastic service / product / customer support
My wife loves the ring. Not only this, but each time I have had to inquire about it, I get a helpful, quick response from polite, knowledgeable representatives. I highly recommend this company.
This is a beautiful ring. My wife loved it from the second she saw it. We are both so happy that we found it .
Great quality
My fiancé bought me this ring as an engagement ring. I am so in love with it! The previous reviewers are correct in saying that the pictures do not do the stones justice! My fiancé chose the best clarity for the sapphire and its such a gorgeous blue! I'm more than happy with this purchase!
Newly Engaged
Ordered this piece as a gift for my wife for Christmas this past year. Was immediately contacted by their staff, who provided excellent customer service to go over the details of my order and make sure I would receive the item on time. Everything went extremely smoothly. My wife loved the ring, which arrived in a very nice box which has an LED light to showcase the ring when opened. I will not hesitate to shop with again.

Sapphire Engagement Rings have taken the world by storm ever since Princess Diana picked herself an 18-carat oval sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. The trend of sapphire jewelry continues to grow at a rapid pace since Kate Middleton accepted Princess Diana's sapphire ring from her son Prince William.

There is a lot of aura, history and myth which surrounds a sapphire. It was believed that the sapphire symbolized truth, sincerity and fidelity making it particularly appropriate for an engagement ring. It is said that lovers gave sapphires in the belief that the stone would not shine if the wearer had been unfaithful. Since the ancient times, sapphire has been one of the most coveted gemstones.

At Angara, we have an infinite variety of natural sapphire engagement rings to choose from - solitaire rings, vintage rings, three-stone pink sapphire rings, blue sapphire and diamond border rings, blue sapphire and pave diamond rings, sapphire rings set in intricate diamond accents, the choice is endless. The designs are classic and contemporary.

There is just something about Sapphire's rich color and incredible shine that will surely make her weak in the knees!