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Beautiful earrings
My little boy has pierced ears but so many earrings were too big. These are a beautiful size and really sparkle in his ears. Quality is superb. Thanks guys.
These earrings are beautiful, however I wish they were screwed on the back since they are for a child.

Unique Baby Jewelry For Your Child

Babies are little wonders and thorough delights and we simply cannot help but fall in love with their utter innocence and absolute charm.  So when it comes to selecting something special for these little bundles of sheer delight it has to be something that is nothing short of the very best.  Although there are many options when it comes to selecting the perfect baby gift there can be no present more wonderful than a jewelry gift that is not just beautiful but also for ever; besides the tiny trinkets that are available are so very lovely that you are sure to be tempted into buying one such priceless piece for the little one.

Baby jewelry is available in many kinds that ranges from earrings for the little girls and pendants, charms and bracelets that are meant for both boys as well as girls.  The best thing is that the designs are utterly cute and sure to win your heart at the very first look.  A lot of baby jewelry has a dash of color with the presence of little colored gemstones while others have tiny diamonds twinkling away that lend the perfect look to these wonderful pieces of jewelry.  So make your pick according to what looks good to you and what you feel will impress the little one as well.

One important thing to keep in mind is the metal used for baby jewelry.  Always ensure that the metal is non allergic as babies tend to have very sensitive skin that is prone to rashes so the metal must be such that does not cause any discomfort.  White gold, yellow gold and platinum are recommended.  Also, the jewelry meant for babies must be safe so check the clasps and closures and see that there are no small pieces attached to the jewelry that may come off and if swallowed by the baby may lead to an extremely undesirable situation.

The motifs and designs used for baby jewelry are especially attractive with little animals, cartoon characters or flowers that look really wonderful and perfect for little ones.  So select with care and pick some charming baby jewelry that will not only be attractive but will also be a much cherished gift.