Tanzanite Care

Cushion TanzaniteTanzanite is a gemstone that measures 7 on the Mohs' scale.  Which means that tanzanite is a relatively softer stone when compared to Sapphire or Ruby.  It is best worn with care. It should always be treated with great respect.  It is special.
Tanzanite in rings looks extremely attractive but one must take care to avoid heavy manual work like gardening or house-hold chores so that the stone is not knocked against a hard surface.  Naturally, it is recommended to take off the Tanzanite Ring before engaging in such work and remember, for some wearers, even desk work or everyday work can scratch a tanzanite in a ring.If you do wear your tanzanite daily, exercise caution.
Most diamond and sapphire or ruby jewelry is normally cleaned in ultra-sonic cleaners.  These are very hard stones and can sustain the pressures of this cleaning.  However, it is not advisable to clean Tanzanite Jewelry in such cleaners.  For cleaning a tanzanite, use mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly.  Use a soft cloth to wipe off all stains.

Here is what our top expert on Tanzanite recommends for Tanzanite rings:

Princess Tanzanite and Diamond Border Ring in 14k White GoldNever wear it to the beach, never wear it to the gym.  If the wearer has to do dishes she should wear gloves or take the ring off.  When taken off it should not be put on a counter.  I know of people that by mistake have knocked the ring into the sink and disposal.  The ring can safely be placed in a cup, saucer or on a plate.  If you see fine jewelry that has been worn for years it all shows wear.  Everyone wears their jewelry differently.  It should still be worn and enjoyed regardless of signs of wear and age.
To clean the ring I put a little mild soap in a small dish with warm water and let it soak for 15 minutes.  The best kind of soft tooth brush to use...something like what is sold at stores as a gentle one for people who have had gum surgery.  This is just a strange little thing that not many know about but I have found it to be safe and soft and never harmful.
The tanzanite ring you purchase should be worn and shown off.  It is guaranteed to impress and dazzle anyone who sees it.
Tanzanite ring is one that can be worn with joy for many years.  Select a design that magnifies the beauty of the stone.  May it always put a smile on her face.
Tanzanite is a beautiful stone and with reasonable care, it will be with you for generations!