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I love this ring! This is my engagement ring, and I love it! It's beautiful and the diamonds really sparkle, especially when the light hits them! The clarity is brilliant, and everyone compliments me on how beautiful and wonderful it is! The staff was really nice and helped clear up any questions I had!
Leann / Monday, September 8, 2014
More expensive, but quality
I had recently returned a ring that I was very dissatisfied with (from another retailer) and was concerned that this ring would also be sub-par since it was an online purchase. I was happily surprised when it showed up. It looks just like the picture and the ring itself is very heavy (quite a bit of gold in it). I don't know for sure but I assume this ring will last. It was more expensive than other rings I had looked at but the color is a radiant blue vs the blue-green stones other places sell. The old saying holds true "You get what you pay for".
Andy / Older than a month
Great experience despite a hiccup
First of all, she absolutely loves the ring. It's unique, well-built, and draws attention. We ordered the Vintage Glory ring in the largest stone size available. The customer service representative took fantastic care of us. The only issue we had, which could have been a big deal were it not for how well their Customer rep took care of us, was that we were sent the wrong size of the ring. At first, we were surprised by how underwhelming the ring was when compared to the pictures, but then we realized it was the wrong ring! The Customer Rep took care of everything, included a free engraving, and within a week we had the proper ring. We're very happy overall.
Okcthulhu / Older than a month
Fiance Loved The Ring!
My Fiance was very happy with the ring. She was so happy, she said yes!
Mike / Older than a month
The black diamonds are beautiful and the pendant size is perfect.
Reighnie / Older than a month

Diamonds are the most coveted, exclusive, desirable and classy amongst all gemstones.  With a significantly high fashion quotient, diamonds are symbolic of power, strength, style and luxury.

A common myth is that diamonds with all their sparkle and glamour are usually colorless.  However diamonds come in an exotic array of natural colors including canary yellow, leafy green, sensual red, romantic pink, champagne brown and stone gray.  Colored diamonds set on pendants, rings, bracelets and other ornaments enhance the beauty of your jewelry a multiple times bring them to life with an intense glow and sparkle.

Angara offers an astounding range of colored diamonds set to perfection in yellow gold, white gold and platinum jewelry.  You can also get these colored diamonds loose and have them custom designed by our expert jewelers to suit your distinct tastes.

Order your own special enhanced colored diamonds today at extremely competitive prices and make a stunning style statement.