Emerald Jewelry

Solitaire Oval Emerald and Diamond Split Shank Ring - Angara.com

Solitaire Oval Emerald and Diamond Split Shank ...

Was: $339 - $7,849
Now: $199 - $4,709
Round Solitaire Emerald Pendant - Angara.com

Round Solitaire Emerald Pendant

Was: $239 - $4,839
Now: $139 - $2,899
Three Prong Emerald Martini Stud Earrings - Angara.com

Three Prong Emerald Martini Stud Earrings

Was: $549 - $8,539
Now: $329 - $5,119
Prong Set Round Emerald and Diamond Seven Stone Wedding Ring - Angara.com

Prong Set Round Emerald and Diamond Seven Stone...

Was: $399 - $3,419
Now: $239 - $2,049
Solitaire Pear Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant - Angara.com

Solitaire Pear Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $469 - $9,749
Now: $279 - $5,849
Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Vintage Earrings - Angara.com

Oval Emerald and Diamond Halo Vintage Earrings

Was: $1,139 - $13,499
Now: $679 - $8,099
Classic Solitaire Emerald Tapered Shank Ring - Angara.com

Classic Solitaire Emerald Tapered Shank Ring

Was: $369 - $3,649
Now: $219 - $2,189
Solitaire Emerald Heart Pendant - Angara.com

Solitaire Emerald Heart Pendant

Was: $189 - $1,689
Now: $109 - $1,009
Classic Four Prong Set Square Emerald Basket Stud Earrings - Angara.com

Classic Four Prong Set Square Emerald Basket St...

Was: $469 - $2,349
Now: $279 - $1,409
Classic Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring - Angara.com

Classic Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Engagem...

Was: $499 - $12,099
Now: $299 - $7,259
Emerald Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant - Angara.com

Emerald Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

Was: $339 - $2,269
Now: $199 - $1,359
Round Emerald and Diamond Leverback Dangling Earrings - Angara.com

Round Emerald and Diamond Leverback Dangling Ea...

Was: $989 - $9,769
Now: $589 - $5,859
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Emerald Jewelry
Beautiful piece that my wife will love.
Mike / Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Great service and excellent product quality.
I used the live chat feature to customize the ring to the exact features that I wanted. When I wanted to make some changes to the order it was done with no hassle. The staff at Angara helped me find the ring that met my needs at the price point that I could afford. The people on the love chat are very knowledgeable, but when I asked a question that they couldn't answer, they immediately passed me up to someone who could answer my question with no long period of time on hold and no run around. I would definitely buy from here again. The only downside I found was that shipping to Canada was a bit pricey, but overall it was worth it.
BF / Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Finally got the ring I love!
I had been looking at this ring for sometime finally got it as a gift. Colors are lovely and exactly what I was expecting based on its pictures shown. I could not be happier with this piece.
Green Shine / Older than a month
just as ordered
Beautiful emeralds and studs, just like in the photos, and measurements were accurate, just as promised.
Mike / Older than a month
These are beautiful earrings; I bought them as a wedding gift for my sister. She loved them.
Super S / Older than a month

May Birthstone Jewelry - Emerald

Emerald jewelry is the ultimate choice for sophisticated men and women. From Hollywood icons of the past like Elizabeth Taylor to superstars of today like Angelina Jolie, emerald jewelry has adorned red carpets and beautiful women for generations. Angara brings an exciting collection of the May birthstone jewelry to you – direct from the source, and at a fraction of the price you’ll find anywhere else! From classic options like solitaire, three-stone, eternity and halo to designer themed jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding jewelry, vintage and contemporary jewelry, we have brought the best selection directly to you.

Emerald Rings

Our designer emerald rings are as versatile as the women who wear them. There is no limit for the creativity when you have a sparkling green ring - wear it to the office every day or dress up an otherwise simple outfit for an instant glam up. You can take the cues from famous A-list emerald enthusiasts like Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Naomi Watts, or can even refer to our numerous emerald loving customer testimonials for ideas. Whether alone or surrounded by diamonds, we have the perfect emerald ring for any budget range for all occasions.

Emerald Earrings

Who can ever forget Angelina Jolie’s emerald drop earrings at the Oscars? With one pair of emerald earrings, she changed her entire look, and was voted the best dressed of the year. That is the effect of a pair of deep green emerald earrings– subtle yet striking, classy yet bold. Alone or surrounded in diamonds, Angara’s collection of May birthstone earrings will change your look, whether you are walking into your office, a dinner party, or on the red carpet!

Emerald Pendants

An emerald pendant is the ultimate piece of everyday jewelry – the beautiful green color will match with anything while adding an air of sophistication and glamour to your entire wardrobe. Choose from classic emerald solitaire pendants, fancier designs and shapes (often with diamonds), or a loving gift like our emerald and diamond journey pendants. We have the perfect May birthstone pendant for you at Angara!

Emerald Engagement Ring

Sophisticated women who desire special and unique have long admired precious and beautiful emerald engagement rings. It is hard to forget mentioning the stunning and romantic emerald and yellow gold engagement ring of Halle Berry and the emerald halo ring of Olivia Wilde. Many of our pieces have taken the inspiration from the romantic proposal pieces of celebrities and thus become so special for the future brides. From classic emerald solitaire engagement rings to exceptional emerald and diamond engagement rings, Angara has the perfect proposal rings to celebrate your love, and all of them are priced to fit almost any budget range. We also have a collection of emerald and diamond wedding bands to create a stunning bridal set.

Emerald Education

Astrologically speaking, emeralds are said to be rich in mystical properties. They are used to treat ailments of the eyes and to cure digestive problems. They were also known as fertile gemstones. Many people and cultures continue to believe in these powers, and wear the gemstone for protection and to help themselves through recovery and sickness. During the Renaissance, emeralds were exchanged between members of higher society as symbols of friendship. It was believed that if the friendship was true, the emerald would stay intact. Maybe this is why natural emerald jewelry is a popular gift option amongst friends. The stone also makes a popular investment. Their rarity and high global demand have risen the value of emeralds (especially 100% natural emeralds like those that we offer) consistently year-on-year, over time. In fact, you will usually find a few incredible pieces of antique emerald jewels at Christies or Sotheby’s jewelry auction. That is probably why this precious gemstone jewelry becomes a part of family tradition, passed on from generation to generation.

Emerald is the birthstone for May, and conventionally the 20th and 35th anniversary gift. But you don’t need to wait for 20 years for gorgeous emerald jewelry. Angara brings you perfectly affordable yet high quality emerald jewelry. Therefore, whether you wish to add some serious sophistication to your outfits or want royal status jewelry, luxury and the iconic shades of green, then emeralds are the ultimate green gemstone perfect for you.

The finest emeralds have come from Colombia and Brazil. Secondary considered countries producing emeralds are Zambia and India. Our emerald vaults come from each of destinations, so that we can ensure you receive the best quality out of the batch, and at a fraction of typical retail prices.

Our comprehensive emerald buying guide is a rewarding educational experience not just for our customers, but for us as well. Emerald buying guide takes you through legends about emeralds, what to consider when buying emerald jewelry, the most popular and rarest shapes and cuts in emeralds, and how costs are determined in the emeralds you choose. Our gemstone experts take great pride in bringing the rarest emeralds directly to you.