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Latest Jewelry Reviews for Emerald Jewelry
Beautiful and exceptional quality.
These earrings are beautiful! I am pleased with the exceptional quality. Thank you Angara for great service and care.
Holly / Friday, July 25, 2014
After looking through many stores and not finding quality natural emeralds in my price point, I stumbled onto this site. I ordered the cathedral three stone in the AAA quality and smallest size - and the result was stunning. More brilliant than anything I saw at the mall for half the price. The quality of the setting is also fabulous - the altered prong setting gives it that special extra touch.
LWM / Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Exactly as advertised.
Pete / Older than a month
Gorgeous Surprise
My husband surprised me with this ring on our 8yr Anniversary and his return from another deployment and i was floored when I opened the box. I was amazed at the clarity of the stone and how simple yet beautiful the ring is! Just beautiful!
Tasha / Older than a month
A Beautiful Ring
My wife was quite surprised (pleasantly, I might add) to receive this ring. I chose the heirloom emeralds in a platinum setting. Angara once again impressed me with quality of their jewelry.
RJ / Older than a month

May Birthstone Jewelry - Emerald

Emerald jewelry is the ultimate choice for the sophisticated woman. From Hollywood Icons of the past like Elizabeth Taylor to superstars of today like Angelina Jolie, emerald jewelry has adorned red carpets and beautiful women for generations. Angara brings an exciting collection of emerald jewelry to you – direct from the source, and at a fraction of the price of the same emerald jewelry you will find elsewhere!

Emerald Rings

Emerald rings are as versatile as the women who wear them - wear a simple emerald ring to the office everyday or a fancy-cut emerald ring to dress up an otherwise simple outfit (remember Angelina Jolie’s cushion-cut emerald ring at the Oscars?!). Whether alone or surrounded by diamonds, we have the perfect emerald ring for any budget and any occasion!

Emerald Earrings

Who can ever forget Angelina Jolie’s emerald drop earrings at the Oscars? With one pair of emerald earrings, she changed her entire look, and was voted the best dressed of the year. That is the effect a pair of deep green emerald earrings can have – subtle yet striking, cassy yet bold. Alone or surrounded in diamonds, Angara’s collection of emerald earrings will change your look, whether you are walking into your office, a dinner party, or on the red carpet!

Emerald Pendants

An emerald pendant is the ultimate piece of everyday jewelry – the beautiful green color will match with anything while adding an air of sophistication and glamour to any your outfit. Choose from classic solitaire emerald pendants, fancier designs and shapes (often with diamonds), or a loving gift like our emerald and diamond journey pendants. We have the perfect emerald pendant for you at Angara!

Emerald Engagement Ring

Rare, precious and beautiful, Emerald engagement rings have long been chosen by sophisticated women who want something special and unique. From classic solitaire emerald engagement rings to exceptional diamond and emerald engagement rings, Angara has the perfect engagement ring to celebrate your love, priced to suit any budget. We also have a collection of emerald and diamond wedding bands, to create a stunning bridal set.

Emeralds are said to be rich in mystical properties. They were used to treat ailments of the eyes and to cure digestive problems. They were also known as the fertility gemstones.

Emerald is the birthstone for May, and conventionally the 20th and 35th anniversary gift. But you don’t need to wait for 20 years for gorgeous emerald jewelry. Angara brings you perfectly affordable emerald jewelry and high end emerald jewelry. The finest emeralds have come from Colombia, and now Brazil is the top producer of Emeralds. Other countries producing emeralds are Afghanistan, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our comprehensive emerald buying guide is a very rewarding experience not just for our customers, but us as well. Emerald buying guide takes you through legends about emeralds, features to look for when buying emerald jewelry, most popular and rarest shapes and cuts in emeralds, and how costs are affected in the emerald you are choosing. Our gemstone expert takes delight in sourcing that rare emerald for the rare visitor. Best quality emeralds can be sourced for that truly discerning eye.