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Gemstone Jewelry

Wish for a dazzling gemstone ring, earrings or pendant? Fine gemstone jewelry is a thoughtful choice for a perfect shine. Natural gemstone jewelry in yellow gold or white gold? Contemporary designs or vintage inspirations? offers you an array of fine gemstone jewelry with options for gemstone quality and size in your choice of silver, gold or platinum.

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Latest Reviews for Gemstone Jewelry
tgil1908 Tue, April 22, 2014
Very Nice

The stone is everything as advertised.

Chuck Tue, April 22, 2014

Very nice quality. Packaging very nice. Shipping very fast. Satisfied with the experience.

Jay C Mon, April 21, 2014
Excellent service and product

Dealing with Angara was a pleasure. They made me feel that my transaction was secure, and there product was exactly as described on their site. I recommend Angara for online jewelry purchases to any one.

mwjoe Mon, April 21, 2014
Excellent product

Ring arrived within one week and was very high quality. Price was better than local chain store offered for lower quality stones.

Dash Sun, April 20, 2014
Gorgeous piece of jewellery!

I received by gorgeous ring on my 50th birthday. It was exactly what I had wanted. I love my ring. It is gorgeous. The stone and setting is beautiful. I love wearing this beautiful piece of jewellery and have received many comments from other people who have also noticed the ring.


Alluring Gifts for Her

Gifts are always special both for the person giving it as well as the one who receives it. It is not always about the object but about the sentiments that accompany the gifts and the love with which they are given. Though all gifts are special there are some that are especially dear and we cannot help but hold them close to our hearts even years later. One such gift that is timeless not only in beauty but also in its significance is a gift of jewelry. Although jewelry gifts of all kinds are extremely special, there is something absolutely wonderful about gemstone jewelry gifts.

Gemstones look incredibly beautiful with their vibrant colors and one cannot help but fall hopelessly in love with their irresistible appeal. The most wonderful thing about colored gemstones is that they come in so many different colors and shades that you are sure to find one in a hue that you love. Colored gemstone jewelry whether sapphire jewelry or ruby jewelry never fail to stun and are always a sure hit with women, which is why they qualify as the perfect gift for any lady. Trust me no woman is able to resist the heady charm of some vivid colored gemstone jewelry.

So select the perfect jewelry gift for her and watch the pure pleasure in her eyes when she receives it. The best thing is that you have a wide array of glittering gemstones to choose from and very many colors to select from whether the blue sapphires, red rubies, green emeralds, violet tanzanites or sky blue aquamarines or a gemstone in any other color, each one of these beauties look unique and absolutely charming. It is also a good idea to select bling in her favorite color that she is sure to love. You can pick from emerald jewelry collection or select citrine jewelry to surprise her.

Whether set with just the gemstones or along with diamonds every variety of gemstone jewelry looks absolutely ravishing. Get to know the kind of jewelry she likes to wear and while selecting it, make sure you pick something that is close to her sense of style and which also complements her personality. If a proposal is in plan, you can even rely on a gemstone engagement ring. One thing is for sure with colored gemstone jewelry you are sure to win her heart all over again.

Birthstone Jewelry
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  1. Range: $89 - $41,939
Stone Shape
  1. Round(529)
  2. Oval(250)
  3. Pear(129)
  4. Square(103)
  5. Emerald Cut(68)
  6. Heart(60)
  7. Cushion(57)
  8. Marquise(21)
  9. Trillion(12)
  10. Drop(11)
  11. Rectangle(2)
  12. Ball(1)
Gemstone Type
  1. Blue Sapphire(287)
  2. Ruby(205)
  3. Emerald(187)
  4. Diamond(169)
  5. Tanzanite(156)
  6. Pink Sapphire(120)
  7. Aquamarine(61)
  8. Amethyst(55)
  9. Black Onyx(40)
  10. Garnet(39)
  11. Peridot(30)
  12. Citrine(20)
  13. Akoya Cultured Pearl(14)
  14. Opal(11)
  15. Blue Topaz(3)
  16. Pink Tourmaline(2)
  17. Carnelian(2)
  18. Green Amethyst(2)
  19. Freshwater Cultured Pearl(2)
  20. White Sapphire(1)
  21. Yellow Sapphire(1)
  22. Turquoise(1)
  23. Black Tahitian Cultured Pearl(1)
  24. Lapis Lazuli(1)
  25. Rose Quartz(1)
  1. Solitaire(391)
  2. Engagement(386)
  3. Designer(289)
  4. Fashion(286)
  5. Halo(154)
  6. Wedding Bands(126)
  7. Studs(108)
  8. Heart(101)
  9. Stackables(94)
  10. Three Stone(85)
  11. Vintage(73)
  12. Split Shank(66)
  13. V-Bale(60)
  14. Dangle(52)
  15. Half Eternity(44)
  16. Eternity(39)
  17. Cathedral(38)
  18. Knot(34)
  19. Bridal Sets(30)
  20. Art Deco(29)
  21. Cocktail(23)
  22. Five Stone(22)
  23. Floral(20)
  24. Cross(19)
  25. Leverback(17)
  26. Hoops(17)
  27. Drop(10)
  28. Journey(10)
  29. Critters(9)
  30. Seven Stone(6)
  31. Antique(4)
  32. Cluster(3)
  33. Nine Stone(2)
  34. Celtic(1)
Metal Type
  1. White Gold(1185)
  2. Yellow Gold(885)
  3. Platinum(784)
  4. Silver(224)
  5. Rose Gold(69)
  6. Two Tone Gold(4)
  1. A - Good(688)
  2. AA - Better(933)
  3. AAA - Best(912)
  4. AAAA - Heirloom(645)
  5. G-H VS(12)
  6. H SI2(12)
  7. I I1(16)
  8. J I2(12)
Total Carat Weight
  1. 0.01 - 0.50(316)
  2. 0.51 - 1.00(458)
  3. 1.01 - 1.50(385)
  4. 1.51 - 3.00(428)
  5. Over 3.01(93)
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