Ruby Jewelry

Prong Set Round Ruby and Diamond Seven Stone Wedding Ring -

Prong Set Round Ruby and Diamond Seven Stone We...

Was: $369 - $3,149
Now: $219 - $1,889
Solitaire Oval Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant -

Solitaire Oval Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $319 - $4,639
Now: $189 - $2,779
Three Prong Ruby Martini Stud Earrings -

Three Prong Ruby Martini Stud Earrings

Was: $519 - $10,289
Now: $309 - $6,169
Classic Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring -

Classic Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Engagement...

Was: $489 - $22,519
Now: $289 - $13,509
Solitaire Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant -

Solitaire Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $349 - $16,669
Now: $209 - $9,999
Classic Four Prong Set Ruby Basket Stud Earrings -

Classic Four Prong Set Ruby Basket Stud Earrings

Was: $289 - $10,519
Now: $169 - $6,309
Ruby Encrusted Loop Knot Ring -

Ruby Encrusted Loop Knot Ring

Was: $319 - $2,289
Now: $189 - $1,369
Diamond V-Bale Solitaire Ruby Pendant -

Diamond V-Bale Solitaire Ruby Pendant

Was: $239 - $6,049
Now: $139 - $3,629
Classic Four Prong Set Square Ruby Basket Stud Earrings -

Classic Four Prong Set Square Ruby Basket Stud ...

Was: $269 - $1,389
Now: $159 - $829
Diamond Halo Ruby Split Shank Engagement Ring -

Diamond Halo Ruby Split Shank Engagement Ring

Was: $1,349 - $14,349
Now: $809 - $8,609
Round Solitaire Ruby Pendant -

Round Solitaire Ruby Pendant

Was: $219 - $5,719
Now: $129 - $3,429
Solitaire Heart Ruby and Diamond Ribbon Cross Earrings -

Solitaire Heart Ruby and Diamond Ribbon Cross E...

Was: $419 - $3,839
Now: $249 - $2,299
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Ruby Jewelry
Great Gift
It was my 40th Wedding Anniversary and the ruby pendant was a perfect gift. The workmanship was as perfect. The order process was without fault and your class is shown by your interest in learning how your customer feels about you. This one has come away with a very good impression and will surely buy from them again.
Dick / Friday, October 10, 2014
A beautiful ring! Just what I was expecting and more. My fiancee loved it and has been showing it off ever since I proposed. You don't see ruby engagement rings that often and I think that adds to it's uniqueness and beauty. Again, beautiful ring and I couldn't be happier.
Jimmy / Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Worth it. Very happy with the ring
Pleased that it turned out to be a nice ring. I loved it online and loved it even more in person. I am extremely pleased with online photos of the ring, true to its size.
Yorker / Sunday, October 5, 2014
Anniversary present.
Surprised her with brilliant flash of red. She loves red and ruby is her Birthstone and this was the perfect present to add a pop of color to her hand. It is big bright red that's why she loves it. It looks fantastic on her hand. I would most definitely recommend it.
Ranger / Sunday, October 5, 2014
Excellent, very shining
I'm totally satisfied with this ring
Akari / Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ruby Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby is the passionate choice of women who love to enjoy the powerful and passionate style. The birthstone of July, ruby is the gem of smoldering desires and has been treasured for its beauty and mysticism for thousands of years. With the amazing and timeless collection of ruby jewelry at Angara, you can effortlessly and economically enjoy the mystic glamor of this precious gem. Whether you are looking for classic ruby ring or designer earring and vintage inspired pendants, you can find them all in our elegant and exquisite collection of July birthstone jewelry.

July Birthstone Rings

Are you smitten by the ravishing pinky finger ring of Amy Adams or long for a ruby and diamond halo ring like that of Princess Sarah Ferguson? Are you shy of wearing a fiery red ruby because it is not your birthstone? Look out for our pretty ring collection in the red gemstone and you will not be able to resist from buying few of them. From the heart stealing ruby promise rings to trendy fashion ruby rings, you have a lot to choose from. If you want a classic yet trendy piece, look for the stackable ruby rings, knot rings and designer solitaire rings at Angara. For an added brilliance, the timeless combination of ruby and diamond is just perfect. The magnificent look can be achieved with interesting halo and vintage rings that covers everything from three-stone and eternity styles to proposal pieces.

July Birthstone Earrings

The fiery yet elegant charm of ruby makes this corundum a desired choice for fine jewelry especially earrings. As a timeless piece, ruby studs and journey earrings are amazing to include in any collection while the elaborated dangles and hoops are equally admirable and always have a special mentioning at black tie events. If you are interested in flaunting ruby and diamond earrings like that of Dame Helen Mirren or Jane Fonda, then our pear and square ruby and diamond dangle earrings are a definite pick while our another best seller the round ruby and diamond margarita studs can also give you the red carpet allure like that of Jessica Alba. With our natural ruby jewelry, you can always feel like a celebrity. Our July birthstone earrings also make a great gift option for any occasion. From birthday to anniversary and Valentine's Day, it is easy to make the occasion worth remembered with a gift of ruby birthstone earrings. Isn't that great!

July Birthstone Pendants

Along with the exquisite rings and earrings, our range of ruby gemstone jewelry includes many dainty pendants. Do you know rubies have been one of the most prominent gemstones of British Crown Jewels? While those of the royals' holds a long told history, you could choose your favorite piece for custom ruby jewelry to create your own heirloom pieces. It is an amazing experience and Angara helps you create the jewelry of your dream. Though our vast selection of birthstone pendant necklaces includes everything you think, yet you can go far and beyond with your own design. If you were inspired from the vintage glamor, you would definitely love to buy our pear ruby and diamond vintage pendant. For a classic look, the halo and solitaires pendants are perfect to choose. That is not all; we also have a beautiful collection of symbolic jewelry. Ruby itself is a symbol of love and romance, and when its set in beautiful heart pendants and knot jewelry, the beauty doubles. You can give any of the pieces your personalized touch by selecting the metal, stone quality and by engraving a special message.

July Birthstone Engagement Rings

Ruby engagement rings have been an integral part of romantic proposals. The king of gemstones in its finest red hues has always been rare and cost more than diamonds. Additionally, it is a symbol of power, passion, love and romance. The rarity clubbed with the beauty and significance makes ruby a perfect gemstone for engagement rings and wedding bands. Ruby engagement rings have long been a part of royal engagements and celebrity proposals. Whether you want a ring like Princess Sarah Ferguson or the one Facebook founder proposed his now wife Priscilla with, then browse through the Angara's vivid and vibrant collection of natural ruby rings and wedding bands. From three-stone and solitaire ring in classic as well as contemporary settings to exquisitely crafted vintage inspired ruby and diamond halo rings, and intricate matching wedding bands, you have an access to one of the finest diamond ruby jewelry collection available in the market.

Information about Ruby - The King of Gemstones

The fiery ruby is the red member of corundum mineral family, the other one is sapphire. This beautiful gem is the official birthstone for July and it is also a charming gift for 40th wedding anniversary. But its not limited as a birthstone or anniversary gift. It is a perfect gift for any occasion. Wearing ruby is believed to bestow good fortune and power. It's as desirable as diamonds, emeralds and sapphires for its resplendent allure and charm.

This gorgeous gem in its natural form is usually included; therefore, almost all the natural rubies are heat treated to enhance the color and beauty. The intense heating could also dissolve the impurities up to a noticeable extend, making the gem intense and pure. It is a permanent treatment, which does not affect the natural beauty of the gem.