Sapphire Jewelry

Fine sapphire ring, pendant or earrings? Natural sapphire jewelry can add sparkle to any outfit. lets you choose and build your ideal piece with options for sapphire quality and size, perfectly set in the metal (white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver) of your choice.

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Latest Reviews for Sapphire Jewelry
Cynthia R Wed, April 16, 2014
Lovely Stones!

This is a gorgeous ring, with high quality stones.

DIYDCGRL Tue, April 15, 2014
Just perfect!

This ring is beautiful. I bought it as a 40th Birthday present for myself. I have long slender fingers so I need to make sure not to buy anything chunky. This ring is not dainty and the band is thick and looks great on my hand. It is also very sparkly and exactly what I was looking for. I used the chat feature on the site and all my questions were answered. I am very happy with my purchase and Angara was great.

KBrogdon Wed, April 2, 2014

Beautiful ring and just as described. Customer service was wonderful!

Swich Sun, March 30, 2014

The ring was great. Gf loved it. And at such a great price, you can't go wrong.

Pizelda Older than a month
Incredible sapphire!

Loved the ring and especially the sapphire. However, I didn't realize how much of the stone was "covered up" by the setting, so I had it reset in more of a solitaire setting. Everyone admires the beauty of the stone, and now the setting too! A little nervous about ordering on line, but Angara is very professional and prompt.


Natural Sapphire Jewelry

Nature has blessed us with numerous delights and colored gemstones happen to be one such extraordinary gift that never ceases to dazzle with their vibrant colors and lustrous beauty.  Out of the wide range that colored gemstones come in, sapphires happen to be one of the most choicest and coveted of the lot for not only are these gemstones immensely beautiful but they are also accompanied with numerous qualities and traits that make them even more desirable.  Sapphire is the perfect gemstone for any occasion and the wide range of fine sapphire jewelry looks awesome

The fine selection of blue and pink sapphire jewelry looks stunning and sapphire undoubtedly is the perfect gemstone for any occasion.  Sapphires look beautiful in all kinds of jewelry - pink and blue sapphire rings, sapphire engagement rings, earrings, pendants and lab created sapphire jewelry .  Another advantage that sapphires enjoy is their durable nature for sapphires are extremely hard and sturdy stones measuring up to nine on Moh’s scale of hardness.  They offer a wonderful array of colors that lend an extraordinary look to any piece of jewelry.

Sapphire jewelry looks good in all kinds of metal whether white gold, yellow gold or platinum so you can select your favorite sapphire jewelry in the kind of metal that looks best.  Sapphires alone can make any kind of jewelry look exquisite but when these gorgeous gemstones combine with diamonds they looks magnificent.  In fact sapphire and diamond jewelry qualifies as highly desirable amongst women the world over.

Sapphire jewelry is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and never fails to flatter any look whether casual or formal.  It is for this reason that sapphire jewelry is so popular for they always make any woman look ultimately beautiful adding an air of elegance that is charming beyond words.

Sapphire jewelry looks attractive for any occasions and complements any outfit and look whether formal or casual.  One thing that is for certain is that you will never fail to make an impression with sapphire jewelry that looks undeniably beautiful at all times.  The lovely colors of sapphires apart from the popular blue ones allow jewelry lovers the benefit of selecting their favorite sapphire jewelry in a hue that beckons.  Also the various styles and designs that range from simple to elaborate and classic to contemporary makes sapphire jewelry so very popular and sought after.

Sapphires are birthstones for the month of September and for Zodiac sign Taurus. So, if you missed the birthday, they make great Christmas or thanksgiving gifts.

Among the best features of shopping at Angara are the choices of four qualities of sapphire for the same product. This way, the cost of the product can be varied according to the sapphire you choose for the jewelry. Our Easypay installment is another fabulous way to shop. You get the sapphire jewelry upon payment of first installment. The rest you can pay in easy evenly timed installments on 0% finance. Ring Engraving at nominal costs is another additional feature that gives Angara an edge over other competitors.

The total protection warranty plan we offer helps guard your jewelry against accidental wear and tear. The full warranty plan can actually be used towards your next Angara purchase at the end of five years

Angara offers free shipment everywhere in the world on orders above USD 500; and on all orders in US.

  1. Range: $119 - $21,709
Stone Shape
  1. Round(190)
  2. Oval(80)
  3. Square(43)
  4. Pear(37)
  5. Heart(20)
  6. Emerald Cut(20)
  7. Cushion(15)
  8. Marquise(9)
  9. Trillion(2)
Gemstone Type
  1. Blue Sapphire(288)
  2. Diamond(150)
  3. Pink Sapphire(117)
  4. Aquamarine(4)
  5. Emerald(2)
  6. Amethyst(2)
  7. Yellow Sapphire(1)
  8. White Sapphire(1)
  1. Engagement(150)
  2. Fashion(136)
  3. Solitaire(108)
  4. Designer(72)
  5. Halo(58)
  6. Studs(44)
  7. Wedding Bands(44)
  8. Heart(37)
  9. Three Stone(33)
  10. Stackables(31)
  11. Vintage(27)
  12. Split Shank(21)
  13. Dangle(17)
  14. Eternity(15)
  15. Half Eternity(14)
  16. Cathedral(14)
  17. Knot(13)
  18. V-Bale(13)
  19. Hoops(11)
  20. Bridal Sets(11)
  21. Five Stone(9)
  22. Floral(9)
  23. Critters(6)
  24. Leverback(6)
  25. Antique(4)
  26. Drop(4)
  27. Journey(4)
  28. Cross(4)
  29. Art Deco(3)
  30. Cocktail(3)
  31. Nine Stone(2)
  32. Seven Stone(1)
  33. Cluster(1)
Metal Type
  1. White Gold(408)
  2. Yellow Gold(320)
  3. Platinum(312)
  4. Silver(50)
  5. Rose Gold(21)
  6. Two Tone Gold(2)
  1. A - Good(233)
  2. AA - Better(369)
  3. AAA - Best(262)
  4. AAAA - Heirloom(229)
  5. G-H VS(5)
  6. H SI2(5)
  7. I I1(7)
  8. J I2(5)
Total Carat Weight
  1. 0.01 - 0.50(84)
  2. 0.51 - 1.00(130)
  3. 1.01 - 1.50(132)
  4. 1.51 - 3.00(187)
  5. Over 3.01(23)
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