Sapphire Jewelry

Round Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring  -

Round Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $799 - $18,619
Now: $479 - $11,169
Round Sapphire Studs -

Round Sapphire Studs

Was: $639 - $5,369
Now: $379 - $3,219
Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Vintage Ring -

Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Vintage Ring

Was: $1,369 - $8,969
Now: $819 - $5,379
Round Sapphire Martini Earrings -

Round Sapphire Martini Earrings

Was: $589 - $6,339
Now: $349 - $3,799
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant -

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Was: $349 - $7,919
Now: $209 - $4,749
Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Split Shank Ring -

Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Split Shank Ring

Was: $419 - $8,199
Now: $249 - $4,919
Round Sapphire and Diamond V-Bale Pendant -

Round Sapphire and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $269 - $4,149
Now: $159 - $2,489
Round Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring -

Round Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement...

Was: $2,049 - $10,389
Now: $1,229 - $6,229
Blue Sapphire Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant -

Blue Sapphire Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

Was: $339 - $1,999
Now: $199 - $1,199
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Sapphire Jewelry
Top quality sapphires.
Kristina / Thursday, September 18, 2014
Very feminine
I love this ring! It sits perfect on my finger and looks very feminine.
RayaS / Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Just what she wanted. Perfect!
Anniversary / Friday, September 12, 2014
Exactly what it looks like. Wife was thrilled!
Drew / Thursday, September 11, 2014
Just as my fiancee wanted
Great product and quality, just as my fiancee wanted for her finger!
Filip / Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September Birthstone Jewelry

A favorite among royals, the birthstone for September is a beautiful combination of class and elegance. With it’s infinite palette of blue hues that includes deep ocean blues, velvety blue, cornflower blue, liquid blue and the romantic evening-sky blue, sapphire is the ideal gemstone of luxury and beauty. Nevertheless, like the endless colors of the vast sky, the gemstone is also found in an array of colors besides blue. From the fiery orange of sun to the blushing pink of rosy cheeks and the delicate violet of twilight, this ancient gemstone is available in almost every shade except red (which is ruby).

From royalty to A-list stars, it has been the most desired gemstone of women worldwide because of vivid colors, high brilliance and crystal clarity. Angara offers a stunning collection of precious September birthstone jewelry, which highlights the handpicked sapphires direct from the source. From elegant engagement rings and wedding bands to classic and fine fashion jewelry, Angara has the jewelry you’ll love to cherish for years.

September Birthstone Rings

Versatile and vibrant, our sapphire birthstone rings are as elegant and charming as the women who wear them. The collection includes, but not limited to, classic rings like solitaires, three-stones, blue sapphire vintage rings, stackable rings and the symbolic knot rings. With the signature sapphire hues and brilliance, there is no limit to your creativity. Flaunt a pink sapphire five-stone ring with your office attire or with a simple evening dress. Whether alone or combined with diamonds, our rings will definitely melt your heart.

September Birthstone Earrings

It is hard to miss sapphire earrings at the red carpet. From Oscars to Emmys to the Grammys, they’ve been a powerful accessory for every event. It's the enduring and brilliant looks of this corundum gemstone that can instantly capture attention. Our precious sapphire collection has the same allure. There are classic solitaire studs as well as designer pink sapphire dangle earrings and blue sapphire hoops with numerous other options that can make you the center of attention. And all those natural sapphire earrings come with a guarantee of authenticity.

September Birthstone Pendants

A sapphire pendant is a necessity for every jewelry collection. Whether you choose a bold solitaire or a sparkly journey pendant, you can flaunt it with almost every outfit for every occasion. And no matter what you choose (blue or pink), you will surely be noticed. Alternatively, all our September birthstone pendants make a great gift to celebrate any special occasion.

September Birthstone Engagement Rings

A gift of sapphire has long been considered as a pledge of trust and loyalty. For this reason, along with the timeless beauty of this 5th and 45th anniversary milestones, that sapphire engagement rings have become a demanding choice. Whether you are intrigued by the classic heirloom sapphire and diamond engagement ring of Kate Middleton or wish for an antique ring like Penelope Cruz, you can easily find them all in our wide selections of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Is the solitaire setting made for you or would you rather have a halo setting? Possibly a bit flashier may be the right choice or a subtle vintage piece? Whatever are your favorite designs, you will find them at Angara.

Sapphire Education

Since their discovery, sapphires have been known for their color and strength. As the gemstone’s blue hue was considered so profound, ancient people believed that the earth rests on a giant sapphire that had given its color to the sky. This is just one of the many legends for the vivid blue gemstone. Amazingly, it’s properties and hardness composition is just behind diamonds. The gemstone could be found in almost every shade of rainbow and it's often heat treated to enhance its color and clarity.

As a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, power and loyalty, kings and priests wore sapphire cocktail rings. Being a precious stone, it was highly coveted by royal families. A perfect natural sapphire is as rare as the finest piece of art. Although this may be true, the enhancement is forever and only brings in the best life out of the gemstone.

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