Tanzanite Jewelry

Want an exotic tanzanite ring, tanzanite earrings or tanzanite pendant? Tanzanite jewelry is an enticing option to accentuate any outfit. Vintage or contemporary? Choose and build an ideal piece of tanzanite jewelry at Angara.com with options for tanzanite sizes and tanzanite quality, finely set in the metal (silver, gold or platinum) of your choice.

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Latest Reviews for Tanzanite Jewelry
Bulit Sat, April 12, 2014

My mother was very pleased with her birthday gift. I will be a repeat Angara customer.

Holly456 Mon, March 31, 2014
Beautiful ring!!

Gorgeous ring, even prettier in person! Lots of sparkle and the color and clarity of the tanzanite are fantastic. It is a nice substantial ring, not at all stingy with the gold as some rings from other companies can be. I am very happy with my purchase.

blueeyes Thu, March 27, 2014

Security was excellent for my purchase. I was a little apprehensive spending that kind of money on something I couldn't see in person. But when it got here, I opened the box this little light came on and shown across that ring lighting up those 3 blue stones to perfection. I was stunned by the brilliance of it and I will admit I cried it was so beautiful.. my husband and I are celebrating our 33 anniversary this coming April and I can not think of a better ring to grace my finger then this one. Any woman would be proud to display this. Ordering from this company was the best choice I could have made, you wont regret it and I look forward to purchasing other things in the future, thank you so much ANGARA

Bob Older than a month
Very pleased!

Good value and good service. My lady friend loves it !

Aditi Older than a month
Love it!!! Beautiful ring!

Stunning ring that I received from my husband on Valentine's Day 2014...Absolutely love it and him :) :) :)


Tanzanite Jewelry: Ideal Christmas Gift

Tanzanite name comes from Tanzania, a small state in Africa, the only place where these awesome gemstones are mined. The very fact makes them about a thousand times rarer than diamonds and explains the craze. Since the mines are likely to get exhausted within the span of our generation, tanzanite is the gemstone you want to pick now.

Know your tanzanite before buying tanzanite jewelry

Tanzanite has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale which is less as compared to other gemstones such as sapphire or ruby, but good for daily wear. Tanzanite jewelry is a must have if you are buying tanzanite jewelry for the first time.

Tanzanite has a special color characteristic called trichroic which means that tanzanite displays three shades of color at different angles. The gemstone's color can be described as a deep-dark blue with violet and red overtones with a hint of sage green.

What accounts for such popularity of tanzanite jewelry, besides rarity is that it is the most transparent, or "eye-clean" (free from visible inclusions) of all gemstones.

When it comes to carats, tanzanite has a specific issue. All tanzanites look lighter in shade in smaller sizes due to the high transparency level. As a general rule, in a tanzanite the bigger the size, deeper the color. And since tanzanite jewelry is more affordable as compared to sapphires, larger sizes can be preferred.

So, what makes tanzanite jewelry an ideal Christmas gift? First of all, diamonds may have a lot of hype around them, but tanzanites are definitely rarer. A tanzanite ring with diamonds or a solitaire tanzanite ring has that unique appeal which very few gemstones match. The ultramarine to violet blue of Tanzanite is not paralleled anywhere in gemstones. Alternately, tanzanite ring with aquamarine in the setting makes for the ultimate gift.

Tanzanite jewelry gift is always jewelry with purpose, as it is ensured that the returns are utilized for improvising lives of children in Tanzania. If it is not a tanzanite ring, maybe tanzanite earrings or tanzanite pendant would be ideal for her.

Tanzanite studs in various cuts of Tanzanites are good options if you must have tanzanite jewelry as Christmas gift, but are low on funds. Round tanzanite studs and tanzanite and diamond stud earrings suit every woman of any age. As a Christmas gift, Tanzanite jewelry is likely to bring in good cheer like nothing else will.

  1. Range: $119 - $13,419
Stone Shape
  1. Round(48)
  2. Oval(38)
  3. Pear(21)
  4. Emerald Cut(12)
  5. Heart(12)
  6. Cushion(9)
  7. Marquise(6)
  8. Square(6)
  9. Trillion(5)
Gemstone Type
  1. Tanzanite(157)
  2. Diamond(4)
  3. Aquamarine(3)
  1. Engagement(67)
  2. Solitaire(51)
  3. Designer(47)
  4. Fashion(26)
  5. Halo(26)
  6. Heart(14)
  7. Vintage(13)
  8. Studs(12)
  9. Dangle(11)
  10. V-Bale(10)
  11. Split Shank(10)
  12. Three Stone(8)
  13. Bridal Sets(7)
  14. Cathedral(6)
  15. Cocktail(5)
  16. Stackables(4)
  17. Knot(4)
  18. Floral(4)
  19. Art Deco(3)
  20. Drop(2)
  21. Wedding Bands(2)
  22. Critters(1)
  23. Cluster(1)
  24. Cross(1)
  25. Five Stone(1)
  26. Leverback(1)
  27. Hoops(1)
  28. Journey(1)
Metal Type
  1. White Gold(156)
  2. Yellow Gold(115)
  3. Platinum(109)
  4. Silver(26)
  5. Rose Gold(4)
  1. A - Good(116)
  2. AA - Better(120)
  3. AAA - Best(148)
  4. AAAA - Heirloom(100)
Total Carat Weight
  1. 0.01 - 0.50(39)
  2. 0.51 - 1.00(81)
  3. 1.01 - 1.50(55)
  4. 1.51 - 3.00(47)
  5. Over 3.01(12)
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