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Lab Created Sapphire Jewelry

Wish for enticing lab created sapphire engagement rings, lab created sapphire earrings or lab created sapphire pendants? Lab created sapphire jewelry with intense vivid hues can significantly lift up any outfit. Find lab created sapphire jewelry of your thoughts at

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Latest Reviews for Lab Created Sapphire Jewelry
Denise Older than a month
Impressed & Amazed

This is my 4th purchase from Angara, so I was extremely confident that I would be very satisfied with this purchase. I asked my personal salesperson, Barbara S., to have these studs made in the round shape instead of the princess style that is shown here. These earrings amazingly look as genuine as the blue sapphire engagement ring that I bought in the heirloom quality! Wow! I already knew that I would be pleased (since I'm a frequent consumer), but again, Angara outdid themselves. Thank you Barbara Stein. You helped make me an extremely happy woman again. :)

Brian Older than a month

It's a beautiful ring! Great customer service and fast delivery!

anmllvr28 Older than a month

These are beautiful earrings that look like AAA or AAAA quality sapphires. I went with these because I didn't want to spend a fortune and the other natural studs of similar price were very dark (only A quality) and much smaller.Great looking earrings at a great buy and the free gifts were nice too!

Steve Older than a month
Great Price and Good Product

They were beautiful even a little bigger than I thought..Great price and good product my wife loved them.

Airedales Rock Older than a month
Fast service and got a good price

I looked at this ring for about two years. Then when they offerred a coupon I ordered it. It arrived fast and in a beautiful box. When I first opened it, it looked black and it doesn't seem to have the same facet cuts, no interesting depth.. Mine looks flat. The sliver is very light weight. But do I like the ring, yes. For the money it is lovely.


Lab Made Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphires are one of the most exquisite looking gemstones.  They are also by far one of the most expensive.  Lab created sapphire jewelry is an excellent alternative to natural sapphires.  Angara’s collection of exquisitely designed lab jewelry includes sapphire earrings, sapphire rings, sapphire pendants and bracelets among a host of other sapphire jewelry in an amazing array of colors.

Our sapphires are no different from the natural sapphires.  They have the same composition, the same physical properties, and the same brilliance in color and shine as natural sapphires.  That’s because the processes involved in the creation of these gemstones in our labs is an exact replication of the natural processes by which the stones are formed.  In fact distinct advantages of lab jewelry over the natural ones, besides being so very affordable, are that; that you can select relatively larger gemstones for your jewelry and also that they are absolutely perfect, all flaws having been removed.

So go ahead and adorn yourself with some fine sapphire jewelry at stunningly low prices.

  1. Range: $129 - $1,424
Stone Shape
  1. Oval(13)
  2. Round(10)
  3. Emerald Cut(7)
  4. Square(3)
  5. Pear(3)
  6. Cushion(3)
  7. Marquise(2)
  8. Trillion(1)
  9. Heart(1)
  1. Engagement(22)
  2. Solitaire(12)
  3. Three Stone(11)
  4. Designer(7)
  5. Studs(5)
  6. Fashion(5)
  7. Cocktail(5)
  8. Dangle(3)
  9. Split Shank(3)
  10. Halo(3)
  11. Cathedral(2)
  12. Vintage(1)
  13. V-Bale(1)
  14. Bridal Sets(1)
  15. Heart(1)
  16. Antique(1)
Metal Type
  1. White Gold(39)
  2. Silver(3)
  3. Yellow Gold(1)
Total Carat Weight
  1. 0.51 - 1.00(10)
  2. 1.01 - 1.50(7)
  3. 1.51 - 3.00(13)
  4. Over 3.01(14)
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