Lab Created Sapphire Rings

Vintage lab created sapphire ring in yellow gold or white gold? A lab created sapphire statement ring with diamond accents or elegant three-stone ring? Find the perfect lab created sapphire ring at

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Latest Reviews for Lab Created Sapphire Rings
Brian Older than a month

It's a beautiful ring! Great customer service and fast delivery!

Airedales Rock Older than a month
Fast service and got a good price

I looked at this ring for about two years. Then when they offerred a coupon I ordered it. It arrived fast and in a beautiful box. When I first opened it, it looked black and it doesn't seem to have the same facet cuts, no interesting depth.. Mine looks flat. The sliver is very light weight. But do I like the ring, yes. For the money it is lovely.

GIGI Older than a month

The ring just arrived, just love it. The Blue is beautiful! The ring is well made and i will enjoy it for a lifetime!

Nick Older than a month
Excellent Ring

My mother was adamantly opposed when I told her my fiancee wanted a synthetic ring. She told me she wouldn't allow it, so I told her I would get a ring from the jeweler instead. In reality, I got the ring anyway. When I showed it to her, she couldn't even tell! No one can. Excellent buy, excellent ring.

Moon Ring Older than a month

The ring is so beautiful and well made. Shipping was lightning fast. I liked the quality of the ring box too, classy.


Lab Sapphire Rings

When Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a gorgeous sapphire ring, entire world watched enthralled. Three decades later, their son slipped on the same gorgeous sapphire ring on his lady love’s finger. The world once again went crazy with admiration.

That’s the power of royalty. That’s the timeless appeal of a sapphire ring.

Angara now makes the exotic and majestic sapphire a little more affordable. Our lab created sapphire rings look absolutely the same as the natural sapphire rings. They are just as brilliant in their shine; as endearing in their appeal; as mesmerizing and stunning as ever. In fact, a lab created sapphire ring from the house of Angara is even more flawless and perfect than the natural, all imperfections having been removed while processing. The lab sapphire ring glows even more brightly.

Explore our collection of the most magnificent lab created sapphire rings in a vivid range of colors and claim yours today.  Order a lab created pink sapphire ring or a lab created blue sapphire ring or even a lab created white sapphire ring; whatever your choice, you are sure to make a mark with such gorgeous jewelry in your possession.

  1. Range: $129 - $1,424
Stone Shape
  1. Oval(11)
  2. Emerald Cut(7)
  3. Round(5)
  4. Cushion(3)
  5. Square(2)
  6. Marquise(2)
  7. Heart(1)
  8. Pear(1)
  1. Engagement(22)
  2. Three Stone(11)
  3. Cocktail(5)
  4. Solitaire(5)
  5. Fashion(4)
  6. Designer(4)
  7. Split Shank(3)
  8. Halo(3)
  9. Cathedral(2)
  10. Vintage(1)
  11. Bridal Sets(1)
  12. Heart(1)
  13. Antique(1)
Metal Type
  1. White Gold(30)
  2. Silver(2)
Total Carat Weight
  1. 0.51 - 1.00(7)
  2. 1.01 - 1.50(5)
  3. 1.51 - 3.00(8)
  4. Over 3.01(13)
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