Pendants are rated 4.72 out of 5 by 943 reviewers. Expertly crafted Pendants535 start at $0.10 - $33,819.
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Solitaire Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Was: $349 - $7,919
Now: $209 - $4,749
Round Emerald Solitaire Pendant

Round Solitaire Emerald Pendant

Was: $269 - $5,319
Now: $159 - $3,189
Round Tanzanite and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Diamond V-Bale Solitaire Tanzanite Pendant

Was: $289 - $2,519
Now: $169 - $1,509
Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Solitaire Pear Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $389 - $18,339
Now: $229 - $10,999
Oval Ruby and Round Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Solitaire Oval Ruby and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $349 - $5,099
Now: $209 - $3,059
Classic Trio Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Classic Trio Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Was: $1,119 - $12,539
Now: $669 - $7,519
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Shell Pendant

Was: $239 - $689
Now: $139 - $409
Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Emerald Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

Was: $369 - $2,499
Now: $219 - $1,499
Heart Pink Sapphire Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire Heart Pink Sapphire Bezel Set Pendant

Was: $539 - $2,839
Now: $319 - $1,699
Floral Diamond Halo Claw Sapphire Pendant With Latticework

Floral Diamond Halo Claw Sapphire Pendant With Latticework

Was: $26,489 - $28,889
Now: $15,889 - $17,329
Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Dangling Pendant

Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Dangling Pendant

Was: $699 - $18,089
Now: $419 - $10,849
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Pendants
Excellent transaction
Beautiful ruby solitaire that was exactly as described. Came with a very nice presentation box.
Beautiful product
Love the pendant. The color and quality of the sapphire is very nice!
very nice pendant
Overall the pendant is quite striking. I have purchased a diamond before and noticed only a slight yellow to brown color compared to it. I had to compare carefully the two side by side. considering that the price difference was quite large I am more than pleased. More important my wife loves it. I will make a future purchase from Angara with no hesitation.
Could not be better
Before I made this purchase from Angara I shopped locally for loose sapphire stones to be set as a pendant. I looked at quite a few as well as pendants from many sources. I was able to get a brief education on what to look for. It was with some hesitation that I made an internet purchase. What a pleasant surprise. the overall appearance of the pendant was quite good, as good or better than any I saw in the prior two months of shopping. The sapphire judged alone was far better than any other that I had seen within my price range.
I purchased this after doing research on rubies for my sons recent birth. He was a July baby and wanted to get my wife a natural ruby as a gift. This was a beautiful red natural ruby that blew her away. Angara did an amazing job with this one and my wife absolutely loves it.

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