Diamond Necklace Pendants

Diamond Encrusted Interlocking Twin Circle Pendant

Diamond Encrusted Interlocking Twin Circle Pendant

Was: $619 - $1,439
Now: $369 - $859
Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Diamond Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

Was: $519 - $2,089
Now: $309 - $1,249
Round Diamond Bezel-Set Pendant

Solitaire Diamond Bezel-Set Pendant

Was: $719 - $19,789
Now: $429 - $11,869
The Felicity Pendant

Solitaire Princess Diamond Dangling Pendant

Was: $1,819 - $13,369
Now: $1,089 - $8,019
Classic Diamond Horseshoe Pendant

Classic Diamond Horseshoe Pendant

Was: $569 - $1,319
Now: $339 - $789
Open Infinity Knot Sideways Diamond Pendant

Open Infinity Knot Sideways Diamond Pendant

Was: $819 - $1,749
Now: $489 - $1,049
Solitaire Diamond Swirl Pendant

Solitaire Diamond Swirl Pendant

Was: $1,139 - $14,339
Now: $679 - $8,599
Solitaire Diamond Metal Flames Pendant

Solitaire Diamond Metal Flames Pendant

Was: $1,039 - $13,989
Now: $619 - $8,389
Diamond Studded Open Dew Drop Pendant

Diamond Studded Open Dew Drop Pendant

Was: $849 - $1,769
Now: $509 - $1,059
Prong Diamond Curved Bar Pendant

Prong Diamond Curved Bar Pendant

Was: $689 - $1,449
Now: $409 - $869
The Vintage Glory Pendant

Round Diamond Angular Halo Dangling Pendant

Was: $2,039 - $50,269
Now: $1,219 - $30,159
Entwined Diamond Framed Circle Pendant

Entwined Diamond Framed Circle Pendant

Was: $1,199 - $2,449
Now: $719 - $1,469
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Diamond Necklace Pendants
Beautiful - lots of compliments
Beautiful - lots of compliments - elegant and casual
Very satisfied with the pendant.
very nice pendant
Overall the pendant is quite striking. I have purchased a diamond before and noticed only a slight yellow to brown color compared to it. I had to compare carefully the two side by side. considering that the price difference was quite large I am more than pleased. More important my wife loves it. I will make a future purchase from Angara with no hesitation.
Its very nice but much smaller than i expected. Website should have dimensions on it.
Exceptional product, Excellent service!
The item I've purchased is so beautiful, fully satisfied. The customer service person is friendly, respond promptly. Shipping/delivery is amazingly fast.

Glittering Diamond Necklaces for All Women

A diamond pendant necklace is not just a piece of jewelry but a meaningful and valuable asset to a woman.  The sparkle and brilliance of diamonds deepens emotional bonding between couples and friends. They unveil the innate feminism a woman carries and reflect an incredible charm.

Diamond necklaces look extremely stunning on all necklines, be it young or old. There are countless ways in which they accentuate your demeanor and lifestyle. They are staples of jewelry market and most women’s jewelry collections. However, getting the perfect piece depends on one’s taste and budget limits. To serve all appetites, we, at Angara, brings to you immaculate designs and versatile price ranges from simple to extremely luxurious high-end statements.

Every piece is an entirely new and one-of-a-kind design with excellent craftsmanship of our skilled team of professionals. You can find acute variety and diversity in diamond shapes and cuts. Lots of geometrical shapes like round, square, princess-cut, heart, triangular, trapezoid are set on yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum metals, giving an edge to your overall appearance. The dainty sparklers are meticulously and intricately set, having a bright polished shine.

Whether you are looking for traditional solitaire diamond pendants or dangling heart pendants, we have them all here. If it is her birthday or wedding anniversary, our ritzy collection of diamond dangle necklaces is sure to make a forever impression in her heart. She can never deny a dramatic piece of diamond jewelry bought from Angara.

Well-known as official birthstone of April, ethnic diamond pendants are preferred gifts for friend and partner’s birthday. There is nothing like the gift of April birthstone jewelry for women born in this month, showing them how special and valuable they are. Shining as bright as a full moon, a lustrous diamond pendant stimulates clarity, perfection and illumination in the wearer’s life. Since diamond has an unconquerable hardness, it brings invincibility, victory and ruling powers to April-born. Nonetheless, the magnifying purity and sparkle of diamonds is also embraced by people born in months other than April.

Exclusive Designs at Angara

In a world saturated with color, we do render stringing and warm tones in diamond jewelry gifts. There is a gift for every style. Our range of blue and black diamonds creates ultimate precious pendants and necklaces to embellish a graceful and plunging neckline. Unless you purchase a snazzy deep blue diamond necklace further surrounded by a glitzy halo, you can not realize how divine and complete it feels to own one. 

Though there are many, but one most cherishing thing about white diamonds is that they are versatile enough to allure women who are not too much into jewelry. Even rough and tough category too loves to adorn with a delicate diamond pendant in white gold. Further, there is no limit to diamond’s brilliance, the more you spend, the better you receive. 

You can choose a journey pendant to mark the voyage of your relationship or a cross pendant to stylishly follow your faith in the Holy Trinity. A symbolic tree pendant is enough to celebrate the merriment of Christmas and other sacred occasions. With a forte in diamond and gemstone jewelry, we offer most perfectly cut diamonds.

For vintage-inspired jewelry aficionados, our diamond V-bale and floating halo make for the wisest investments. The available styles are veritably varied gratifying desires of all brides-to-be. Our wedding jewelry includes mesmerizing ensembles giving a romantic twist to every bride’s Cinderella story. They instantly transform a girl-next-door into a princess or celebrity on her grand day.

Embellished with decorative side and center stones, we offer a magnificent array of designs fashioned in fine silver, gold or platinum. Brilliant and bewitching, they are an understated choice to celebrate womanhood. Angara’s rose gold diamond pendants exude extravagance and are the epitomes of a forever effulgent style.

Easy and Exciting Personalization

Holding the vision of serving all tastes and budgets, you can enjoy easy personalization at our website. You are free to choose the number of stones, metal type and quality of diamonds in our diamond pendant necklaces. This will help you make a budget-savvy purchase without compromising with style and shine. Our professionals are available 24by7 to guide you in choosing the perfect jewelry conforming to your choice and budget.

Seeing various designs at Angara, you can stay trendy and up-to-date with the latest fashion. There are many magnetic and phenomenal diamond pendants you can’t resist adding to your charming jewelry collection. With 110% refund policy and 30-day returns, your hard-earned money is safe until you receive what you desire.  Shopping at Angara gives you exciting deals and offers, up to 40% Off on retail price, free jewelry gift(s) and0% financing. The best of all is that we encourage direct sales, with no middleman involved, saving you more time, efforts and money.