Emerald Necklace Pendants

Emerald Necklace Pendants are rated 4.80 out of 5 by 538 reviewers. Expertly crafted Emerald Necklace Pendants47 start at $399 - $4,029.
Round Emerald Solitaire Pendant

Round Solitaire Emerald Pendant

Was: $269 - $5,319
Now: $159 - $3,189
Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Emerald Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

Was: $369 - $2,499
Now: $219 - $1,499
Round Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Diamond V-Bale Solitaire Emerald Pendant

Was: $289 - $5,689
Now: $169 - $3,409
Heart Emerald Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire Heart Emerald Bezel Set Pendant

Was: $649 - $5,039
Now: $389 - $3,019
Pear Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Solitaire Pear Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $519 - $10,739
Now: $309 - $6,439
Round Emerald Heart Pendant

Solitaire Emerald Open Heart Pendant

Was: $299 - $2,739
Now: $179 - $1,639
Round Emerald Bezel-Set Pendant

Solitaire Emerald Bezel-Set Pendant

Was: $599 - $5,869
Now: $359 - $3,519
Oval Emerald and Round Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Solitaire Oval Emerald and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $369 - $5,049
Now: $219 - $3,029
Pear Emerald and Diamond Vintage Pendant

Diamond Halo Pear Emerald Vintage Drop Pendant

Was: $1,589 - $6,489
Now: $949 - $3,889
Round Emerald Interlinked Trillion Pendant

Celtic Knot Channel Emerald Pendant

Was: $1,169
Now: $699
Round Emerald and Diamond Border Clover Pendant

Diamond Border Emerald Clover Pendant

Was: $1,169 - $3,239
Now: $699 - $1,939
Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Dangling Pendant

Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Dangling Pendant

Was: $699 - $18,089
Now: $419 - $10,849
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Emerald Necklace Pendants
I got it on time, it's beautiful
My son and daughter-in-law decided to get married in a hurry. I needed the pendant for my son's wedding and was worried that I can't get it on time, but I did get it exactly when Angara promised it will be delivered. Before they shipped the pendant, the called me to double check my order. The pendant is beautiful and my daughter-in-law loves it. In addition to the pendant, I also got an amethyst pendant and earrings. I expected them to be tiny, but they are not.
The emerald is of exceptioal quality
The emerald is of exceptional quality and color. The piece looks exactly as pictured on the website. Order was filled promptly and delivery was fast.
The Round Emerald Heart Pendant was absolutely astounding! It's simple yet beautiful design exemplified careful craftsmanship and deliberate attention to luster. I bought the pendant as a gift and both I and the recipient were very impressed!
Very nice piece, good price and very personal a...
I had a billing issue with Pay Pal and Angara helped me resolve it, even calling several times to make sure things were straight between us.
Beautiful piece of jewelry - just as pictured o...
My boyfriend purchased the emerald pendant for me for Christmas - I love it. I have high quality jewelry (rubies/sapphires) from Burma and the emerald is very beautiful - a brilliant green. We took it to an appraiser (GIA) and he certified the price was very reasonable based on the gemstone. I would recommend this company to my friends.

Emerald Pendant Necklaces - Never Out of Style

Pendants have the most elegant way of completing one’s look by adding just the right amount of glamour to an otherwise plain look. Although many a times we willingly forgo wearing a pendant, what we don’t realize is that these charming pieces of jewelry help in enhancing our look without making it seem too dressy like an elaborate necklace usually does.

Pendants of all kinds look pretty whether diamond pendants, colored gemstone pendants or plain metal pendants. Gemstone pendants particularly look charming and add a splash of color to any outfit especially if it is a vivid green emerald pendant.

Emeralds pendants sitting pretty on one’s neck never cease to draw loads of attention and whether they are made of the evergreen emeralds alone or are studded with diamonds as well, every kind of emerald pendant looks attractive; the reason why they never go out of style and always remain a fashionable piece of jewelry that most women cherish.

Although simple emerald studded pendants look lovely there is something especially alluring about the emerald and diamond pendants where the dazzle of diamonds lend just the right amount of sheen to the lively green color of the emeralds.

Also the wide variety of styles and designs in which emeralds pendants are available further enables one to select a piece that looks best and appeals the most. The vibrant emerald pendants have the most wonderful way of making any outfit come alive with color and you can select a design that is close to your personal preference and taste in jewelry.

Whether it is another day at work, a lunch date with a bunch of buddies or a special evening; an emerald pendant will make you look beautiful without doubt. You can select from a simple or an ornate design depending upon your liking, your outfit as well as the occasion.

Emerald pendants also make great gifts for someone special for no woman can resist the loveliness that belongs to an emerald pendant alone. So flaunt your favorite emerald pendant all you like for this delightful piece of jewelry will never go out of style but will continue to add to your beauty and loveliness for years to come.