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Latest Jewelry Reviews for Emerald Necklace Pendants
This is a fabulous pendant! Extremely simple yet modern, with a beautiful color, it looks very elegant and brightens up an outfit. I have had numerous compliments. This is the second purchase i make from Angara and I am impressed by the quality of jewelry as well as of the customer services and speed of delivery. Thank you very much!
Alicehw / Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Great clarity, good color, fantastic service
Had an excellent customer service experience after needing to exchange out white for yellow gold. Emerald itself is impressive, though not the deepest green color. Fast shipping!
Carolina Philip / Older than a month
Very Comfortable
Not large size, in platinum, without many tiny diamonds, but of great quality, look/feel and value, - it feels very comfortable to hold and to have in every-day life for a not rich person. I am glad I made this gift to my niece, though it's not very "affordable" for my income. Thank You!
Sergey / Older than a month
Intricate design
Elegantly looking pendant. Both the pendant and chain are delicate and intricate in craftsmanship.
Jack / Older than a month
nice jewels
nice stone. great price. quite pleased!
happy in tn / Older than a month

Emerald Pendant Necklaces - Never Out of Style

Pendants have the most elegant way of completing one’s look by adding just the right amount of glamour to an otherwise plain look. Although many a times we willingly forgo wearing a pendant, what we don’t realize is that these charming pieces of jewelry help in enhancing our look without making it seem too dressy like an elaborate necklace usually does.

Pendants of all kinds look pretty whether diamond pendants, colored gemstone pendants or plain metal pendants. Gemstone pendants particularly look charming and add a splash of color to any outfit especially if it is a vivid green emerald pendant.

Emeralds pendants sitting pretty on one’s neck never cease to draw loads of attention and whether they are made of the evergreen emeralds alone or are studded with diamonds as well, every kind of emerald pendant looks attractive; the reason why they never go out of style and always remain a fashionable piece of jewelry that most women cherish.

Although simple emerald studded pendants look lovely there is something especially alluring about the emerald and diamond pendants where the dazzle of diamonds lend just the right amount of sheen to the lively green color of the emeralds.

Also the wide variety of styles and designs in which emeralds pendants are available further enables one to select a piece that looks best and appeals the most. The vibrant emerald pendants have the most wonderful way of making any outfit come alive with color and you can select a design that is close to your personal preference and taste in jewelry.

Whether it is another day at work, a lunch date with a bunch of buddies or a special evening; an emerald pendant will make you look beautiful without doubt. You can select from a simple or an ornate design depending upon your liking, your outfit as well as the occasion.

Emerald pendants also make great gifts for someone special for no woman can resist the loveliness that belongs to an emerald pendant alone. So flaunt your favorite emerald pendant all you like for this delightful piece of jewelry will never go out of style but will continue to add to your beauty and loveliness for years to come.