Sapphire Necklace Pendants

Latest Jewelry Reviews for Sapphire Necklace Pendants
Exactly what it looks like. Wife was thrilled!
Drew / Thursday, September 11, 2014
Better than the other places.
The service was very prompt, friendly and helpful. I talked directly with their Customer Represntative and greatly enjoyed dealing with her. Shipping was fast and just as described. The jewelry box was nicer than I thought it would be. The pendant design is excellent and looks much better than the pictures of it. The diamonds are clear and very bright. The sapphire looks well cut and fits the setting perfectly. I found the sapphire to be a little too dark for my preferences. It takes quite a bit of light to see a blue color. The length and width of the pendant measures just as pictured by the scale, but the representation of it being worn does make it appear to be bigger than it is. I did expect that though since I am very familiar with the scale used. For the price the quality of this pendant if far above everything I looked at from all competitors. The big name competitors I shopped had terrible quality in this price range. They were charging in the range of $300 more for slightly smaller similarly designed pendants. Those big name competitors were using diamonds that had poor color and clearly visible flaws that were visible to the naked eye with my aging near vision, but I could see it plainly. Angara did beat the competition hands down. I believe that most people would have rated this at 5 stars instead of the 4 star rating I gave it. My standards for getting 5 stars are very difficult to reach. It pretty much requires perfection. I bought this way ahead of her birthday and I won't be giving it to her until near the end of September. So, I don't know yet how well she will like it. I was going to hold of until then to review it. If possible, I will return to update this review then. My reaction to it is secondary to hers. After all, she is the one I bought it for.
Jeff / Older than a month
A reputation you can count on
I purchased a blue sapphire solitate necklace for our 45th wedding anniversery (year 45 is the sapphire). After much research and shopping on line, I went with a very nice product from Angara. It arrived in days and was beautiful. Only one problem, my wife was not thrilled with it, which was no fault of Angara. So, I was faced with dealing with a return to a company I had never delt with. Like insurance companies, you never know how good your jeweler is until you have a I right? I am happy to let everyone know their return policy is as good as presented on their web site. I called, explained the problem and for them it was no problem. At no charge, the next day I received a shipping label on line, returned the product with a full refund. Dealing with the manager was a joy, I will look at their site for future purchases. This company is 100% reliable and honest. Thank you Angara
Dave the drummer / Older than a month
Great pendant!
This is my first time ordering from Angara, and I am extremely pleased with the pendant necklace. It was beautiful and true to the details on its website. All in all, great item at a great price.
David / Older than a month
Outstanding product and service!
Very nice sapphire and top quality diamond. Their Sales team is wonderful to work with. Fast delivery.
Markyz / Older than a month

Sapphire Pendants for a perfect style statement

A pendant is one of those pieces of jewelry that light up your face and personality; without making it "too loud". As the favorite gemstone destination, you have Angara's word for it that sapphire pendants are making waves everywhere, where there is taste and the trendiest choice.

The birthstone for September, and the preferred 5th and 45th anniversary gift, a sapphire pendant is being chosen by people for its tranquilizing looks. The magic of these deep blues and pinks is proving quite irresistible for most hearts.

Match them with a pair of sapphire earrings or a radiant ring, they are brilliant to adorn anyways. You can even take inspiration from your favorite celebrity as sapphire jewelry is favorite of most of them.

If you are enchanted by the beauty and elegance of Kate Middleton's sapphire engagement ring and her heirloom sapphire earrings, then how about a complete set inspired by the royal jewelry? We have sapphire ring, earrings and a pendant all inspired by the classic and timeless royal design. Take them all and you can flaunt your imperial style the way you want.

Sapphires in the blue color are the most popular ones. The reasons are varied, blue being the hot favorite of men and women alike; usually associated with feelings of harmony and sympathy; constancy and reliability. Possibly, this is why many people claim that a sapphire symbolizes loyalty, simultaneously giving expression to their love.

One of the 'top five' of gemstones, sapphires are the new best friends of girls. Sapphire pendants whether worn individually or with other sapphire jewelry pieces, make for the most impressive jewelry wear. The deep blue of a sapphire is most impressive and goes with all kinds of wear. To add to its beauty is the old belief that sapphire confers upon its wearer good health and good fortune.

Sapphire pendants are available as classic solitaire and three-stone pendants  or vintage and retro pendants inspired by bygone era. If you wish for extra sparkle, pendants with accent diamond can be your pick. For those who prefer the colored sapphires, pink sapphire pendants are an added option. Pink sapphire heart pendants and round pink sapphire pendants make for the more popular pendants.

Around thanksgiving, sapphire cross pendants make great gifts. As gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, a few gemstone pendants surpass sapphire pendants. Be it glittering heart sapphire pendant or round sapphire pendant or the Audrey pendant, whatever your choice, this is one jewelry purchase that you will always cherish.

The gemstone qualities of choice from good, better and best and heirloom give you the flexibility to choose the pendant as per your budget. You can also choose your metal finish from white gold, yellow gold or platinum, and select the Easy pay installments for completely hassle free shopping.