Sapphire Necklace Pendants

Sapphire Necklace Pendants are rated 4.67 out of 5 by 583 reviewers. Expertly crafted Sapphire Necklace Pendants113 start at $489 - $27,199.
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Shell Pendant

Was: $239 - $689
Now: $139 - $409
Floral Diamond Halo Claw Sapphire Pendant With Latticework

Floral Diamond Halo Claw Sapphire Pendant With Latticework

Was: $26,489 - $28,889
Now: $15,889 - $17,329
Pear Blue Sapphire and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Solitaire Pear Blue Sapphire and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Was: $539 - $9,549
Now: $319 - $5,729
Round Blue Sapphire Solitaire Pendant

Round Solitaire Blue Sapphire Pendant

Was: $289 - $12,069
Now: $169 - $7,239
Round Sapphire and Diamond V-Bale Pendant

Diamond V-Bale Solitaire Blue Sapphire Pendant

Was: $269 - $4,149
Now: $159 - $2,489
Round Sapphire Bezel-Set Pendant

Solitaire Blue Sapphire Bezel-Set Pendant

Was: $569 - $4,319
Now: $339 - $2,589
The Angels  Pendant

Solitaire Round Blue Sapphire and Diamond Infinity Knot ...

Was: $999 - $3,669
Now: $599 - $2,199
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Solitaire Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Was: $349 - $7,919
Now: $209 - $4,749
Heart Sapphire Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire Heart Blue Sapphire Bezel Set Pendant

Was: $589 - $4,319
Now: $349 - $2,589
French V Split Circle Pink Sapphire Pendant with Hidden Bail

Open Circle Pink Sapphire Dangle Pendant

Was: $589 - $1,469
Now: $349 - $879
Pear Blue Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Pendant

Diamond Halo Pear Blue Sapphire Vintage Drop Pendant

Was: $1,539 - $5,249
Now: $919 - $3,149
Infinity Love Knot Pendant

Blue Sapphire Encrusted Love Knot Heart Pendant

Was: $339 - $1,999
Now: $199 - $1,199
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Sapphire Necklace Pendants
Beautiful product
Love the pendant. The color and quality of the sapphire is very nice!
Could not be better
Before I made this purchase from Angara I shopped locally for loose sapphire stones to be set as a pendant. I looked at quite a few as well as pendants from many sources. I was able to get a brief education on what to look for. It was with some hesitation that I made an internet purchase. What a pleasant surprise. the overall appearance of the pendant was quite good, as good or better than any I saw in the prior two months of shopping. The sapphire judged alone was far better than any other that I had seen within my price range.
I love this pendant! I am very impressed with this pendant, it is very classy. It’s the right size for catching attention. Beautiful eye-catching sparkle!!! Just the pendant I was looking for. Beautiful cut and sparkle. Perfect size. Glad I made this purchase and have been wearing the pendant every day since I got it.
J Bear
Great necklace at a great price
My girlfriend was happy with this necklace and the price was great!
My jewelry favorite
Favorite pendant. This is the most beautiful pendant I own. So lovely! I would ask my husband to purchase one more for our daughter of her birthstone. Comfortable to wear in the neck and a good length, the chain is thin but goes well with the pendant.

Blushing Sapphire Pendants for Every Style

Pendants are one of the earliest jewelry styles that were a symbol of royalty and nobility. When it comes to gemstone pendants, the options seem endless. With sparkling cuts and brilliant hues, choosing one from the list is difficult.

However, blushing blue sapphire pendants are a timeless choice among women of all ages. The stunning blue color and clarity of this gem draw excessive attention while it rests smoothly on the neckline. Even a small, intricate design looks exceptionally eye-catching when studded with a feminine blue or pink sapphire. While a massive necklace pendant brings an instant sparkle, a slender and delicate one accentuates your neckline for everyday wear. 

If you have an intense liking for V-neck outfits, look no further than Angara’s outstanding and mesmerizing sapphire pendants in white gold and yellow gold. They are certainly going to dazzle your age-old dresses, boasting a spectacular charm for a more polished appearance.  From Solitaire and Journey to V-bale and Fashion, sapphire necklaces at Angara cater to the jewelry needs of elderly women and young girls. Classy and contemporary, we offer a wide and assorted collection of natural sapphire pendants to suit all personalities and styles.

Surprisingly, a stylish V-bale pendant design is an exclusive creation by our skillful and innovative designers. You can find endless shapes, styles and sizes that can very well complement your formal and party attires. From office to social gatherings, blue and pink sapphire pendants make for refined and tasteful choices with all colored outfits (not necessarily blue or pink).  

Elegant and chic necklace pendants are gorgeous gift choices to pamper a woman on her birthday, wedding anniversary and other merry occasions. Since most women love adding a striking pendant to their collection, they are most adorable gifts for Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving.  You can appreciate and treat your moms, grandmothers and mom-in-law with exquisite and one-of-a-kind sapphire gemstone necklaces available at our website. For a more meaningful and luxurious purchase, you can explore symbolic sapphire heart pendants, which present a memorable and warm gesture to your loved ones.

Our pendants collections include jaw-dropping combinations of sapphires and diamonds in fashionable sapphire pendants and double halo dangling pendants. Sparkling white diamonds redouble the brilliance and luster of this queenly stone.

Source and Origin

Hailing from corundum family of minerals (having red ruby), sapphire acquires its name from the Latin word ‘saphirus’ and the Greek word ‘sapheiros,’ both meaning blue. Thus, cornflower blue is the most treasured and revered color of sapphires. It is one of the most ancient stones, having its origin in 800 B.C.

This divine blue stone holds an interesting folklore about the blue of color of the sky. It states that ancient Persians thought our Earth to be a giant sapphire rock enabling sky to reflect its color. Thus, it is considered a holy gem reflecting the qualities of heaven on Earth.

With growing globalization, sapphires are found in almost all countries of the world like Sri Lanka, Australia, India, Thailand, Kenya, Tanzania and America. Nonetheless, Kashmir Sapphires (from North West Himalayas, India) are the most sought-after and purest crystals while Sri Lanka is the oldest origin that mined all colors except green. 

To your knowledge, sapphire is pleochoric and displays deep color saturation when viewed under different light sources and different angles.

Sapphire Pendants in History

We can never miss mentioning the heavenly blue sapphire heart necklace of Kate Winslet from the movie Titanic. She enthralled huge numbers of fans and audiences with her royal entrance in that absolutely charming pendant necklace.

Similarly, most expensive sapphires pendants come from expensive jewelry collections of Lady Diana and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Luckily, Lady Diana’s sapphire collections are now worn by her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.  Kate owns a dramatic and dainty sapphire necklace to match her beautiful blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

September Birthstone Jewelry

Well-known as official birthstone of September, sapphire is believed to have powers for spiritual enlightenment and inner tranquility. It ranks nine (9) on Mohs scale of hardness and highly regarded for its endurance and eternal characteristics. Those who own and wear sapphires are thought to possess good luck and witty mind.

Birthstone jewelry is most influential when it rests against your body and touches your body parts. Thus, pendant necklaces are most preferred birthstone choices. Sapphire birthstone pendants are widely associated with feelings of harmony, sympathy, constancy, reliability, fidelity and eternity in relationships. Though we find this September birthstone in vibrant rainbow colors like yellow, orange, green, purple and black, blue and pink varieties are the most popular among celebrities, royals and everyday women.

With immaculate brilliance and intensifying glitter, blue and pink crystals strengthen the bond between couples if presented as fifth and 45th wedding anniversary gifts. Not only graceful pendants, but you can also find adorable and valuable birthstone gifts in Angara’s versatile sapphire rings, earrings and bracelet collections.