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Very good purchase and service
I purchased the Pear Ruby and Diamond Pendant for our 20 wedding anniversary. My wife was delighted since the pendant is similar in style to the wedding ring with pear ruby and diamonds. She was wearing the pendant all evening frequently looking in the mirror. She loves this pendant. The order came on time without any issues. When I opened the package and saw the ruby I was concerned I was sent a smaller ruby than ordered. I took a ruler and measured the ruby carefully, and here it was 8x6 millimeters as advertised. On the website the ruby looks bigger on the model's neck so my first impression was it was small. No complains though, the size is as in the spec. The pendant gold chain is nice, but very delicate, I hope it will stand up to a normal wear and tear. I bought the higher quality ruby (the top 10%) and the color is gorgeous. At the end my wife was the final judge and she said I did very well. I got a bonus free silver bracelet with the purchase, which happened to match my daughters ring and necklace. She liked it very much. Two women happy, can’t beat that.
Artur / Older than a month
Quality birthstone pendant
This pendant was a little smaller than it looks online. But I love it! It's dainty and beautiful. I would recommend this company!
Lynn / Older than a month
What a stunning pendant, even though the chain was very light and thin. I treated myself to the largest size and the heirloom quality stone. The color is amazing! Thankfully, I had an existing chain to use instead. My only suggestion to Angara would be to offer upgrades on the chains, for those of us that would like a more substantial chain. Looking forward to my next purchase :-)
Momgo324 / Older than a month
Angara came through with flying Colors!!!
This ruby pendant was a HUGE surprise gift to my wife on out fortieth wedding anniversary. As usual, I left it to the last moment to order, but the team at Angara came through with flying colours, and delivered it to me in Toronto within 24 hours. My wife really loved it, as did all our family. From the moment i selected it and placed the order, it took only 24 hours to deliver it to my door in Toronto, Canada. The quality and the setting were unique and the ruby was brilliant! The price was right, and I would certainly use Angara again for any purchase of fine jewelry.
johnB / Older than a month
We're very happy with the Ruby with diamonds .we love it ! Thank you. Great.
Mr. John / Older than a month