Citrine Rings

The Enchant Ring

Cushion Sugarloaf Cut Citrine and Cabochon Peridot Three...

Was: $439 - $1,199
Now: $259 - $719
Classic Round Citrine Solitaire Ring

Classic Round Citrine Solitaire Ring

Was: $1,089 - $3,619
Now: $649 - $2,169
Euphoria Ring

Emerald Cut Amethyst and Citrine Three Stone Cocktail Ring

Was: $1,589 - $3,249
Now: $949 - $1,949
Vintage Diamond Floral Halo Oval Citrine Cocktail Ring

Vintage Diamond Floral Halo Oval Citrine Cocktail Ring

Was: $1,239 - $3,719
Now: $739 - $2,229
Claw Citrine and Diamond Halo Cathedral Ring

Claw Citrine and Diamond Halo Cathedral Ring

Was: $889 - $2,669
Now: $529 - $1,599
Cushion Citrine and Diamond Halo Ring With Swirl Motifs

Cushion Citrine and Diamond Halo Ring With Swirl Motifs

Was: $1,639 - $4,669
Now: $979 - $2,799
Classic Oval Citrine Solitaire Ring With Petal Motifs

Classic Oval Citrine Solitaire Ring With Petal Motifs

Was: $739 - $2,619
Now: $439 - $1,569
Double Claw Citrine and Diamond Twin Shank Ring

Double Claw Citrine and Diamond Twin Shank Ring

Was: $1,319 - $3,439
Now: $789 - $2,059
Floating Diamond Halo Citrine Cathedral Ring

Floating Diamond Halo Citrine Cathedral Ring

Was: $869 - $2,349
Now: $519 - $1,409
Claw Cushion Citrine Solitaire Vintage Ring

Claw Cushion Citrine Solitaire Vintage Ring

Was: $789 - $3,389
Now: $469 - $2,029
Secured Claw Oval Citrine and Diamond Halo Ring

Secured Claw Oval Citrine and Diamond Halo Ring

Was: $1,169 - $3,399
Now: $699 - $2,039
Antique-Style Diamond Framed Cushion Citrine Scroll Patterned Ring

Antique-Style Diamond Framed Cushion Citrine Scroll Patt...

Was: $1,369 - $3,549
Now: $819 - $2,129
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Citrine Rings
This ring is beautiful and great quality. The citrine stone looks 'milky' in the picture, but is actually more transparent. Either way it is beautiful! I love it!
Simply the best!
I love this ring! It has the clean and simple design that I prefer, which of course is why I chose it, in fact now I'd like the same ring with a different stone when finances permit. Fast shipping to Australia - all in all I couldn't be happier with my Angara experience :)
This ring is just the thing I wanted!
My boyfriend proposed with this ring on Monday. I totally LOVED it!! The stone is deep blue and it shines. I HIGHLY recommend this ring!
Pat , AZ
I would buy again from this company
Great customer service. Delivery was prompt!
Kite Dog, NY
Absolutely Stunning
This ring looked beautiful on the website, but it looked even more beautiful in person! I have never gotten so many compliments on a piece of jewelry before; it really stands out! I was extremely happy with my order. The only problem was that I ordered a size 5.5 and the ring is WAY to big, probably closer to a 6.5. I need to get it re-sized one of these days. The ring took a long time to ship, which upset me at first, but the lady at customer service was so nice and even remembered me every time I called that my anger was soon assuaged. She next day shipped it to me when it became available. And when the ring arrived and was beautiful beyond my expectations I completely forgot about how long it took to ship it :)
piginspandex, VA

Bright Up Your Style with Citrine Rings

Do you like colorful leaves of autumn and warm tones of yellow, orange and reds that make Fall season so enchanting? Do you wish to cherish the glitz and glamour of autumn throughout the year?

If you like to include a fiery glow to your style then Citrine, the birthstone of November is just for you. This member of quartz family is a marvelous stone to display the warm yellow hues of autumn. To enjoy the beautiful Fall feeling, buying a citrine ring is just the perfect and the most easiest thing you can do. This member of quartz family is affordable and easily available for all to enjoy.

Whether you wish to explore more about the gem or want to figure out the best of citrine ring fashions, our jewelry guide is the best assistance. Read more to know how our citrine rings offer a glistening effect to your looks.

Citrine Facts

  • Citrine is an old gemstone known to humanity for hundreds of years. It has been loved for its dramatic shades of yellow that make the gem a remarkable alternate for Imperial Topaz. In fact, most people even confuse citrine with Imperial topaz, a rare quality of yellow topaz.
  • This silicon dioxide mineral belongs to quartz family. Its color ranges from pale yellow to dark amber. Citrine wedding rings are magnificent and treasured gift choices for 13th and 17th anniversaries as the gem is associated with values of fidelity, hope and happiness.
  • It is a remarkable stone to ward off negative energy, increase self-confidence and clarity. It is popularly known as 'Merchant's Stone' or 'Success Stone' as this gem is believed to bring prosperity.
  • Citrine is also an excellent healing stone , which is said to cure ailments of heart, liver, endocrine and kidney.
  • This quartz is believed to promote happy married life, one of the reasons why citrine wedding rings are admired these days.
  • While it was a very popular gemstone during Art Deco period because of its bright and astonishing shades, it is still loved by celebrities around the globe. We can't stop but admire Kate Middleton in her citrine earrings. We equally love and adore Jessica Chastain, Kate Winslet and other starlets for owning some exceptional citrine jewelry pieces.

Why to Buy Citrine Rings?

Citrine is the contemporary birthstone for November. Its affordability and everlasting beauty make it a superior choice for birthstone jewelry. More often, the fiery tones of citrine are complemented by glowing white gold and yellow gold. Therefore, most people choose citrine gold rings to celebrate a special moment. Whether you need a special gift to express your love and affection or want a significant piece of jewelry to mark a special and memorable moment, we suggest you buy citrine rings for desired beauty, elegance and versatility.
You can choose our citrine rings to dress up or dress down for any occasion throughout the year. Versatile and trendy, it makes a special accessory for every fashionista. You can choose any of those citrine and diamond rings for a stunning mix of fire and brilliance. Citrine rings in white gold are also equally enticing. They offer classic glamour and forever glory to accentuate any style.

Birthstone engagement rings are well-liked by young and modern women. This simply states that a citrine engagement ring is all you need to purpose her. Those who were not born in November can also enjoy the bewitching beauty of this quartz crystal. Match your special ring with dainty pendant and earrings to create a fabulous jewelry set or let your solitaire citrine ring radiate its endless brilliance. Our exquisitely handcrafted citrine rings have a quintessential glitter to set the stage on fire.

Moreover, a modern citrine wedding ring will surely create a lasting impression for it is a contemporary choice to exchange wedding vows.

When Buying Citrine Rings?

Buying your special citrine ring requires no special detailing. However, always remember that you should choose a genuine piece. Always ask for treatments and quality grades. Also, remember that though it is an affordable gemstone, it doesn’t compromise with your style. This eye-clean gem with its vitreous luster is valued based on it origin, cut, color and clarity. Moreover, it has a specific six-sided crystal shape that enhances its look.

Citrine comes in variety of shades and transparency. Opaque cabochon citrine rings are greatly desired for their antique look while citrine diamond rings make an enticing choice for chic ornaments.

When you buy citrine rings, remember to protect them from scratches and abrupt temperature changes, as this yellow quartz is relatively sensitive to heat. However, you don't need extra cautions for citrine jewelry.

Shop with Angara

Shopping your favorite citrine jewelry with Angara has its own privilege. You can customize your jewelry for free, can easily get the assistance of expert jewelers and don't even have to pay for domestic shipping. Moreover, incredible discounts and free jewelry gifts make your shopping experience worthwhile.

If you are planning to buy a significant gift for a loved one or  want to enjoy sparkling shades of Fall, treat yourself with a personalized piece of citrine jewelry from Angara’s exceptional collection.