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Great ring at great cost
Bought this ring as my girlfriend's engagement ring. She absolutely loves it. Much more colorful and beautiful opal in person. And the customer service was great throughout.
This ring is absolutely beautiful
The presentation box was awesome with the light shinning down on the ring that was the talk of the town! I can't believe no other jeweler has had that idea cause its a very good idea I know because I have a lot of jewelry
She loved it!
This ring is beautiful and she adores it! I proposed over Thanksgiving dinner in front of my family and she said yes! As a college student this ring was affordable for me and she wanted opal stone with diamonds and that is exactly what this is. Other people have told me they love the curvy design of it as well! I was very impressed by the box too! It contained a light that lit up the ring as you opened it! Overall very very pleased! The only reason for the 4 star, is because the opal wasn't as colorful as I thought it would be. However I would still highly recommend this ring!
Everything I expected
Got this ring for my fiance and she loved it.
Great purchase
Shiny piece of jewelry, I was very pleased with this purchase. Highly recommended it.

Opulence of Opals

The magic of white and the glamour of rainbow; these are what best describe the color of October birthstone “Opal”. This gemstone is unique in itself. Unlike others, it exhibits a wide range of colors and its beauty is located in the contrast between the colors. This is the reason why people love natural opal rings and other opal jewelry since time immemorial to us. Since ages, this gemstone has been influencing people with its bewitching beauty. The great English poet Shakespeare rightly called it the “Queen of Gems”.

Formation and Sources:

The magnificent gemstone Opal got its name from Sanskrit word 'Upala' which means valuable stone and from the Greek word 'Opallios' which means change in color. This characteristic makes it different from all other known gemstones. The 14th and 18th wedding anniversary gemstone, opal is formed from a solution of water and silicon dioxide. In simpler words, we can say that as water runs down the earth, it keeps picking up silica from sandstone. This silica rich solution gets deposited in voids and cracks which are caused by faults or decomposing fossils. Now, as the water content evaporates, it leaves behind a pure silica deposit. Opal is formed when this cycle is repeated over long periods of time.

Australia produces around 90% opals in the world. Opals found here are exceptionally beautiful and display lovely colors. It is interesting to know that opal is the National gemstone of Australia. Gemstones from Australia are so delightful that they are a prominent choice for Opal engagement rings. Other important opal deposits are in Ethiopia, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Sudan, etc.

Opal and Celebrities:

The magical charm of this gemstone has always allured the hearts of our beloved celebrities. Let’s know about few of them. Andy Warhol, a popular artist, is known for his love with this gemstone. In 1977 his exhibition “Opal, the Rainbow Gem” at the ICA in London featured photos of the gemstone, taken through a microscope.

Her highness, Queen Elizabeth II, loved her all time favorite possession- a finest opal ever found in the Australian opal fields. She was gifted this gemstone in 1954 by Australian government on her first visit to the country.

John Davison Rockefeller was the world’s richest man and America’s first billionaire. He owned a huge multinational empire. He had a good collection of rare and famous opal gemstones and jewelry and he viewed them very often as it gave him inspiration. He had the “fire of queen” opal for which he paid £75,000; a record for an Opal.

A love story that has marked new edges in the ancient world was that of Egyptian queen Cleopatra and Roman General Marc Antony. He loved his girl so deeply that he wanted world’s best gift for her and he found that in the fabulous opal owned by his senator Nonius. He offered him much wealth in exchange of that opal but Nonius chose to flee from Rome leaving his wife and family, taking away with him his most prized possession, “Opal”. This incredible love story was well shown in film and the actress who played Cleopatra was Sarah Bernhardt. She was often spotted wearing opal which was her birthstone.

Taking Care of Opals:

It is not a laborious task to take proper care of opals. Just a little bit of thoughtfulness, and the task is done. Let’s check out how:

  • Clean the opal gemstone ring carefully with a damp cloth or cotton. Use a mild cleanser. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals.
  • While cleaning, keep the temperature of the water normal. Too high or too low temperature can harm the gemstone.
  • Natural opal rings need moisture; they get it from skin when in use. But, when they are stored for a long time, it is advised to store them sealed in a plastic bag with slightly damped cotton wool, to help the gemstone retain its moisture.
  • They should be stored separately to avoid damage. For example, if you store white gold opal ring with other jewelry, it can cause scratches on the gem.

Opal Rings:

The charisma and glamour of this gemstone is so magical, that people love to wear it in their special rings. Talking about the e-rings, people love opal diamond engagement rings, as they furnish the desired appeal. Wear opal engagement ring in white gold, yellow gold or platinum; it is sure to add an element of uniqueness and sophistication to your personality.

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