Ruby Rings

Ruby Rings are rated 4.79 out of 5 by 709 reviewers. Expertly crafted Ruby Rings129 start at $1,429 - $35,599.
The Classic Three-Stone Ring

Classic Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $539 - $24,769
Now: $319 - $14,859
Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Diamond Halo Ruby Split Shank Ring

Was: $1,489 - $15,789
Now: $889 - $9,469
The Classic Seven-Stone Ring

Prong Set Round Ruby and Diamond Seven Stone Wedding Ring

Was: $369 - $3,149
Now: $219 - $1,889
The Diana Ring

Oval Ruby and Diamond Halo Ring

Was: $1,239 - $14,949
Now: $739 - $8,969
The Embrace Ring

Solitaire Oval Ruby and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Was: $369 - $14,169
Now: $219 - $8,499
Diamond Halo Ruby Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Ruby Ring

Was: $1,199 - $13,089
Now: $719 - $7,849
True Love Ring

Ruby Encrusted Loop Knot Ring

Was: $349 - $2,519
Now: $209 - $1,509
Out of Stock
Floriated Diamond Halo Claw Set Ruby Ring With Intricate Beadwork

Floriated Diamond Halo Claw Set Ruby Ring

Was: $11,169 - $13,149
Now: $6,699 - $7,889
The Classic Five-Stone Ring

Five Stone Trellis Ruby and Diamond Semi Eternity Weddin...

Was: $539 - $4,569
Now: $319 - $2,739
The Sculpted Ring

Classic Curved Solitaire Ruby Ring

Was: $899 - $7,669
Now: $539 - $4,599
The Wings of Love Ring

Classic Three Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring

Was: $1,169 - $8,899
Now: $699 - $5,339
Emerald Cut Ruby and Round Diamond Split Shank Ring

Vintage Inspired Ruby and Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring

Was: $2,119 - $10,489
Now: $1,269 - $6,289
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Ruby Rings
Perfect Ruby Ring
I ordered this ring online for my wife for our 40th anniversary. She was extremely happy when I surprised her with the ring on our anniversary. The process was very easy to order exactly what I wanted. I received a phone call as a random quality check. The lady was very courteous verifying my order. I was also able to tell her how important that I receive by a given day. She suggested that I add 2 day air delivery to guarantee the ring be delivered on time. It turned out that the ring was done soon enough that they did not have to use 2 day air and did not charge the extra money. My wife wants to look at the website to see what she needs next.
40 Years
Beautiful ruby
I got this ring for my wedding anniversary and it's really exquisite. The central stone, ruby, is beautiful. I love it!
Stunning ring. Stone quality better than expected. Wanted to keep it for myself. Would buy from them again.
The color of the rubies is beautiful and high ...
The order for my ruby ring was so easy to place and the live chat was very helpful. The color of the rubies are beautiful and definitely AAAA quality. The ring came as described and is lovely. I would not hesitate to order more jewelry from Angara.
Beautiful ring
This is a high quality, reasonably priced ring. Cannot wait to give it as a gift. Angara lives up to their value proposition.

Gorgeous Statement Ruby Rings

Ruby rings are an essential staple of most women’s closet born in the month of July (Official Birthstone). Nonetheless, rubies have acquired much fame in the realm of vivid gemstones due to their intense and fiery red color. Red is among those major hues of the spectrum that arrests human eyes instantaneously as it is synonymous with deepest emotions of love and passion and energies of fire and blood. This color correspondence has made ruby one of the most revered crystals among young and modern women of today.

History and Folklore

As a sparkling symbol of love and fidelity, desire for ruby was just striking in the historic times as it is today. Early cultures regarded this red stone as a guarding angel for soldiers at war. It was believed to offer invincibility and supremacy to ancient emperors. Surprisingly, ruby’s eminence has been quoted four times in the Bible in regard to explaining attributes of beauty and wisdom. Many Europeans donned ruby rings, bracelets and necklaces for good health and wealth.

In 1957, Elizabeth Taylor received a Ruby Suite consisting of a glittering ruby and diamond bib necklace and matching earrings. Since then, there has been witnessed immense penchant for ruby diamond rings and other related statement pieces among women of all ages.

Origin and Occurrence

Burmese rubies are the finest quality gems in the world. For centuries, these blood-red crystals have been mined in Mogok Valley, in Upper Myanmar (Burma). They guarantee best color, sometimes termed as pigeon’s blood. Surprisingly, natural ruby rings are even valuable than diamond counterparts.

The increasing worth and demand for corundum-derived red stones led other countries such as Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Columbia, Japan, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Pakistan to become pioneers in ruby mining. In 2009, there were reports of larger deposits in Mozambique, a country in South East Africa.

Though ruby jewelry was highly favored in Victorian Jewelry collection, in the late 19th century, its magnificence continues to extensively attract women in present times.

Mystical Benefits of Ruby

Besides being radiant and glowing, the captivating red of ruby associates itself with mystical powers and spiritual benefits. Historically, it has been revered as ‘Stone of Kings’ and a talisman of protection, prosperity and good health. Officially stated as July birthstone, ruby promotes clean mind, clear communication, loyal relationships, authority and aristocracy.

Ruby rings, earrings and necklaces create magic in the life of the wearer. They are able to give a focused mind and eye not only to July babies but all other wearers. Displaying the color of blood, wearing ruby birthstone ensembles help restore bodily energies, treat issues concerning with eyesight, blood circulation and depression.

One interesting legend tells us that Catherine of Aragon, wife of Henry VIII possessed a ruby ring, which lost its color in times of distress or misfortune.

Buying Guide

Apart from looking for an elegant and tasteful ring, it is imperative to select and buy a quality ruby. Whether buying for oneself or a gift for a close relative, understanding its physical properties that make it valuable is important. Just like all fine crystals, ruby too depends upon the four C’s, i.e. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

 The foremost notable feature for which ruby has made a worth mentioning position in the list of precious stones is its Color. Though different women are drawn towards different variations of red such as deep crimson and pinkish hues, darker shades with a hint of blue give rise to the most genuine ruby rings. Additionally, avoid buying those with central flaws and large cracks, especially if you choose a massive rock. Invest your savings in symmetrical stones, which exhibit smooth facets.

Ruby Stackables

While ruby crystals have acquired much recognition in wedding and engagement bands, these glorious red beads are making their mark in stackable wear. Stacking of rings is a fashion worth participating in. Multiple rings on a single finger is a creative manifestation of your fashion sense. Since there are no rules defined to stacking, you can choose an offbeat mix of colorful gemstones to stack on your finger. Further, stacking of rings is not restricted to a single finger. Numerous rings on multiple fingers are a go-to trend on the red carpet and various fashion events.

Angara’s collection of ruby stackable rings is an inspiration for women to follow this chic trend. From wide to sleek, there are countless options to choose. The flaming red of ruby appears lovelier when combined with blue and pink sapphires, lush emeralds, lilac tanzanite and other fascinating semi-precious stones. Stacking a ruby band with a colossal and vintage one adds a gorgeous twist to your finger.

Ruby Ring Styles at Angara

From antique ruby rings to contemporary designs, you can find beautiful, sought-after pieces at Angara. Angara presents diversity in the way these red lovelies are arranged and shaped. With ultimate craftsmanship, the red center stone takes several unique shapes such a square, elongated, heart, cushion and others in their solitaire style.  Classic solitaire, three-stone, diamond accentuated halo, eternity and stackable are some marvelous ring styles Angara has to offer.

Exceeding the jewelry expectations of customers, we provide an elite range of ruby rings for sale solely featured in wedding ring section. The collection includes vintage-inspired cocktail ruby and diamond three-stone rings, stylish princes-cut and pear-shaped stunners, cushion ruby halos and many more spectacular ring pieces. Full eternity and half eternity ruby diamond wedding rings are the perfect choices of present-day brides, displaying an endless love for their partner.

Similarly, there is an excellent collection of ruby promise rings to cater the needs of teen couples.  Vibrant oval and heart-shaped rubies, held in gold, silver and platinum metals, make for sweet jewelry ensembles for initiating a relationship and making a commitment. They can also be presented as birthday and anniversary giveaways, celebrating fifteen and forty years of togetherness in particular.

Finally, lets you personalize your ruby rings in terms of gemstone quality, metal type and number and shape of stones. It is easy and delightful to make a purchase with incredible offers, free shipping and on-time delivery and the best of all, direct sales with no middleman involved.