Sapphire Rings

By 02/11
Semi-Bezel Sapphire Bypass Ring
Was: $319 - $9,699
Now: $189 - $5,819
Laurel Wreath Eternity Band
Was: $1,539 - $11,969
Now: $919 - $7,179
By 02/12
Emerald Cut Sapphire and Trapezoid Diamond Three Stone Ring
Was: $1,519 - $13,469
Now: $909 - $8,079
By 02/12
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Split Shank Ring
Was: $1,469 - $23,839
Now: $879 - $14,299
Diamond Halo Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Was: $1,119 - $6,889
Now: $669 - $4,129
The Victorian Band
Was: $1,499 - $4,339
Now: $899 - $2,599
By 02/12
The Wings of Love Ring
Was: $1,219 - $10,939
Now: $729 - $6,559
By 02/11
The Classic Five-Stone Ring
Was: $589 - $4,889
Now: $349 - $2,929
By 02/12
Classic Diamond Halo Sapphire Vintage Ring
Was: $1,039 - $11,049
Now: $619 - $6,629
The Vow Band
Was: $1,419 - $3,099
Now: $849 - $1,859
By 02/11
The Classic Three-Stone Ring
Was: $699 - $17,569
Now: $419 - $10,539
By 02/11
The Riya Ring
Was: $2,299 - $18,649
Now: $1,379 - $11,189
By 02/12
The Halo Ring
Was: $1,069 - $8,099
Now: $639 - $4,859
By 02/11
The Classic Seven-Stone Ring
Was: $649 - $2,789
Now: $389 - $1,669
By 02/12
The Cupid Ring
Was: $1,019 - $7,489
Now: $609 - $4,489
By 02/11
The Cathedral Three-Stone Ring
Was: $389 - $6,149
Now: $229 - $3,689
By 02/12
The Alpine Ring
Was: $3,349 - $9,149
Now: $2,009 - $5,489
By 02/11
Cinderella Ring
Was: $999 - $12,139
Now: $599 - $7,279
By 02/11
Double Claw Pink Sapphire Solitaire Ring With Diamond Shoulders
Was: $989 - $10,469
Now: $589 - $6,279
By 02/12
The Gleam Ring
Was: $919 - $8,949
Now: $549 - $5,369
By 02/10
The Sculpted Ring
Was: $389 - $8,939
Now: $229 - $5,359
The Princess Band
Was: $849 - $4,489
Now: $509 - $2,689
By 02/11
The Diana Ring
Was: $1,169 - $8,369
Now: $699 - $5,019
The Josephine Ring
Was: $739 - $1,789
Now: $439 - $1,069
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Latest Jewelry Reviews for Sapphire Rings
Engagement ring
I have this in sapphire as my engagement ring and I LOVE IT! It looks beautiful against my wedding band and I get compliments on it all the time.
Incredible customer service
This was a Christmas present to my wife. She decided she wanted something a little different. Angara advisor was pleasant to work with and followed up with several phone calls to work with my wife to get the ring she wanted. It is refreshing to work with a company that has someone so dedicated to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase, even when you change your mind. Thanks Angara for making the exchange such a pleasant experience.
Extraordinary Service
Exactly what I've wanted for a long time!
I've wanted a sapphire and diamond band to go with my wedding rings for as long as I can remember. I could never find what I was looking for in stores. Especially, since I wanted a platinum one. I started searching online and found this site. I did a lot of research on this company to ensure that they were going to be an honest and reputable company. They are and my experience was great! I preferred darker sapphires and Angara advisor ensured that I got the stones that I wanted. She was going to let me return this ring as many times as I needed to, in order to get what I always wanted! Awesome customer service and amazing ring!
Bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife. This heirloom quality sapphire ring exceeded my expectations in every way. Will definitely purchase from Angara again.
Jeff C
We got this ring as a wedding ring. It is beautiful. Customer service was 100% right on. By phone and email we received friendly, knowledgeable, helpful service. We were working within time constraints and Angara made sure everything was perfect. I get many compliments on my ring.
It is always a joy to wear an iconic sapphire ring as the symbol of your glamor. The September birthstone has a rainbow of colors and makes an astounding choice for classic, vintage and modern jewelry designs. It is not surprising that September birthstone rings have become increasingly popular as engagement rings. These rings can be worn daily for many happy years.

Sapphire Rings in History

Sapphire rings have long been valued as the symbol of prosperity, heaven’s beauty and prophetic wisdom. In ancient times, kings wore precious gemstone rings because it was believed that the gem would increase their power by connecting them with divine forces and enhancing their ability to make wise and fair decisions.

Dazzling sapphires are in many personal collections from the sapphire solitaire ring of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother to the most famous sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring of Lady Diana to the heart capturing sapphire collection of Elizabeth Taylor are all dazzling.  Famous glam stars with sapphire rings include Penelope Cruz. She has a blue sapphire engagement ring. Jenny McCarthy has a 10-carat yellow sapphire engagement ring.

The 5th and 45th wedding anniversary stone has gone on to be a valued choice for any special occasion. If a woman loves sapphires then she should wear them.

International world history has many examples of sapphires being given as promise gems, birthday, and a wedding presents with the intent of it being passed on to future generations. Vintage sapphire rings of bygone era are popular to this date.

Explore Sapphire Ring Collection at Angara

The Angara collection of sapphire rings has artistic designs to astound you. Whether you are interested in classic solitaires, three-stone rings, Modern high fashion designs or vintage, you will find them in our vast Angara collection.

Sapphire Colors

Blue sapphires are a highly desired and demanded precious gemstone. There is an array of ring choices available in our online catalog to suit your personality and lifestyle. You can also find pink and yellow sapphires in our vivid collections. Sapphires naturally come in vivid and pastel hues. We make all of our jewelry, and will take your request for your sapphire color preference. Angara is known worldwide for its natural blue sapphire rings. However, we offer a spectacular assortment of natural pink sapphire rings to suit your personal choice.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

We believe jewelry is not solely a piece of adornment. It is the best “forever memory” of special events we cherish. Therefore, we craft it with care and concern. Our sapphire rings are handmade in the United States to match your exceptional standards of perfection.

Our antique style sapphire rings showcase our mastery of designing history. Every detail in our designs speaks of vintage inspiration and how we include the details in our designs to make them so impactful and timeless.

Sapphire Ring Styles

Angara jewelry designers focus on multiple expressions of individuality. Trends may change but our gorgeous sapphire rings never go out of style. Our wide and vivid selection spans from (but not limited to) classic designs, modern trends, antique style sapphire engagement rings. If rings of royalty enchant your beloved, then our sapphire engagement rings inspired by queens and princess will allure her. We have the ring with the style of the person you love.

Sapphire Source

Increasingly valued as a modern engagement ring option, sapphires are also beautiful for everyday wear. Women of today often buy rings for themselves because they can and they deserve something beautiful. This intriguing gemstone is found in many countries including Australia, Malawi, India, Sri Lanka and the United States. Value of sapphires depends on its quality. Each mine produces multiple qualities of gems. Clarity, color, cut and carat weight determines the price of the sapphire. When you look for natural sapphire rings, ask about the multiple factors relating to quality.

At Angara, we understand our responsibility towards a sustainable environment. All our natural sapphires are ethically sourced from some of the best places in the world such as Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Personalize Sapphire Rings

Choosing your favorite ring is easy as with our multi-level filters that allow customers to make selections and see lots of options. Because we make everything per order we can provide many options so that you can have your “dream” ring.

Our personalized jewelry offers you to easily customize your gemstone rings. You can choose the metal along with sapphire quality and size to order your dream ring. In elegant  popular shapes, our exotic blue and pink sapphire ring collection has something to suit every occasion. You will surely get your favorite vintage, modern and classic sapphire engagement rings of exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Our individualized customer friendly policies make it extremely easy to find a gift for wedding, birthday, anniversary or any ‘I Love You’ occasion.

If you are looking for unique sapphire rings for men, visit Angara. You will be amazed to find a plethora of designer rings and bands to compliment his personality and style.

The Angara web site provides valuable maintenance tips and recommendations in our Guide section. You can pleasantly shop with a peace of mind and confidence and know that your jewelry will make loved ones smile for generations.