Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings are rated 4.88 out of 5 by 553 reviewers. Expertly crafted Tanzanite Rings86 start at $999 - $8,169.
The Embrace Ring

Solitaire Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Was: $369 - $4,739
Now: $219 - $2,839
The Classic Three-Stone Ring

Classic Tanzanite and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Was: $539 - $7,239
Now: $319 - $4,339
The Queen Ring

Cushion Tanzanite Halo Ring

Was: $1,699 - $5,469
Now: $1,019 - $3,279
The Wings of Love Ring

Classic Three Stone Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

Was: $1,169 - $4,769
Now: $699 - $2,859
The Classic Seven-Stone Ring

Prong Set Round Tanzanite and Diamond Seven Stone Weddin...

Was: $389 - $3,139
Now: $229 - $1,879
Round Tanzanite Three Stone Ring

Airline Set Three Stone Tanzanite Wedding Ring

Was: $419 - $4,849
Now: $249 - $2,909
The Hilton Ring

Double Prong Emerald Cut Tanzanite Cocktail Ring With Di...

Was: $3,769 - $8,869
Now: $2,259 - $5,319
The Gleam Ring

Tanzanite Halo Ring With Diamond Studded Shoulders

Was: $899 - $4,139
Now: $539 - $2,479
The Classic Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Tanzanite Tapered Shank Ring

Was: $539 - $3,549
Now: $319 - $2,129
The Signature Ring

Tapered Shank Tanzanite Solitaire Ring With Diamond Accents

Was: $439 - $6,439
Now: $259 - $3,859
Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Split Shank Ring

Diamond Halo Tanzanite Split Shank Ring

Was: $1,489 - $10,089
Now: $889 - $6,049
The Sculpted Ring

Classic Curved Solitaire Tanzanite Ring

Was: $899 - $3,549
Now: $539 - $2,129
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Tanzanite Rings
Absolutely Stunning
This is absolutely the most stunning piece of jewelry I now own. I just love the sparkle in the tanzanite as well as the quality is outstanding. Thank you Angara for a fabulous piece that I can enjoy for years to come.
Tanzanite Lover
Amazing ring
I bought this ring as an engagement ring. The tanzanite has a special meaning, as my now-fiance had recently travelled to Africa, and it holds a special place in our hearts. The ring was stunning, the tanzanite changed colours depending on the lighting, which is breath-taking. A wonderful product.
Excellent quality and great service and shipping(5 days to Scotland)..Good prices too. Shame about UK import tax though.
Very stunning
The beautiful ring that you created was just right. It was stunning, and provided the "wow" factor that I had hoped for. Thank you for delivering the ring of our dreams!
More beautiful than I expected
I ordered this ring to stack with a couple of rose gold diamond bands that I have. I had high expectations, but when I opened the box I was thrilled! It's almost too pretty to wear with anything, it really stands out. The color is spectacular and although it's not a huge stone, it really sparkles. I am in love with this ring!

Tanzanite Ring for December Born

Tanzanite rings, or tanzanite set with diamonds, the allure is unparalleled. Decide on the best tanzanite ring for yourself or your loved one. A decision based on knowledge is always better than an impulsive one, so read on.

Do you know that Tanzanites are about a thousand times rarer than diamonds? Tanzanite name comes from Tanzania, a small state in Africa, the only place where these awesome gemstones are mined. Since the mines are likely to get exhausted within the span of our generation, tanzanite ring is the gemstone ring you want to pick now.

Widely celebrated by the house of Tiffany’s and designed exclusively for celebrity clientele by Erica Courtney, now you can flaunt your own gift of Tanzanite ring. One aspect that may be making this gem so popular could be the fact that each time you buy a tanzanite; some underprivileged child in Tanzania has her life improved in a minor sort of a way.

Turquoise was the old birthstone for the month of December. In 2002 the American Gemstone Trade Association added tanzanite to the list of modern birthstones for December. Given their rarity, rich violet blue color, these stones are highly prized. Tanzanites are also the anniversary stones for 24 years of marriage.

Said to be plechroic, or showing more than two colors when viewed from different angles, tanzanites are by and large blue to violet blue in color, with hues of purple in most gemstones. Now assigned as the December birthstone (besides blue topaz),Tanzanites are the youngest entrants in gemstone industry. And have been denominated as “gemstone of the 20th century”, since they were discovered as recently as the 1960s.Tanzanite rings have proved to be a sensation and a lot of trendy people choose them over other gemstones.

Among tanzanite rings, we have a wide range to choose from: tanzanite and diamond ring, tanzanite and diamond halo engagement ring, round tanzanite three stone ring, oval tanzanite split shank ring , tanzanite solitaire ring, tanzanite curved shank ring , tanzanite tapered shank ring , oval tanzanite vintage ring and many others.

Qualitatively, tanzanite marks a 7 on mohs scale, which means it is softer than rubies and sapphires. On clarity scale, most tanzanites are eye clean, which means that they may have inclusions upon magnification, but are largely free from them when seen with naked eyes. Color of Tanzanite gets deeper in top quality and in larger sizes. If you can afford it, choose the largest tanzanite in a tanzanite ring. It is a sound investment which will surely multiply over time.

As such, tanzanite is a blue and blue violet gemstone, colors that are said to have soothing effects upon the wearer. Blue gemstones are traditionally believed to bring mental clarity and calm to the wearer. Reason enough to pick that tanzanite ring as a gift now?