Men's Wedding Bands

Men's Wedding Bands are rated 4.93 out of 5 by 545 reviewers. Expertly crafted Men's Wedding Bands144 start at $139 - $1,569.
Dearly Beloved Band for Him

High Polished Flat Surface Classic Wedding Band

Was: $389 - $2,519
Now: $229 - $1,509
Sculpted Men's Wedding Band

Satin Finish Comfort Fit Wedding Band with Beveled Edges

Was: $1,049 - $3,019
Now: $629 - $1,809
Classic Comfort Fit Wedding Band

High Polished Domed Wedding Band

Was: $719 - $1,939
Now: $429 - $1,159
Classic Low Dome Wedding Band

Matte Finish Classic Domed Wedding Band

Was: $669 - $1,839
Now: $399 - $1,099
Resolute Men's Wedding Ring

Beveled Edges Low Dome Matte Finish Wedding Band

Was: $1,019 - $2,769
Now: $609 - $1,659
Classic Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Classic Mid-Weight Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Was: $389 - $2,499
Now: $229 - $1,499
Comfort Fit Dome Band

High Dome Classic Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Was: $649 - $2,799
Now: $389 - $1,679
Milgrain Four Sided Band

Satin Finish Four Sided Milgrain Wedding Band

Was: $1,339 - $4,169
Now: $799 - $2,499
Beveled Edge Satin Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Beveled Edge Satin Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Was: $1,069 - $2,669
Now: $639 - $1,599
Milgrain Edged Men's Wedding Band

High Polished Low Dome Milgrain Wedding Band

Was: $639 - $2,239
Now: $379 - $1,339
Latest Jewelry Reviews for Men's Wedding Bands
Wonderful service
Even the person that answered the phone was sooooo helpful. She tracked down the exact status of the ring and called back to ensure I would receive it by the desired date. Very impressive. Thanks. I will look in to you again.
exact match
Broken finger and had to cut old wedding band we were heart broken. Found this exact replacement for half the price and are happily matching again. Thank you!
I was unsure what the quality was going to be like....but when it arrived....It was undeniably even better than I had imagined, Thank you so much :)
April N
Wedding celebration
It was the perfect fit !
Simple and elegant. No nonsense about it.
Simple and elegant. No nonsense about it.

His Wedding Band Recommendations

These days, many men feel uncomfortable about men’s wedding bands. Although, men are considering men’s wedding bands more seriously than before, they do not like the idea of wearing them regularly given their lifestyle. A symbol of love and devotion, wedding bands also make a noticeable style statement. And like women’s, men’s bands are also a fashionable, but are also a reminder of their love and commitment. Angara understands the sentiments behind his wedding band, so we provide a wide variety of classic to modern wedding bands to ensure feelings are expressed right. Our bands are an ultimate expression of your emotions and love, so we provide the most exceptional bands for the most exceptional ones.

Classic Wedding Bands

Whether a polished plain band or a low dome band with mid-weight, you can find them all in different variations to best suit your personality and lifestyle. If you are not accustomed to wearing jewelry or don’t want anything flashy, our ‘Comfort Fit Dome Band’ or ‘Classic Low Dome Wedding Band’ will make the perfect impression. The ‘Milgrain Edged Men’s Wedding Band’ and the ‘Two-Tone Luxury Band’ for him are other exceptional rings he would love to show off. The classic wedding bands collection for him at Angara is specially designed for men’s wedding bands enthusiasts or even the ones that are less comfortable with the idea.

Contemporary Wedding Bands

If you’re searching for a more modern look, contemporary styles with variations are the way to go. Textured and patterned bands in two-tone and three-tone metals are gradually becoming popular wedding rings for him. Diamond and gemstone rings are another very popular choice for men's wedding rings these days. These gemstone bands have a more fashion forward style.

One of our newest pieces in this selection is the ‘Passionate Men's Wedding Band’. It's a definite choice to express your romantic creativity as it has a diamond detailing edge with a carved inner plate develops ultimate results. Angara has many such exclusive pieces to exceed your expectations. In fact, you can even pick a band that compliments your bride, especially when colored wedding bands and engagement rings are in fashion.

Exclusive Features

Along with our assortment of classic to modern wedding rings, Angara also offers unique services of ring engraving and band width personalization. Whether you choose our diamond ‘Duke Band’ or ‘Checkered Comfort Fit Band’, you can engrave a special message such as the date you first met, your engagement or wedding date or something more personal. Your engravings will a powerful statement that will strengthen your love and commitment for one another.

Band width plays a very important role in the overall look of the ring. For someone new to rings a standard width of 6mm is fine while those men who wear jewelry regularly can extend their width to 8mm, which can make a significant difference in weight, aesthetics and overall feel.

With so much to offer at Angara, men's wedding bands are becoming more trendy and stylish. Being a direct source, providing a wide variety of popular selections and the option of full personalization will allow you to shop with confidence and a peace of mind.