We’re living in a world of hash tags, filters and instant communication. Whether it’s a trip, a new job or simply a random event – we don’t really think twice before sharing it on social media. Your engagement to the man or woman of your dreams will probably not be any different. And why not, it is one of the most beautiful moments in your life and you’d definitely want to share the good news with the world. While there are no rules as such on how to announce your engagement, here are some fun ways in which you can make your social media relationship update even more magical.

  1. Get that Ring Selfie

    Get that Ring Selfie

    A ring selfie is one of the easiest and most commonly used ways to announce an engagement. With this, you wouldn’t even need to add a caption, as the picture itself will do all the talking. If the caption is a must for you, then go with something that’s short and sweet. A caption such as “I said yes!” or “He put a ring on it!” should do the trick for you. You could either take the picture in front of a scenic location or simply make use of fun props such as flowers, bridal magazines and so on. For more ideas on how you can take the perfect engagement selfie, click here.

  2. A Picture Together

    A Picture Together

    There’s no better way than conveying your excitement than by posting a picture of the two of you together. You can go for a well-timed picture of him on the knee, a close-up shot of your expression soon after he pops the question or one in which you and your fiancé hold each other in an embrace, while subtly displaying the ring. The two of you can also hold a sign that’s says “We’re getting hitched!” or “Our adventure starts here!” to make the picture more unique and fun-filled.

  3. Recreate a Movie or TV Series Poster

    Recreate a Movie or TV Series Poster

    If you are a playful couple who wouldn’t mind trying your hands on something different, then this option is the perfect one for you. Just go ahead a recreate the poster of your favorite TV series or the first movie you watched together as a couple. Trust us, this will be super fun! Posters from Mr. & Mrs. Smith, How I Met Your Mother, The Proposal are some of our favorite picks that can be easily personalized the way you want.

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