Sparkling with celestial beauty, opals are stunning in every sense of the word. One look at this enigmatic gemstone and you are sure to go weak in your knees. The surreal splendor of this gem never fails to delight. Embodying ethereal magnificence, this exquisite jewel is an apt choice for every woman who appreciates things that are fresh and on trend.

Whether you are an October baby or simply looking for something outstanding to add to your collection then opal is just what you want. Moreover, here are three good reasons to convince you that this magical stone is the perfect addition to your jewelry box.

Why Opals Are an Absolute Must-Have

  1. Color play: Opal is well-renowned for its vivid ‘play-of-color’. This term essentially means that when this gem is viewed in light, it flashes a variety of hues and patterns. This phenomenon is unique to opals and not seen in any other gemstone. The stunning color play of this gem mesmerizes with its breathtaking beauty and makes you fall in love with it. No wonder, opals are highly valued for this dramatic ‘play-of-color’ and considered an absolute must-have.

  1. Versatility: Wish to own a gemstone which would suit every attire and occasion? Not sure if such a gem even exists? Then worry not, the beautiful opal fits the bill just right. The dream-like aura and gorgeous appeal of this gem makes it the perfect accessory for all. Breathtaking opal pieces add the much-needed drama to your look, whether you are getting dressed for a date night or a casual outing. Their magical allure instantly elevates the appeal of your party outfits and power suits as well! Infusing your look with abundant elegance and sophistication, this spectacular gemstone is definitely a head-turner!

  1. Uniqueness: In addition to its versatility, an opal is also one of a kind, quite literally! In simple words, each opal has its own distinct color play which sparkles with hues and patterns that you won’t see in another. This delightful gemstone is, without doubt, a treat for the eyes and a real treasure to possess.

We are totally in awe of the majestic opals. They are definitely a surefire way to grab the spotlight wherever you go. If you wish to own one then visit Angara and browse through our extensive collection of enchanting opal creations.

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