Buying an engagement ring would probably be a more daunting task than popping the question. Since you are going to invest in a jewel that is meant to be with her for a lifetime, it is obvious that you will want to put in a lot of thought behind the purchase. By all means, avoid these blunders while choosing the perfect ring for her.

4 Common Mistakes While Choosing an Engagement Ring

  1. If you missed the hints, you’ve missed quite a lot
  2. A surprise proposal idea means you are completely going to rely on guessing her preferences. You can’t afford to not notice the hints she might have dropped. Keep a track of her wish list on shopping sites or any jewelry pages she has been following and the designs she has been showing interest in. You will get some cues there – simple and classic, ornate and vintage, minimal, statement or floral.

    Collaborate with her best friend who may be able to guide you with her sense of style. You can also get her help to know what your girlfriend’s ring size is. If it is a solitaire ring, maybe she would like a certain type of setting – like bezel, gypsy or claw. Or she might want a ring with an elegant shank – like a bypass. Also, her lifestyle and her work are important considerations to make while deciding upon an engagement ring.

  3. Assuming one style suits all
  4. You might be thinking that she will love a diamond ring because girls love diamonds – which may not be true. There are possibilities that she may be dreaming of a colored gemstone, may be a sapphire ring like that of Princess Diana, or even a ruby! Though diamond is the most common gemstone to go on an engagement ring, colored gemstones too are great, especially the ones with a higher rate of hardness. Plus, if you are looking for a bigger stone in your budget, a colored gemstone will be your best bet.

  5. Making haste could be a waste
  6. We know it can be overwhelming when you browse through a zillion designs on the internet or at jewelry stores in the quest for that perfect ring. Chances are you may fall in love with a ring by its sparkle or design. However, rushing through the decision can be disastrous as you might end up giving her a ring that is a total misfit. After all, she will be flaunting the ring to the world to say ‘she’s taken’. The extra time and effort that you will put for that precious ring will be worth it. Unless the ring you choose meets all your expectations, do not consider buying it.

  7. Buying the myth – “an engagement ring should cost you your three month’s salary”
  8. Well, it’s alright if you can afford it or spend more than that, or even lesser. But it’s no tradition or a rule that you must shell out three month’s salary. You wouldn’t want to run into a debt before the marriage. So be realistic and set a budget for the ring. Focus on the design, the precious metal and the gemstone cut that suits her style and will look fabulous on her hand.

    You can work out your budget according to the shape of the gem. For example, a round diamond is the most popular choice for an engagement ring and is also expensive. However, shapes such as the oval, emerald-cut and princess-cut are also great choices for diamonds and are more affordable. You can give the brilliant round diamond a miss and instead go for a different cut that is better in quality or size. How about a dazzling engagement ring for now and a lavish honeymoon post-wedding? She will love you for both the surprises.

So what’s your idea of a perfect proposal? Or would you prefer being straightforward and discuss the ring with her? If you have been discussing marriage with her for quite a while, we think it’s cool to let her choose her engagement ring too. And last but not the least; don’t forget to click the perfect engagement selfie with her. Every memorable picture, every token of love is going to be cherished forever.

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