International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8, and all the gorgeous ladies out there have just another reason to pull out their party hats. First celebrated in 1909, this day salutes the essence of womanhood; a day to reflect on the journey so far and the road ahead. Wondering how to make your celebrations special? Well, here are a few ideas:

Celebrate the Women around You

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Be it your mom or sister, tell the first woman you meet in the morning, how wonderful she is. Give her a big smile, a warm hug and appreciate her for everything she’s doing. A little bit of positive reinforcement is all she needs to keep up the good work she’s doing. Leaving her a thoughtful thank-you note or gifting an elegant piece of jewelry will make her day even more special.

Make Dinner Plans with Your Ladies

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What could be a better day than Women’s Day to gang up with the favorite ladies in your life? If it you who’s cooking, then you could probably try recipes by women bloggers. You may also head out to a restaurant with women chefs. You can plan a movie marathon with the ladies as well, with each one recommending a movie with a powerful female character.

Treat Yourself

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It’s Women’s Day and you totally deserve to indulge yourself and do the things that you love doing. Whether you wish to devour some delicious cup cakes or spend the day relaxing at the spa, the choice is absolutely yours. Or if it’s shopping that excites you, why not? Get that gorgeous dress that you’ve been eyeing or that diamond solitaire ring that you often dream about. Go ahead, it’s your day!

Support a Cause

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Give your time to support a cause that you care about. Donate to or volunteer with an organization that promotes women’s empowerment. You can also fundraise for an organization that supports and inspires the younger generation of women. Participate, get involved and be the change you want to see in the world.

Wear Something Purple

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Purple is regarded to be the official color for Women’s Day. Over the years, the color has evolved to signify justice and dignity. Show everyone around you that you believe in the power of women by wearing a purple blouse, scarf, pendant or just a purple ribbon.

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