The endless-seeming summer days are finally over, and the cool and crisp fall days have begun to set in. While some colored gemstones can conveniently take you from summer to the next season, there are also other stunning options that are in for all of fall. Take a peek at some of the coolest gemstone options, keep scrolling…

  1. The amber-hued gem


    Your fall wardrobe is incomplete without this happy gem. Though the citrine has a bright, summery look, its delightful color makes it a great gemstone option for autumn as well. With this stunning deep yellow gemstone exuding a blend of citrusy hint and a warm amber hue, you will certainly not miss the cheerful vibe of the summer months.

  2. Green with a hint of blue


    While it’s time to bid adieu to the lush green hue and proceed towards deeper hues, you can still retain some green in your wardrobe. We are talking about the London blue topaz. This gem will seamlessly take your look into and through fall. With its peculiar greenish blue hue, the stunning London blue topaz won’t go unnoticed. We love it paired with white and neutral colored outfits.

  3. Deep and warm red


    If you have a garnet-studded adornment at hand, you are sure to fall in love with fall. The garnet is one versatile gemstone that is totally alluring for both summer and autumn. Whenever your ensemble is in need of a dash of rustic-deep red, put on your garnet accessories and you will get showered with compliments. You can thank us later.

  4. Empurple with amethysts


    The fall essential – amethyst is going to be your best friend through the new season. We simply adore how amethysts complement deep and dark-hued attires in a wardrobe. The intense color exudes a mysterious allure as well as a luxurious royal look. We bet the amethyst pieces in your treasure chest will be your go-to accessories for months to come and will get you noticed, wherever you go. Add a pop of purple to your olive, beige, burgundy, mustard and gray fall outfits with these deep purple beauties.

  5. Rich brown brilliance


    While the classic colorless diamond is still a timeless and season-less pick, the coffee diamond is a stunning alternative for fall. We can’t help but love this naturally brown gem that goes well with other neutrals. It pairs equally well with other complementary colors including tawny, subtle green and denim blue. If you are someone who loves neutrals, you’ll probably love coffee diamonds. They look surprisingly sophisticated and chic on almost everything in a closet.

With these fall-friendly gemstone ideas, you can surely have your jewelry game on point – whether it’s work or the weekend. Also, if you are planning an autumnal affair like a wedding or an engagement, you can take some inspiration from these seasonal gemstone picks and make it even more exciting. Check out rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in mind-boggling designs at Angara. And, if you have suggestions for customization, you can simply reach us at 1-888-926-4272.

Goodbye summer, Hello fall!

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