When you are heading out for a date with your man, you’d surely want to look as well as feel beautiful. While the dress, hairstyle and makeup products are chosen with utmost care, jewelry is something that you might not give much of a thought to. Though jewelry is the last thing you put on, it sure can take your look a notch higher. The sparklers you wear also communicate a lot about your personality, so make sure you pick the right pieces. Here are 6 jewelry styling tips that will help you nail the perfect date night look…


  1. Keep it minimal yet impactful.

    Just because it’s a special date, doesn’t mean you have to wear a lot of jewelry. Reserve the exaggerating pieces in your collection for parties and girls night outs. For your date night, opt for simple yet elegant pieces that will keep your look low-key yet eye-catching and refined. Instead of accessorizing head to toe, you can highlight one of your favorite features. An impressive pair of earrings will make your eyes glow and emphasize your facial features whereas a stunning pendant will add a dramatic flair to a plunging neckline.

  2. Choose floral, waves and swirls.

    To add a hint of sensuous appeal to your outfit, pick jewelry with a feminine vibe. Florals, waves and swirls will enhance your beauty and innate elegance, especially if you choose an understated ensemble. Just don’t overdo these designs as they tend to look dressy and elaborate. A pair of flower earrings, wave pendant or swirl bracelet will be the perfect romantic choice for a date night.


  3. Add a pop of color.

    While diamond jewelry is certainly a versatile pick, you can also experiment with precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. To brighten up your look, choose a colored gemstone piece that will team well with your outfit. A ruby adornment can add a pop of bold red to a subtle outfit whereas Swiss blue topaz jewelry pieces will enhance sunny and pastel hues. Aquamarine, morganite and pink sapphire jewelry pieces are also no-fail options for accessorizing different styles.


  4. Pearls are the new diamonds.

    Pearls are always a good idea – even for a date night. You can look like a princess as well as a modish and stylish diva, depending on how you style these lustrous orbs. A strand of pearls will elevate your look in a flowy dress, a suit or even a little black dress. Alternatively, you can accessorize the same outfits with a gorgeous pearl ring. Moreover, there are plenty of pearl hues to choose from. White pearls look stunning and eye-popping while golden pearls blend well with warm tones. Tahitian pearls, on the other hand, exude decadence with flair of elegance.

    Layer it up

  5. Layer it up.

    Especially with tops and dresses that show off a bit of décolletage, a bejeweled layered look is allowed. Necklaces of varied lengths with dainty pendants can be worn for a flattering look. A beautiful mix of complementing colored gemstone pendants will take your date night look to the next level. Try it out the next time.

    To perfect your date night look, you can use these insider tips or cultivate your own style. The idea is to be yourself and feel beautiful, no matter what you choose to wear. And if you are looking at expanding your personal jewelry collection, do visit Angara.com. We’re sure you’ll be inspired!

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