A pendant is the most convenient accessory to wear with your daily outfits, and it catches attention instantly. Unlike earrings, you can change them as often as you like and they won’t come in your way in busy work-spaces. We have picked 5 simple yet elegant pendants that will team well with any outfit in your closet, at any time of the day. Scroll down to see these dazzling must-haves.

  1. Beauty that enthralls


    The design of this teardrop opal pendant is understated but its beauty is beyond breathtaking. You can’t take your eyes off the sheer iridescence and the dancing colors on the gem. It is framed in a polished bezel setting and suspended from a lustrous bale, perfect for day dates as well as after-dark soirees. Keep it basic, yet mysteriously charming with this opal dangler.

  2. Pretty in pearl


    This Akoya pearl pendant is just what you need to put on when you don’t wish to look over-dressed, yet make an impression. The lustrous pearl with pleasing overtones elicits femininity quite effortlessly. On work days, this elegant pendant will be your favorite accompaniment. It complements light shades and stands out impeccably on dark hues such as blue, black or red. Wear it with a ruffled top or a floral dress for a head-turning look.

  3. Minimal but chic


    If you don’t have this pendant necklace in your collection, you may want to include it right away. This minimalistic piece of jewelry can transform your appearance without looking over-the-top. You can think of innumerable ways to style this single coffee diamond bar pendant and you are sure to look splendid, each time. Wear it with a plunging neckline or over a turtleneck sweater. Layer it with other pendants of different lengths to turn up the bling factor on other days.

  4. Sparkle it up


    Nonetheless, the diamond continues to be the ‘it’ gem that every woman swears by. And why not, its scintillating beauty is almost irresistible. You can compare this princess-cut diamond pendant with a shining star in the night sky and revel in its celestial brilliance. A versatile embellishment for your sartorial office attire and casual weekend outfits, this solitaire diamond pendant is a true classic and you can totally vouch on it every single day.

  5. Alluring peachy stunner


    This luscious peach-hued gem is gradually becoming popular among the stylish ladies. If there’s one colored gemstone that can add interest to your regular work outfits without drawing too much attention, it’s the peach morganite. Team this triangular morganite pendant with anything in your wardrobe and it will elevate your look with its sophisticated vibe. The sublime allure of the gem and geometrical elements in the design, make this pendant a total winner.

Wish to make one of these beauties your own? Go ahead and shop them at Angara. Apart from these pieces, you’ll find several other elegant pendants in varied designs. Choose the one that echoes your personality and blends with your style.

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