What happens when the beauty and luster of two different metals come together in the same jewelry piece? As you can imagine, the result is utterly fascinating. Let’s face it; we’ve all had moments when we couldn’t decide which metal would complement our outfit the best. While our hearts leaped at the sight of white gold, we’ve also longed for that hint of yellow gold to jazz up an evening gown. This is exactly where two tone jewelry comes into the picture. Read on to know why these stunning jewelry pieces are a must-have in every closet.


  1. You can team it with anything
    This is the best thing, about two tone jewelry – you can wear it with just about anything. Irrespective of whether your other accessories are in white or yellow, a two tone piece will blend effortlessly and beautifully. Yes, it does draw the eye, but only in the most subtle way.
  2. The design stands out
    A combination of white and yellow gold, or white and rose gold will highlight the shape and design of a jewelry piece. It distinguishes two parts of the design or simply accentuates a halo or the curves. It other words, it simply adds an interesting twist to any piece of jewelry.
  3. It will always remain in style
    The two tone jewelry trend is something that is here to stay. It’s unique, flattering and definitely in vogue. A piece in two tone gold will truly make a timeless yet sophisticated keepsake for women and men of all age groups.
  4. It’s an unconventional beauty
    Two tone jewelry is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to make a unique style statement. Whether you wear them to a regular day at work, a night out with friends or to a wedding, these stunning jewelry pieces are sure to steal the show.
  5. The best of both worlds
    With two tone jewelry, you get to indulge in the charm of two different metals. The modern and romantic rose gold with the warm and sophisticated yellow gold or the bright and lustrous white gold – you don’t have to compromise on what you love.

Angara has an oh-so-chic collection of two tone jewelry that is worth a look. Browse through the designs right away to pick a piece that fascinates you the most.

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