We all know that women with round faces look effortlessly cute. But choosing the perfect earrings for a profile with those apple cheeks can be a little tricky. Earrings can accentuate or spoil a look as they are close to the face and draw attention to its structure instantly. So, how will you determine if your face is typically round in shape? If you have a rounded chin line, a curved jaw and fullness below the cheekbones, you do have an adorable round face.

In general, you should avoid hoops, studs and round earrings as they make your face appear even rounder. On the other hand, drop earrings, especially those with tapering ends will suit the structure of your face. We have rounded up 5 stunning earrings that are perfect for a round face…

1. The Elongated Round


Though round or circular earrings are not your types, you can go for oval shapes. Drop earrings with oval gemstones or outlines will make your face look slimmer. Check out this gorgeous pair of oval pink sapphire earrings that is designed in a beautiful long-drop style. The blossomy pink gems are complemented by the diamonds and the metal detailing.

2. Tapering Beauties


These calla lily floral fish hook earrings will be your favorite pick when you want to add some flower-power to your look. Instead of opting for floral studs, you can wear these beauteous drop earrings and let the tapering ends balance out your facial features. The oval emeralds are bezel-set on a textured surface for dramatic allure.

3. Adorn with Teardrops


Teardrop earrings are one of the best picks that flatter your face, your hairstyle and your personality. Take a look at these striking yet elegant citrine drop earrings that sparkle like the golden sun. The square citrine tops linked to the station diamonds are also set sideways to lengthen the drop look. The perfect combination of curved and defined contours.

4. The Emerald Cut


Just like ovals, emerald-cut is another brilliant option you can consider while choosing the shape of your earrings. These emerald-cut amethyst earrings have the stunning long drop look as well as the clean and fine lines of a square, without appearing too wide. The diamond-encrusted leverbacks attached to the amethysts contribute to the sophisticated design and lend a lovely contrast to the deep purple tones.

5. Say Yes to Chandeliers


Don’t avoid putting on statement earrings, in fact they will shift the attention from the curved contours of your face to their exquisite form and design. The marquise and teardrop garnets on these chandelier grapevine earrings exude rich red and brown hues. And they are beautifully complemented with coffee diamonds, embellished on the leaf motifs. Wear them to add a luxurious delight to your ensemble.

Apart from going with these stunning picks, you can also explore Angara for more options in drop earrings in a variety of gemstones and metals.

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