Versatile and warm, gold jewelry will never go out of style. They add the perfect element of drama and glamour to your look – be it casual, semi-formal or formal. Have you ever thought about the fashion rules that you must consider while wearing jewelry crafted with this lustrous metal? Simply follow these five steps to ensure that your next outing with gold jewelry will have people looking at you in awe.


Keep it Simple

While wearing gold jewelry, it is important to keep your look uncluttered. If you put on multiple pieces at once, not a single one of them will stand out. Going by the words of Coco Channel, once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off. Select two or three pieces that you cannot do away with, and take off everything else.

Try Gold in Different Colors

When you say ‘gold’ it doesn’t always have to be yellow. There are several other interesting colors such as white and rose gold that you might want to try. You may also opt for a piece of jewelry that features different tones of gold. Go for the unconventional colors of gold to infuse a hint of unexpected warmth and elegance to your ensemble.

Choose a Statement Piece

One way to turn heads while wearing gold jewelry is to pick a statement piece that reflects your style. Wearing bold, vintage-inspired rings adorned with diamonds or colored gemstones is a great way to bring your outfits to life. Alternately, you can also try going with gorgeous dangling pendants and cocktail earrings.

Mix the Metals

Yellow, rose or white gold – it’s perfectly fine to mix the metals. Amp up your look by pairing your rose gold pieces with the white or yellow gold ones. You may also stack your gold rings with those in sterling silver or platinum. The only thing you need to keep in mind while mixing metals is to keep the style similar. For instance, pair vintage pieces with jewelry of the same era and the contemporary ones with those that exude a modern look.

Wear Your Favorites

Whatever you wear, remember that it’s all about expressing your personal style. So, don’t shy away from wearing your favorite pieces of gold jewelry. Since gold is classic, you also need not worry about it going out of style. You can also go ahead and experiment with different looks, styles and combinations to figure out what you love the most.


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