There are many women who have a clear picture about what kind of wedding ring they want. And then there are those who like to research, explore the options available, weigh in the attributes and finally zero down on the perfect one. If you think you belong to the latter category then this article is a must-read! We’ve listed five beautiful and unique diamond wedding bands that will get you daydreaming in no time. Go ahead and check them out; you may just find the one that perfectly fits the bill.


  1. Plain Wedding Band with a Secret Diamond

    Why we love it: Minimalism will never go out of fashion; hence we believe this sophisticated ring will strike the right chord with many brides-to-be. And while its smooth surface and refined pattern looks rather simple, the precious gem hidden on the inside gives the ring a unique character. This is the kind of ‘secret’ a woman would definitely not mind.


  2. Ivy Scroll Half Eternity Diamond Band

    Why we love it: For those who are unaware, the Ivy is a species of plant that remains evergreen throughout the course of its life. This is precisely what makes it special. The twining of ivy vines has been flawlessly captured in this wedding band to symbolize a bond that stands the test of time. Beautiful diamonds complete this picture of hope, love and strength.


  3. Diamond Swirl Wedding Band

    Why we love it: Diamond wedding bands have always been a favorite among women. They have a way of communicating emotions through their brilliance and rarity. This particular piece celebrates the attributes of this precious jewel, and gives it an interesting twist with the addition of a partially curved shank. This simple swirl puts the focus on the fluidity of design making it a great option for those who are looking for a wedding band that’s different from the usual.


  4. Triple-Layered Diamond Marquise and Dot Wedding Band

    Why we love it: This is a showstopper wedding band that effortlessly grabs eye balls. What makes it a truly lust-worthy piece is a combination of alternating marquise and circular frames that are embellished with sparkling diamonds. They sit gloriously in the center, while two parallel rows featuring more diamonds make their presence felt on either ends. The use of Milgrain (bead-like detail) around the edges of the frames gives this piece an attractive vintage feel. This visually spectacular showcase of a contemporary piece of jewelry with an antique element will get most brides weak in the knees.


  5. White and Enhanced Black Diamond Eternity Band

    Why we love it: A circle represents the cycle of continuity, which is exactly what makes an eternity ring the perfect symbol of undying love and commitment. The alternating placement of white and enhanced black diamonds takes the beauty of this wedding band a notch higher by creating a striking visual contrast. Team it up with any engagement ring, and this classy piece will still hold its own.


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