Mom will always be one of the most important people in your life. The unique bond between a mother and a child is everlasting. Although you express your love to your mother almost every day, Mother’s Day is one occasion when you can go ahead and do something really special for her. Here are some ways in which you can show her a little appreciation for everything that she has done for you.

1. Put together a gift basket

customized gift basket

No one needs to tell you what your mom likes. You already know. Think of everything that she delights in and create a customized gift basket for her. Assorted snacks, gourmet coffee, a framed photo of you and her – anything that will make her feel extra special. You can also add some flowers to make your basket look more attractive.

2. DIY

DIY Mother’s Day card

Nothing will touch a mother’s heart more than a gift you’ve put time and effort into. Gift her a photo album with all the beautiful moments that you have shared together. This could be a snapshot from your first birthday, a family vacation or any other special occasion. You can also write your mom a handwritten letter, describing the reasons why you love her and thank her for being a wonderful parent. Making her a Mother’s Day card will also be great idea. So go on and let the creative juices flow!

3. Schedule time together

Spending Time with Mom

When was the last time you spent some quality time with your mother? This Mother’s Day take time to talk and reconnect with each other. You could probably take her out shopping, have lunch at her favorite restaurant or watch a movie together. Remember, it’s not the activity that’s important, but the two of you just being by each other’s side.

4. Gift her jewelry

jewelry gift for mom

It will be a sweet gesture to gift her a piece of jewelry that is embellished with her birthstone. You can also opt for a ring, pendant or a pair of earrings studded with the birthstones of all your family members. Make the gift unique by having the names of your mother’s children inscribed on it. If not birthstones, gifting her jewelry encrusted with her favorite gemstone will also be nothing less than fabulous.

5. Make donations to mothers in need

making a donation

On behalf of your mom, make a donation to an organization that helps mothers in trouble. Discuss with your mom about which organization she would like to donate to, and go ahead and brighten up another mother’s day. Your mom will surely love it!

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