Your beloved finally popped the magical question, you said yes, and now the ring is on your finger. Congratulations! This is the beginning of a truly special phase in your life and we can only imagine how excited you are. But, what should you do after you get engaged? We’ve put together some tips to help you stay grounded and plan the days ahead. Read on…

  1. Tell the world

    Tell the world about your engagement

    You’re engaged and now it’s time to let everyone know about it. Start with your family. You can either break the news in person or over the phone. Once that is done, share your happiness with your inner circle of friends, and follow it up with a social media engagement post. Well, and before you click that perfect engagement selfie, don’t forget to pamper yourself with a professional manicure. Your cuticles will thank you and your pictures will come out beautiful.

  2. Get the ring resized

    Get the ring resized

    If the ring fits you perfectly, then you can skip this one. If not, you might want to get it resized as soon as possible. Your engagement ring is one piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing all the time, and so it’s important that it fits like a glove – neither loose nor tight. The last thing you need is a ring that causes discomfort or a slightly too big ring that keeps falling off your finger.

  3. Know the ring

    Know about your engagement ring

    Because your engagement ring is such an important piece of jewelry, getting to know it better should be a top priority. The metal and the stone type will help decide on how you should care for the sparkler. While gemstones like diamond, sapphire and ruby are extremely tough and require very less maintenance, others such as opal, onyx, emerald, aquamarine and tanzanite will need a little extra love. Similarly, the metal platinum is stronger and more durable in comparison to gold. Platinum will stay white, while white gold will require occasional re-polishing. Also, every gemstone has several legends, symbols and historical facts associated with it. Reading up about the gemstone on your ring will make you love and treasure it even more.

  4. Start planning your wedding

    Start planning your wedding

    Now that the engagement is done with, it’s time to begin planning your dream wedding. You could start by narrowing down the date and venue options. While doing this be mindful of other important family events and don’t miss out on sending out “save the dates” to the people you want to invite. As it’s quite easy to get carried away with all the preparations, do set your wedding budget beforehand. Putting the whole of your fund in one account will also let you easily keep a tab on the expenditure.

  5. Choose your wedding band

    Choose your wedding band

    Starting your wedding band search early will give you enough time to browse various designs, compare prices, revisit those that catch your eye and check for customization options. If your engagement ring is a grand one, you may want to opt for a simple wedding band to balance the look. Decide on whether you want to keep it plain or embellished with gemstones. Matching wedding bands are also a great option for couples to express unity. Angara offers a wide variety of wedding bands for men and women. You may just want to check them out.

  6. Relax and have fun

    Relax and have fun

    Wedding planning can get really stressful at times, which is why it is important that the two of you keep doing fun things together. Bowling, skating, movies – whatever works for you. Spend time together laughing, chatting, reconnecting. After all, the wedding will just be the beginning of your journey together as a couple.

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