An engagement ring is a jewelry piece that symbolizes your love and commitment. It’s a reflection of your relationship and the personality of your beloved, and it’s obvious that you’d want to pick the perfect ring for your ‘perfect one’. However, the innumerable design and style options available out there make the selection process quite tedious and confusing. Hold on! We’ve rounded up the best engagement ring trends for 2018 so that you can take it easy. Read on…

Exciting Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

    1. Three stone rings: Three stone rings are a beautiful way to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. Previously thought to be bulky, these rings have made a royal comeback to the jewelry world, thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


    1. Pear and oval diamonds: Diamonds are on every girl’s wish list. When these glorious gems are oval and pear cut, their oblong and slightly rounded shape looks flattering. These cuts help retain maximum carat weight, thus making the diamond appear larger than round stones of the same size. It’s a clear win-win situation!


    1. Colored gemstones: Colorful gemstones have seen a rise in popularity in the recent years. With their vivid hues and interesting symbolism, they appeal to many. These fascinatingly beautiful gems bring in the perfect pop of color and are surely going to rule this year.


    1. Rose gold: Who can resist the beautiful allure of this gorgeous metal? Women of all ages love the soft feminine tone of this metal. Deemed as a romantic metal, rose gold has more people opting for it as it is unique and suits everyone.


    1. Mixed metals: Choosing a single metal for the ring is sure a difficult decision to make. But why worry, you can now go for mixed metals. This trend is for all those creative women out there who want to keep it unique.


    1. Halo rings: It comes as no surprise that halo rings are a raging trend this year too! Their old-world charm and timeless appeal surely make them stand out from the crowd. Halos of diamonds highlight the center gem and add an immense amount of sparkle to the design. For all the women who prefer a little extravagance, halo rings are definitely your go-to option.


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