They say art is not supposed to be seen, it is meant to be felt. So we believe that there’s art in everything. It’s in the warmth of your smile, the conversations that you enjoy and even jewelry that reflect a shade (and sometimes more) of your personality.

Today, we’ll cover 6 such art-like gemstone pendants that have a special place in our hearts.


  1. Teardrop Opal Pendant

    Love it for: The intricacy in design that fuses the old-world charm of milgrain with the firework-like hues of opal. Three alternating frames starting from the metal chain add length and lead you to a halo of diamonds. Together, they all rest on your neck like a treasure fallen from the galaxy.

    Tip: Always pick an heirloom-grade opal to get the maximum out of its vivid play-of-colors.


  2. Garnet & Diamond Family Tree Pendant

    Love it for: The emotional connect and representation of the family bond is the USP of this pendant. And the design reflects this in the most flawless and expressive way. Garnets and a diamond catch attention with their brilliance and blend in with the pattern to create a picture-perfect image of strength and beauty.

    Tip: While you have the option to choose from four different types of metal, we highly recommend rose gold. This warm hue brings out the detailing of the branches and roots, and gives them an almost life-like appearance.


  3. Cultured Tahitian Pearl Swirl Pendant

    Love it for: The fact that pearls are the only gems that are born out of a living creature. But Tahitian pearls are extra special because they break the conventional dreamy white image of this gem with their bold and exotic hue – which also happens to be completely natural. The diamond swirl on the top holds the pearl in a serpentine-like embrace adding to the mysterious and striking aura of this pendant

    Tip: Tahitian pearls are rare and dramatic. When flaunting this precious jewel, remember to keep the rest of your outfit classy and avoid loud prints.


  4. Tanzanite Infinity Heart Pendant

    Love it for: The heart-shaped tanzanite, which by itself is a crowd-puller. To make this pendant even more attractive, the infinity pattern is incorporated in the most seamless way. Sparkling diamonds cascading down on a single curve infuse a contemporary vibe into this creation. On a whole, this pendant oozes romance and the promise of everlasting love in an artistic and spectacular way.

    Tip: For the uninitiated, tanzanites can be found only in Tanzania and that too in limited supply. Rarity teamed up with violet-blue brilliance makes them a super precious gem that you must make the most of before they disappear for good. Bottom line – don’t miss out!


  5. Ruby Cross Pendant

    Love it for: The thing we adore about a cross pendant is that it never restricts itself to just a religious belief. So this pendant can be worn simply because it looks classy and chic. Ruby, the king of gemstones, has been chosen for its power-packed luminosity and intense color. Overall, it’s a pendant that you can almost never go wrong with.

    Tip: Heirloom-grade ruby and yellow gold is a great combination and looks especially striking on button down shirts.


  6. Emerald Layered Drop Pendant

    Love it for: This special list of pendants would be incomplete without a creation that features emeralds. By nature, this precious gem almost always has inclusions/flaws which we believe is a distinct and beautiful characteristic. Its color is also reminiscent of lush green nature, and that is exactly what this pendant showcases in a sensational way. The addition of tear-drop frames encrusted with diamonds further make this pendant a true work of art.

    Complete this set with matching earrings for a luxurious style statement.


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