Confused about what earrings to wear on your big day? Take a look at these great options that have been handpicked to add some extra sparkle to your look.


  1. Something that danglesCan your jewelry match your celebratory mood? We definitely think so, and so do some of our gorgeous dangle earrings. A great example is the lovely pair of opal dangle earrings pictured below. Look closely and you’ll notice that the pear-shaped opals have flashes of beautiful colors that resemble fireworks in the night sky. Add to that some sparkling diamonds and you have a neutral yet stunning accessory for your wedding gown.

    PS: A stylish hair updo works best for dangle earrings like this one.

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  2. Studs that never disappointDid you think Meghan Markle was an epitome of elegance on her wedding day? If the answer is ‘yes’ and you want to look equally classy, then a gorgeous pair of diamond studs is what you need. There are endless designs to choose from, but our favorite remains the clover stud earrings.

    Besides the charming design, it’s the symbolism of the clover that makes this pair extra special. Each leaf is believed to represent hope, faith, love and luck. And isn’t that a wonderful thing to wear on the day you begin an exciting new journey in life?

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  3. Color-it-upDiamonds can be too mainstream for many brides-to-be. If you happen to be one of them and are willing to experiment with your wedding jewelry then you’re going to be spoilt for choice! From royal purple amethysts and intense red garnets to honey-yellow citrines and olive green peridots, there are endless ways to infuse some vibrancy into your outfit. And our best bet to do this is with the gem of the royals – sapphires!

    Both blue and pink sapphire earrings can look stunning on a wedding gown thanks to their rich color. So we’ll give you our favorite choice for both of them.

    • Dancing Earrings: We love the way this design features open tulip frames and luxurious blue sapphires that appear to float in between. These dancing earrings will sway and sparkle with your movements as you say “I do”.
    • Brilliance of Cluster: What’s better than one pink sapphire? Many of them clustered together! With this pair you get more of blossomy pink brilliance in a minimalist design, and together they will infuse a romantic, feminine charm into your wedding look.

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  4. As beautiful as natureWe love this piece and highly recommend it because it gives you two things – the visual charm of a nature-inspired design and the vividness of garnets. This jewel, especially, is adored for its deep red color which looks even more amazing in a pattern that makes it look like grapes. Coffee diamonds embedded on the leaf motifs are a sweet (and luxurious) addition to this beauty.

    In short, the contrast of bold red against a white wedding gown makes these nature-inspired earrings a dazzling option.

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  5. Vintage? Yes, please!There’s something about vintage-inspired designs that never goes out of style. And that’s exactly why this pretty pair features on our list! The two pear-shaped hoops infuse a sense of fluidity to the pattern and are a treat for the eyes when they sparkle. Round diamonds do complete justice to the old-world charm of this pair, while intricate vintage-inspired motif on the top seamlessly complements the overall design.

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  6. The magic of pearlsWhen it comes to bridal jewelry, one of the most sought-after options is definitely pearl earrings. And the great thing about them is you have different options to choose from —Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian. But Golden South Sea is the perfect choice for your grand occasion since it offers the right blend of luxury and exquisiteness. That is exactly what you get when you pick these Pearl Spiral Ribbon Drop Earrings. The diamond embedded spiraled ribbons and the warm luster of Tahitian pearls together make these earrings as precious as the gem itself.

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  7. Classy and sparkling hoopsMany of us underestimate how the right jewelry can brighten up your face. The pair pictured below is one such example. These hinged hoop earrings are embellished with round diamonds on the inside and out for tones of sparkle. Keep the rest of your look simple, and watch how this glorious pair instantly infuses a charming, playful and effortlessly chic appeal to your wedding gown.

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