The ‘Be Mine?’ question has been asked and you have said a huge YES! After celebrating the best proposal now you have a stunning engagement ring adorning your left ring finger. This precious rock glows with your eternal love and chances are that you never want to part with it. But once the initial excitement starts to wear off, you start fretting about the care and maintenance of your sparkler. Most of you are usually aware of the ‘heavy duty stuff’, like protection against theft, regular jeweler visits, etc. However there are some daily activities that might be damaging your ring and dulling its shine without you even realizing it.

So, for your ring’s sake, we would suggest that you avoid wearing it while performing these 7 simple, but potentially hazardous (for the ring) tasks:

Engagement Rings

  1. Working Out:

    Before heading to the gym or for an outdoor activity, be sure to leave your ring at home. Over a period of time, lifting weights or playing sports like basketball can chip, scratch or loosen the stones in your ring. Also metals like platinum and gold are known to soften over a period of time, thus increasing the chances of unintentional damage to the ring. And if the prongs holding the gemstone bend or break, then you may even end up losing the precious gem without even noticing.

  2. Swimming:

    Going to the pool or beach to enjoy a day off sounds amazing, but can pose a possible threat for your engagement ring. On one hand, chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can damage and discolor the ring. Whereas while swimming in the sea, the cold water can cause your skin to shrink and the ring to slip off. Also sand easily gets deposited in the prongs and halos, and takes a long time to clean.

  3. Showering:

    You are probably wondering, how a task as simple as showering can harm your ring. But it’s true! When your body is completely lathered up, the chances of the ring slipping off your fingers and falling into the drain is extremely high. Even the strong chemicals in your shower gels, shampoos and other bathing products can cause the gemstone to lose its sparkle and appear dull.

  4. Cooking:

    Cooking and food preparation too could damage your precious ring. Day-to-day items, such as flour, oil and other materials could get stuck in the ring and would be difficult to get rid of. Moreover, you may also end up losing your ring if you accidentally drain it while washing something in the sink.

  5. Cleaning:

    The chances are high that you will bang your ring into some hard surface, like the kitchen floor, when cleaning. This can have detrimental effects on the ring and the stone. It can also hamper its settings or bend and break off the prongs. Plus, use of bleaches and other cleaning products can potentially alter your ring’s color.

  6. Using Beauty Products:

    Your daily skin, hair and make-up routine does wonders for you, but sadly it is harmful for your sparkler. Lotions and moisturizers are great for your skin; however they dampen the natural luster and brilliance of your gemstone. Even hair sprays, perfumes and other chemicals can cause grime build-up in your ring and reduce its shine.

    Lotions, moisturizers, hair sprays, perfumes and others such items may contain harsh ingredients that can dampen the natural brilliance of the gemstone. Long-term use of such products can also cause grime build-up, which can make your ring appear dull and lifeless.

  7. Sleeping:

    It is advisable to leave your engagement ring on the bedside table or somewhere safe before retiring for the night. Certain sleep positions can put the complete pressure of the body on the ring, which can slowly alter its shape and loosen the gemstone. Furthermore, there is high probability of your ring getting caught in your hair or bedding which again loosens its setting.

    Sometimes the harm can be irreversible and rather than losing your beloved sparkler, it would be wise to stay alert and remove your ring before engaging in these chores. Some care and attention from you would go a long way in retaining the pristine glory of your engagement ring and keep it shining brightly forever.

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