Have you ever wondered why vintage items hold so much emotional and monetary value? Well, there are numerous reasons. Besides being extremely pleasing to the eye (think Art Deco designs), owning a vintage item is much like owning a piece of history – and this is what makes them truly special.

In the jewelry industry, vintage-inspired engagement rings have always been best-sellers. The fact that renowned celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Behati Prinsloo and Emily Blunt also wear one, further makes them a desirable possession among many women. If you too happen to love them or are planning to buy a gorgeous vintage-inspired ring for your lady, then we’ve got seven great options that you must take a note of.

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

  1. Halo + Milgrain = Stunning!

    We personally think a diamond looks best in this particular type of engagement ring, but you can also opt for a gem like ruby or emerald for a pop of vibrancy.

    Why Choose: The halo is an iconic setting with an origin linked to Europe’s early Georgian era. Milgrain is another charming pattern, which radiates a beautiful old-world charm. Derived from a French word, it translates to “a thousand grains”. When these two marvels come together in a design, you should expect a gorgeous burst of vintage magic that’ll make heads turn.


  2. Three-Stone and Filigree for Thrice the Charm

    A beautiful representation of the past, present and future, this particular style of ring is perfect for making the commitment for a lifetime of love. And it looks even more fascinating in a vintage-inspired design.

    Why Choose: Three-stone engagement rings have meaning and emotional depth, which makes them very popular. If you wish to own or propose with such a piece then we recommend you pick a design that features delicate filigree pattern for some added beauty. This simple yet artistic pattern instantly adds a timeless appeal to an already romantic ring.


  3. Go Regal with a Princess Diana Style Ring

    She was and still remains the epitome of elegance and royalty. And her engagement ring will continue to be one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry the world has ever seen.

    Why Choose: Even before Princess Diana’s engagement grabbed headlines, sapphire was considered a symbol of loyalty, truth and honesty. Along with this, sapphire is also an exceptionally sturdy gem that displays magnificent brilliance. When such a jewel is embedded in a vintage-style ring showcasing a delicate and feminine floral halo, you can expect the result to be nothing less than astonishing!


  4. Capture Attention with a Trillion

    If you’re not a fan of the usual shapes favored for an engagement ring, such as cushion, round and oval, then a trillion jewel may just be perfect for you.

    Why Choose: To make a big impression with a vintage-style engagement ring, we’ll recommend you to opt for a gem that’s rare and mesmerizing, like a Tanzanite. The dramatic trillion shape can be emphasized with a halo featuring a gem in a contrast hue, such as sparkling diamonds. Filigree carvings on the gallery will enhance the vintage appeal.


  5. Look Classy with a Split-Shank Creation

    This design can be easily recognized by the ‘split’ or parting of the metal towards the top of the ring. Irrespective of whether it is prominent or subtle, this distinct characteristic instantly uplifts the entire beauty of the piece.

    Why Choose: The coming together of two bands to hold a gem in the center has a romantic vibe to it. Such a design also provides more surface area for smaller diamonds, thereby increasing the overall sparkle of the engagement ring. Milgrain and scrollwork will make it look even more ornate.


  6. Victorian Style Beauty

    The term vintage is synonymous with Victorian jewelry, and an engagement ring showcasing this style effortlessly wins admiration.

    Why Choose: Victorian rings tend to be elaborate and are highly influenced by the splendor of nature. They also often showcase diamond halos, which ultimately make your engagement ring look even more elaborate. In simple words, if you are looking for a real showstopper then this will be perfect.


  7. Timeless Sophistication with a Bezel

    If you didn’t already know, bezel-setting is an extremely popular choice for engagement rings. It protects the gemstone from all sides with the help of a metal rim, thereby safeguarding against accidental knocks.

    Why Choose: This particular style has been around for centuries. It is loved by women who want the perfect blend of elegance and practicality – that’s the main advantage of such a piece. Pretty milgrain detailing adds an old-world charm to the neat and defined edges of the ring.


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