You asked for it, and here they are! A round up of eight beautiful jewelry pieces that are great to look at and easy on the wallet. So many of our customers have absolutely loved these creations, and we’re sure you too will find a brand new favorite in this list. Take a look…

Under $500 Jewelry Gifts @Angara

  1. Emerald Solitaire Pendant

    USP: It’s simple, classy and features one of the most sought-after gems in the world.

    This is a quintessential pendant that looks pretty whether you’re maneuvering through the daily chores or simply hanging out with friends.


  2. Classic Amethyst Tennis Bracelet

    USP: The combination of an iconic design and the royal vibrancy of amethysts.

    We highly recommend you pair this up with pastel colors such as baby pink and soft blue to infuse a pop of color into your day look. It’ll also catch the eye when teamed up with a sensuous black dress.


  3. Basket-Set Round Tanzanite Studs

    USP: These versatile studs make it possible for you to flaunt one of the rarest gems available today.

    Tanzanite is the birthstone of December, but this piece of jewelry is a beautiful gift that can be given any time of the year to someone special.


  4. Diamond Milgrain Wedding Band

    USP: Milgrain detailing, marquise-shaped frames and of course diamonds!

    Diamonds were and will continue to remain the most popular choice of gem when it comes to sealing the deal. And with this band you get the best of both worlds – the brilliance of a precious jewel and the ingenuity of design.


  5. Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings:

    USP: USP: Pearls are timeless, and this pair features them in a drop design with diamonds for extra charm.

    Aim for minimalism when flaunting these lovely earrings. This pair will especially be a great accessory for formal attires and graceful evening gowns.


  6. Classic Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace

    USP: Super stylish design frequently spotted on celebrities.

    An expression of faith or simply a touch of sparkle to your everyday look? No matter how you choose to look at it, this contemporary pendant will certainly not disappoint.


  7. Enhanced Blue Diamond Infinity Chain Bracelet

    USP: The infinity symbol adds depth to this creation, while blue diamonds make it a valuable possession.

    Chain bracelets, like this one, can be a cute and charming addition to your casual outfits. It’ll also be a lovely gift for someone you care since the infinity symbol represents a bond that transcends time.


  8. Pink Sapphire Ring

    USP: The bypass shank draws focus to the solitaire which exudes a romantic aura.

    Since September is the month of sapphire, we’ll end this list with a beautiful creation featuring this gem, but in a blossomy pink hue. This can be a promise ring, engagement ring or just something you wear to enjoy the brilliance and beauty of a sapphire.


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