Rarer than gold and having a natural white luster, platinum is a popular choice for gemstone jewelry. Surely, it is a little more expensive for more than a few reasons. But platinum jewelry feels more dense, more refined and luxurious. Here’s why you should consider this stunning and durable metal for your fine jewelry:


Non-corrosive and enduring

Because of greater density and weight, platinum is more durable than other precious metals. It is about 60% heavier than 14k gold and 40% heavier than 18k gold. Any gemstone setting – whether prong, bezel or tension in platinum will offer better protection to your precious gems than other metals.

Long-lasting color and sheen

The enduring beauty of platinum makes it even more desirable. Its reflective white sheen does not fade or change color upon daily use. Even if it develops slight scratches, the metal is merely displaced but not lost, unlike gold that incurs a faster metal loss.


Platinum is usually 95% pure with other alloys making up to 5%, yet it retains its strength when used in making jewelry. Because of a higher concentration of the metal, it never really loses its beautiful silvery hue. Regarded as a symbol of purity, platinum is often the preferred metal choice for engagement and wedding rings.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Did you know that platinum is a hypoallergenic metal? For those who have a sensitive skin and are allergic to other metals, platinum is considered as the ideal choice. Due to its remarkable purity, this precious metal will never cause your skin to break out or trigger an allergic reaction.

Beautiful patina

Over a period of time, a rich patina develops on the surface that gives the metal a unique finish. It adds character and authenticity to this metal. However, the reflective and brilliant surface can be revived easily if that is preferred. Maintaining platinum jewelry is simple as it is not plated and is astonishingly enduring. Just buff out the surface with a soft cloth and the original shine will be restored.

Excellent pliability

Platinum is extremely malleable though it is durable, which is why it is ideal for making jewelry. It can be drawn into fine wires and used for creating intricately ornate patterns for rings, earrings, necklaces or any type of jewelry.

Enhances brilliance in diamonds

Not only does platinum provides the most secure setting for diamonds, but reflects their true radiance. The naturally white shine of the metal perfectly complements a diamond’s colorless sparkle instead of casting any color into the gem. Platinum is the best white metal for diamond as well as other precious gemstone jewelry as it never loses its allure.

Symbol of everlasting love

Any jewelry that carries a sentimental value can be made in platinum. This rare metal is the ultimate symbol of eternal love as it will also last a lifetime. Its purity and remarkable strength reflect the strong bond in a relationship. Besides that, platinum jewelry can also be passed down to later generations as a valuable inheritance.

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