Are you still waiting for that special someone to seal the deal with a stunning diamond ring? Or an occasion when you “might” be gifted that sparkling pair of studs you’ve had your heart set on? Well, we highly recommend you wait no more and treat yourself to the jewelry you’ve always desired. After all, every independent woman deserves to invest in something that is as priceless as she is. But before you begin, take a look at this handy guide that will make your jewelry buying experience an exciting one.

Determine Your Personal Style


Since fine jewelry is a significant investment, it’s important that you choose something that complements your lifestyle and personal sense of style. Consider whether you intend to wear it every day of the week or just on special occasions, and pick something accordingly. The following questions will help you understand and decide what kind of jewelry will work best for you.

  • Does your wardrobe have more of business attires or smart casuals?
  • On weekends, are you more likely to watch a movie in the theatre or catch up with friends in a club?
  • Do feminine designs catch your eye or are you more inclined towards minimalistic patterns?

Once there’s clarity about your preference, all you’ll need to do is shortlist from the tones of amazing designs available. Now that’s a process we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Fix Your Budget


When it comes to buying fine jewelry, it’s important to decide a budget and even more crucial to stick to it. Overspending and impulse purchases are very much possible, but best avoided. So keep the following tips in mind to make a great quality purchase.

  • If you really want the “wow” effect without draining your finances, then opt for pieces that are adorned with lesser-known gems like aquamarine and tourmaline. They look absolutely beautiful, and will not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Do your homework about the source or store where you intend to buy from. A trustworthy source will always provide you with the required warranty and certifications to confirm the authenticity of the product.

Make a Note of These Must-Have Pieces


  • For everyday wear: Diamond studs are a great way to uplift your everyday look and transform it into upscale chic, in seconds. They offer the perfect combination of elegance and versatility, which has made them a jewelry staple. The availability of diamond studs in different carat weights further ensures that you’ll find something that fits almost any budget.
  • For social events & parties: A gorgeous tennis bracelet adorned with brilliant gemstones, like sapphires or rubies is a great way to showcase your refined taste in jewelry. Similarly, a cocktail ring or a necklace bejeweled with a dazzling rock is sure to effortlessly grab attention.
  • For special occasions: Birthstone jewelry, as well as those with significant symbols makes a valuable gift for yourself. Some examples of the latter include a beautiful past-present-future necklace and a pair of captivating infinity knot earrings.

Consider Online Shopping:

There are numerous online stores that sell a range of affordable, fine jewelry. They offer you the convenience to compare prices and make a decision from the comfort of your home. In addition to saving your time and energy, online jewelry stores also help save money, thanks to their exciting offers and discounts.

Jewelry Care & Maintenance

Every precious possession requires special attention, and so does fine jewelry. While they will certainly come with warranty, some additional care will go a long way in keeping your prized jewels as beautiful as brand new.

  • Wrap them in a jewelry tissue paper, so that they remain safe and damage-free.
  • Avoid contact with chlorine, bleach and other chemicals, as they can cause irreparable damage and also discolor them.
  • Friction is another concern; hence storing your fine jewelry in separate pouches is a good bet.

Buying jewelry for yourself can be truly empowering. Whether you want to uplift your mood after a not-so-great experience or feel the need to reward yourself for a job well done; the luminance of finely crafted jewelry can make everything better. So, why wait for a gift? Take a look at Angara’s stunning collection and get your dream jewelry now!

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