The most prized possession for any woman is love and care expressed from her man. Likewise, sparkling diamond jewelry presented by him carry emotional value as well. Their charm lies in their high brilliance, and diamond jewelry at Angara are made to last for generations. As with almost anything else, little care and maintenance can go a long way for diamond jewelry luster and beauty.


Most of us know how to wear diamond jewelry elegantly, but not all of us know how to maintain them as an expert. Let’s take a closer look at on how to clean, store and wear diamond jewelry with care:

1. Make-Up:


It’s best to put on your jewelry after applying make-up. Some cosmetics may harm the shine of the gemstone and wearing them before putting on your make-up can compromise its immediate beauty.

2. Swimming:


While swimming or using spa, you should take off the diamond jewelry. The chemicals may cause harm to your favorite jewelry, creating disappointment.

3. Physical Tasks:


Manual tasks, including hard contacts or chemicals, should not be performed while wearing diamond jewelry. Though diamonds are the hardest known gemstones (pure carbon), they are not indestructible. Therefore, we recommend keeping them away from sharp objects and harsh chemicals.

4. Sports/ Gymnasium:


Sports (or gymnasium) and jewelry never make a good pair, so please minimize wearing your jewelry during these activities. You can always return to showing off your jewelry once your activities have ended.

5. Cleaning:


Just as you take care of yourself, you should do to the same with your diamonds, at least basic maintenance. Clean them at the convenience of your own home. The procedure is very simple. Soak them in solution of warm water and mild detergent and rub gently with a soft toothbrush. This will take care of your diamond jewelry in the long-run, and leave them sparkling like brand new.

6. Storing:


Diamond jewelry should be stored in a separate pouch. You can use a soft cotton cloth pouch. Storing it with other gemstone jewelry may cause scratches on them.

7. Examining:


You should definitely contact your jeweler once a year. This will not only let your jewelry have an expert deep cleaning, but also a close examination will reassure there are no loose ends. The jeweler will take a closer look, and if needed, make the necessary adjustments for you.

Though, these simple guidelines are the most important and summarized for your convenience, in order to make sure your diamond jewelry lasts for generations, we recommend you review them (and others) in detail here, Tell us your thoughts, and let us know if you have any additional questions on how we can help you maintain your diamond jewelry.

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