A band embellished with diamonds or precious gemstones is not just a timeless beauty but a piece of jewelry that holds a meaningful significance and an interesting history. Inspired by the rudimentary eternity rings worn in ancient Egypt, the modern eternity ring is suggestive of a full circle with no beginning or end. The philosophy of eternity or ouroboros originated from the classic Egyptian iconography of a dragon or a serpent devouring its own tail. When it is associated with an eternity ring, it becomes a representation of an eternal bond of love between a couple. Apart from exchanging eternity rings with wedding vows, they are traditionally given on anniversaries as a reminder of the man’s enduring and everlasting love for his wife.

Eternity Rings Buying Guide

Diamonds or Colored Gemstones?

Diamonds are the hardest and the brightest. Their characteristic of being indestructible connects well with the concept of eternity rings.  Undoubtedly, they are a popular choice for eternity rings. However, colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds add more meaning to the jewel. They are beautiful and also associated with birth months and anniversary years. Other stunning gemstones like aquamarines, citrines, opals and garnets look equally alluring as well.

Full or Half Eternity Ring?

A continuous line of identically cut gemstones adorns a typical eternity band. It dazzles beautifully from every angle and looks luxurious too. The precious gems set in a full circle exhibit the essence of true and undying love. Also, a half eternity ring is a practical and comfortable alternative. Diamonds or colored gemstones are studded across the top half of the band.

Cut and Setting

For eternity rings, the shape of the gemstones or diamonds is usually round, square or a princess cut. While the square or the princess-cut gems appear like a continuous line of color or brilliance, the round gems dazzle with individuality. Settings like channel and gypsy are more secure as well as stylish. The pave, shared prong and fishtail settings lend a luxurious feel to the eternity ring. You can also give a modish twist to the classic eternity band by combining diamonds and a colored gemstone of your choice in an alternating pattern.

Eternity Rings for Men

While men mostly prefer a plain band made of a precious metal, some choose to wear a ring studded with diamonds or precious colored gems in an eternity style. Eternity rings for men look sophisticated with a touch of sparkle and color. The trend of eternity man-gagement rings is also becoming popular and gradually making a comeback. These rings too can be embellished with gemstones in a continuous line, secured in channel or gypsy settings.

Engagement versus Eternity Wedding Rings

There’s no standard rule about how to wear an engagement and a wedding ring together. You can wear both the rings on the same finger as the wedding eternity ring is a narrow band of gems that fits conveniently alongside a solitaire or three stone engagement ring. However, the engagement ring can be shifted to the other hand on the wedding day, so that elegant eternity wedding ring receives all the attention. Whether you wear the engagement ring on the third or the fourth finger, traditions say that the eternity band should be worn closest to the heart, on the ring finger which is believed to have the vena amoris.

Pass on your eternity bands for generations and make your love immortal. Celebrate a milestone in your relationship with an eternity band or stack a couple of them to make a style statement. They are versatile, classic and beautiful, and are symbolic of the endless cycle of life.

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