Are you still dreaming of that expensive solitaire ring or that luxurious gemstone pendant you noticed while window shopping? Well, thanks to lab created gemstones, these gorgeous pieces of jewelry can be yours to own. While natural gemstones are undoubtedly stunning, their rarity and popularity make them an exorbitant purchase. On the other hand, lab-created gemstone jewelry is both affordable and eye-catching at the same time.


What Are Lab-Created Gemstones?

These gemstones are created in a controlled lab environment. Use of technology for the creation of these stones ensures they have fewer inclusions and flaws, compared to the natural ones. Here are three more generic traits about lab created gemstones:


Lab created gemstones are cultivated in a laboratory, hence their availability and supply are higher than the earth-mined ones. Their appearance, almost always, replicates their natural counterparts and promises the same charm without burning a hole in your pocket.


Creation of these gemstones in laboratories within controlled environmental parameters does not affect their durability in any way. This particular feature makes them ideal for everyday wear, and also a wonderful substitute to precious gemstones. These engineered gems are considerably resilient and require very less maintenance.


In terms of color, hardness, luster and sometimes even composition, lab created gemstones often look identical to their natural versions. The process through which they are made also replicates the natural formation, with controlled environmental parameters often being the only difference.

Lab created jewelry is an excellent choice for those who seek affordability, without compromising on quality. Angara has an exciting jewelry collection featuring lab created sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Apart from being a great addition to your jewelry box, they can also be a wonderful gift for someone you love. Visit today and shop for a splendid piece of lab-created jewelry that not only complements your style but budget too.

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